Hiroshima and Detroit – 65 Years Later

Be sure to view all the way to the end! What happened to the radiation that’s supposed to last thousands of years??





Which is worse?


Source: Hiroshima and Detroit 65 years later

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  1. Detroit has been ruled by democrats, enemies of capitalism. US politics are freedom, liberty and capitalism.

    1. US politics are exploitation of other nations, including capital, goods, and labor.

    2. Hiroshima is also ruled by a socialist and liberal government… as is Stockholm, Vancouver, Oslo… Check those cities out Jaime. You might not want to equate politics of what happened here.

    3. You are an ignoramus and the reason your government so easily controls you is that you believe this crap that spews from your keyboard. I feel sorry for you.

    4. Capitalism fucked America- Japan has a far more liberal welfare system and employers have way more social responsibility.

      Greed, greed, greed! America deserves to be where they are- suck it up! Appalling country, dreadful values!

  2. God have mercy on the U.S.
    If obama gets another term this nation will be a ghetto from coast to coast.

    1. Only if white, middle-class conservatives, too dumb to realize that the government only truly loves the rich (e.g., tax cuts for corporations and those who make the most money), conspire to take over this country. Oh wait – that won’t happen. Only the rich and richer are in power. What do you know…

    2. So if companies get tax breaks the liberals complain, but if they don’t get tax breaks and go overseas, the liberals complain…

    3. Ah, so who do you want to be in charge? People too stupid to work themselves out of the ghetto or people who were smart enough to become rich? I’ll take the intellegent over the dumba** every time.

    4. you are a typical useful idiot with no brain power of your own. You are too stupid to realize you are being used by the socialists in this country.

    5. Are you serious or just slow? Really 4 more years of Obama will turn the nation into the ghetto?: The problems in Detroit are because of people like you, people who want to judge and blame other people rather than being part of the solution.

    6. Thank you 2 years ago… now is the time we need to unite to get this Communist out of office… Vote now OMG ….Obama Must Go!

    7. I guess Obama is to blame for the other 5 decades of Detroit’s demise. It’s easy to blame it on Obama but he is just a puppet for the secret and invisible gov in the US… The president is just a puppet for the 4 big families who own everything in the world…blame them, not Obama!

    8. If I need a good laugh, online discussions of US politics usually do the trick. Keep it up!

  3. So, should we drop an atomic bomb on Detroit?

    1. who would know the difference????

    2. Just lose a war!

  4. Bosk of Port Kar | Reply

    Yeah, we probably should. But first you need to do Washington D.C. Otherwise, you’ll get New Orleans.

  5. Check out this website to learn what the background for the destruction of America is. I just bought 10 DVD’s to give away. Check out: http://www.agendadocumentary.com It all makes sense to me now. It all goes back to when all us 60 year olds were in school. Very interesting DVD. Check it out, it won’t hurt.

  6. America and Americans reap what they sow.

  7. What’s the problem Antioligarch can’t handle the truth? I hope censoring comments makes you feel better. So you can keep lying to yourself about reality. Hypocrite.

    1. Well lets be frank, its a select few individuals. Predominantly Banking cartels, run by Mainly Jews but a few Non-Jews as well. They want their world government, But don’t realise they are digging their own graves. The Average Jewish American wants none of this, many Americans want Immigration Stoppeds / Radical Affirmative Action and Race Based policies, breaking our country apart!

      The Sh*t is going to hit the fan quite soon. America and Europe has 2 Opitions, decling and die liek Rome or like the Pheonix Rising, RISE FROM THE ASHES – God Help Us!

    2. Actually, corporate welfare, selfishness and dipshit conservatives who think free capitalism and God will save this country are breaking this country apart. RADICAL AFFIRMATIVE ACTIONA AND RACE BASED POLICIES??? You most certainly are caucasion.

    3. Not sure what color has to do with it except, maybe, give you an excuse to be stupid..

  8. Jacques Lahitte | Reply

    The first building of Detroit presented in this PowerPont is in fact an old building located in Warsaw, Poland at Waliców street which was part of the small ghetto !

  9. […] Hiroshima and Detroit – 65 Years Later […]

  10. Two things about this photo array. first, see this post by a blogger to the conservative website that first promulgated it as a weapon against “liberals”:


    All though Hiroshima is a beautiful city and even more so at night, I must point out that the majority of the photos that are shown here are from the Yokohama minatomirai area. The largest building is [Yokohama’s] Landmark Tower.

    The same image does apply though. During WWII most all of Yokohama had been firebombed by the allied forces and many, many people wiped out. Much like what had happened in Dresden.

    As for Detroit, I am sorry to say that it is the model of things to come if we can’t wake enough people.


    But in what way should that awakening occur? Consider this:

    During the 43 years since Richard Nixon first took office in 1968, democrats have held the presidency in 14 of those years. Since Dwight Eisenhower took office almost 60 years ago in 1952, democrats have held the presidency in 22 of those years. In other words, republicans have held the seat of power in this country nearly three times as long as democrats since 1952.

    It seems to me that Detroit’s decline could be a powerful argument for having more and better social welfare programs than we’ve been able to launch under republican leadership. But truthfully, social welfare is a red herring being thrown into this piece of propaganda by the spinmeisters of the right. The real story here is the politics of the financial power brokers during those 60 years.

    Those politics kept the big three in the catbird seat for most of that time, driving out smaller independents like Tucker, Kaiser-Frazier, Hudson, Packard, and Studebaker and making the big three pretty much competition-proof – that is, until the Japanese moved in and took advantage of the complacence of the big three and their allies in the oil industry. In their arrogant belief in their own invincibility, the big three and their allies in the oil industry spurned conservation and green energy. This left the international markets ripe for the taking by Toyota, Honda and Nissan, followed by the strong German brands. When Reagan and his devotees came along with their massive deregulation of all the financial and energy markets, they enabled the culture of greed to spread like gangrene and nearly destroy the entire global economy during the Bush administration, when cronyism amongst the moneyed elite at Enron, Arthur Anderson, Halliburton, K-B-R, Goldman Sachs, Bear Stearnes, Lehman Brothers, Merrill-Lynch, and just about all the other poobahs in the financial and energy and communications/media sectors ran wild.

    People still are so stunned and confused that they blink when spin pundits try to attach these catastrophes to Obama or the democrats. The desperation of that spin recently has taken on violent overtones and threatens the viability of our political discourse. The humiliation of the right wing when Barak Obama chose to step in and rescue the auto and financial industries reached a poignant zenith when Rush Limbaugh announced his refusal to purchase from or advertise for the “sell-out” General Motors Corporation, which actually serviced, and repaid, its loan from the government and returned to profitability. Their success is due not only to Obama’s principled help, but also to the fact that GMC sold more cars in China this past year than in the U.S. for the first time in its history. But rather than offer a scintilla of respect to Obama for saving our auto industry, Limabaugh would rather sell out an American icon, General Motors Corporation.

    I’m speaking as someone who voted AGAINST Bill Clinton in 1996. It’s time for all good republican people to wake up and smell the coffee. We’re living in a global economy, in a world shrunken drastically by the internet and by economic development in heretofore moribund economies in the middle and far east, as well as in the southern part of our own hemisphere. We’re never going back to the “good ‘ol days” of big chrome and tail fins, of having 90% of the planet’s energy resources consumed by 8% of its population. The math doesn’t work.

    I believe in American exceptionalism, but not based on resting on our reputations or on our past accomplishments or on nostalgia. We have to re-invest in our own educational system; on our trust and belief in the value of science; in our willingness to acknowledge, encourage, and celebrate the talents of those who are “different” from us or who live outside our borders; in the value to our nation as a whole of creating methods by which members of the underclass can rise up and contribute their own gifts of talent and leadership to our development. Its time to put an end to the ridiculous political practice of gerrymandering – elevated to new heights (or depths) by Tom DeLay – in an effort to keep an entrenched moneyed elite in power and deny people from other walks of life and with other opinions any opportunity to influence public policy. The American Dream fulfilled is when working men and women in the lower and middle classes don’t feel drained and burned-out by a social system that protects the moneyed elite over everyone else.

    It’s time to shut down the Limbaugh-Hannity-Levin-Beck noise machine once and for all and allow sensible dialogue to resume its proper place in our political discourse. In the long run these intellectually bankrupt cynics, epitomized by the likes of the Limbaugh-led talk radio cartel, will only ensure our continuing decline if we keep letting their shrill voices influence us.


    1. Boy oh Boy how you leave out facts and do not understand American Government. It does not matter who the president is. He is really just a face. Go research how many years the republicans have been in charge in the House AND senate with a majority in the same amount of time. once in 60 years. They are the ones who make the laws. Not the president.
      Now if we truly lived in a Open and free society where true capitalism was allowed to work we would still be the super power and would not be given that to China as that is what is happening now. By the way we lost in over 120 years ago…Capitalism works when given the chance and not ruled by feelings.
      And Yes I beleive we need God and what he stands for in our lives to be truly free.

    2. When it comes to cities, you need to look at the Mayor and City Council. No President or Congress passed a law setting Detroit’s city income tax at 2.5%. It wasn’t a President or Congress that recently reduced the city’s personal exemption (so people pay more taxes). It wasn’t a President or Congress that ran Detroit into the ground. It certainly wasn’t a President’s or Congress’s policies that resulted in massive emigration from Detroit, to the point where Detroit’s population is now back to what it was 100 years ago, and down 50% from its peak.

      It was the policies of the Democratic mayor and city council that did it. Detroit has elected Democrats to the mayoral office for the last 50 years. Look into the recent debacle of Mayor Kilpatrick. He was openly robbing the city, widely reported by the local news channels, and the morons in Detroit REELECTED him.

      One example: while children didn’t have school books, the Detroit public school system CEO did a $10 million remodeling of the school system’s offices (in the Fischer building downtown – in Manhattan, this would be like having offices in the Empire State Building). It took a freedom of information lawsuit to get the invoices for the remodeling. And there was line after line that read: “$5,000 paid to UNKNOWN”. As the reporter who took the lead on this asked the mayor and the school CEO, “How can it be unknown? You wrote a CHECK!”

      Second example: on almost the same day that Mayor Kilpatrick gave a speech explaining how the city had to lay off police personnel due to a lack of money, he entered into a 1 year lease of a Lincoln Navigator for $24,995. Why that much? You or I could probably get a 1 year Navigator lease for about $8,000. In Michigan, the government has agreements with Ford, GM, and Chrysler, that results in any government entity (including Detroit) getting HUGE discounts for lease/purchase of cars. Detroit could probably lease a Navigator for 1 year for $6,000. So why $24,995? Because the mayor can’t write a check for $25,000 or more without notifying the City Council. This vehicle was for his wife’s use, which is illegal, the Mayor isn’t allowed to use city funds to purchase/lease vehicles for his family’s use. But who received the extra $19,000 on this lease?

      Don’t cry for Detroit. They’ve been electing criminals to run their city for 50 years. They’ve got the government they deserve. But nothing is ever completely useless: Detroit can still serve as an example of the result of bad governmental policies.

    3. GM paid back it’s loan with TARP money. I would hardly call that, “serviced, and repaid, its loan”


  11. Barry Soetoro | Reply

    Detroit today is the result of unions and Democrat leadership left unfettered.

  12. Jews Jews Jews.

  13. US politics?

  14. “When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that justifies it.”

    Frederic Bastiat
    The dumbocraps motto…. good riddance in 2012

  15. StaticKlingon | Reply

    Half of us believe Obama deserves a 2nd term. Half don’t. There’s your division in a nutshell. This a case of two halves not making a whole. There will be hell to pay as the money runs out. Get out of debt, and get out of the way. Oh…..never mind…..if you haven’t done that already it’s just too late.

  16. John Trujillo | Reply

    We don’t have free markets in America. All of you who bitch about corporate welfare need to understand that monopolies can only occur with the help of an oppressive government. Big companies only play the games of an even bigger government. Government controls the rules regarding the introduction and implementation of innovation. If you disagree then go put a new medical device on the market. You’ll soon you won’t be able to compete with any corporation because you cannot get past the FDA and the patent office. There is this urban myth that Shell Oil bought up the patent for the battery that would replace the internal combustion engine. Show us the inventor at least. For you affirmative action and welfare babies out there, what do you have against a social system that rewarded aptitude and work ethic? I’d love to see the states controlled by Democrats force the same rules on their favorite sports teams that American business and the American Military have to put up with. You also better hope that the Tea Party gets America back to being strong and free again because the guys coming after them won’t just be carrying signs and staying on the sidewalks. The liberal/communist/progressive’s perverse distortion of fairness has got to go. Obama was asked a t-ball question during a debate against Hillary regarding the truth about lower taxes bringing in higher revenue but income taxes were higher than investment taxes. To him fair was to raise the investment taxes “to be fair”. His little marxist mind couldn’t wrap itself around the possibility that maybe the income taxes should be lowered so the lady in question could have also enjoy something called discretionary spending. Then she could be free to save, spend, invest as she saw fit. That would be true fairness instead of viewing all wealth as the sole property of the government. Obama and his minions can not produce a single useful item. So they seek to control everything through regulations that they are exempt from. They nickle and dime tax us to death while avoiding paying their taxes(Rangle, Geitner, etc.).

    How about instead of “Give me liberty or give me death” we switch to “Give me liberty or Die Screaming”?

  17. Damn,there are some really ignorant and uneducated people commenting on this article.What is sad is they don’t know it because they have learned the wrong history.I think its hopeless now.After so many years of doing the same thing over and over again and it not working,now the end of the road is here and the previous decisions have come to fruition.Logic,people,use logic,not some pie in the sky ideals that you know deep down will not really work out.

  18. It’s a BATTLE between us (Tax Payers, Private Job Market workers) and the Government Employee Unions! Are you ready? It’s going to be a tough battle, these unions are using modern-era protection racketeering (just like the MOB used to use, they go to businesses and force them to either support the unions or get a brick thrown through the window or a protest at your workplace, The Teacher Unions and the NEA are the worst! The Public ED system was designed to keep us stupid and compliant and LOVE Big Government). They are nothing but a bunch of Communists!

    “Workers rights?

    Let me tell you what workers rights are. You have a right to be paid for the work you do at a mutually agreed upon wage. You have a right to work in an environment that is, in so far as is possible, free from hazards which could affect your safety and your health. The right that you do not have is the right to leave the taxpayers out of the process when you negotiate for these wages, when you negotiate for your benefits, and when you negotiate for your working conditions. Right now in this country the government employee unions literally hire the people that they negotiate with. This they do with massive union contributions and get out the vote support for the candidates they favor. When it comes time to negotiate for wages or benefits the union leaders know that the very people that they’re negotiating with our people that they put in office. The unwritten language of these negotiation sessions is:

    “Look, give us what we want and then go to the taxpayers to get the money that you need to pay for it. The taxpayers really aren’t going to recognize the fact that our wages and benefits are far better than theirs, but our union members will damn sure recognize that fact if we fail at these negotiations. So if you want the votes; if you want to campaign contributions; then you better keep our union members happy and you better keep them well paid so that we can collect those fumes union dues from them and pass off your share to you when campaign time rolls around.”

    In Florida the government union leaders and members are so completely outraged that there is now a businessman in the governor’s office. They know that this is a businessman they cannot shove around, and they’re scared to death. As I understand it, sometime in the next few weeks these government worker unions in Florida are going to start up a campaign which they will call “Reclaim the State.”

    Reclaim the state from who?

    Reclaim the state for who?

    I’ll tell you from who and for who. The Florida government employee unions plan to reclaim the state from the voters and the taxpayers FOR the government union members. You need to understand just what type of a fight you are in here. These government worker unions believe that they are entitled to their jobs, they are entitled to the benefits, they are entitled to pensions, they are entitled to the free health insurance, and that they are entitled to have their political allies rape the taxpayers and ordinary citizens by levying whatever confiscatory tax structure they need to enact in order to afford to give the union members what they believe is rightfully theirs.

    The government employee unions across the country have some pretty strong allies in their battle against the taxpayers. One very strong ally in particular, the Democrat Party. You cannot forget the massive amounts of money that these government employee unions donate to political campaigns; and you must remember that 95% of these donations are made to Democrats candidates. Government employee unions, and especially the insipid and dangerous teachers unions, are the number one financial supporters of the big government high tax Democrat party in this country. So when it comes to these moronic union members marching around with their “Support Workers Rights” signs in Madison, Tallahassee, Columbus, and other state capitals around the country, the ordinary put-upon taxpayers have to remember that the right these union members are trying to protect is their right to stick their hands in your pockets.” – Boortz

    The Majority of Americans SUCK, they said a long time ago “Here, take care of my kids, take care of my retirement (S.S.), take care of my Health, etc, etc. People have just opened their arms to embrace the slave master (Government). It‘s amazing that so many people love Government and want it to take care of them or if they don’t like something they want the Government to fix it (Seat Belts, Guns, Kids Car seats, etc). Why do people want the Government to regulate everything? That is not freedom! People care more about “American Idol” than our Country and our Future and our Freedoms. Have you seen how much we owe now? 15 Trillion dollars, Obama and the Libs have spent 5 Trillion dollars since 2009 and it’s unsustainable!

  19. Atom bomb- good

    Us politics-bad

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  22. […] felt a need to comment I can't understand this anti welfare anti socialism sentiment in America. This shows both the consequences of a nuclear weapon and a welfare-state experiment on cities after … I say a nuclear war over religion is inevitable in the near future and we might as well let it […]

  23. […] child will grow up to become a consultant to Russian royalty, and convince them to use Detroit as a nuclear testing site…  Or not. Share this:TwitterFacebookEmailDiggRedditStumbleUponLike this:LikeBe the first to like […]

  24. If you hate America, then you will choose the USA but, if you are fair minded, you must think about the nearly 200 million deaths caused by Stalin and Mao alone….doesn’t include Hitler, Idi Ami Dada, Pol Pot…..and, how many have died as result of the “spring awakening” in the Middle East by this Administration’s policies? We all need to take everything into consideration…..America also saved most of the planet in WWI and WWII….you guys do your thing!

  25. Ironically, the atomic bomb dropped over Hiroshima increased the marginal propensity of capital, I.E. new factories were built equipped with modern manufacturing of the time. The decreasing Yen, bought on from the need to print money in order to rebuild Japan push down Japanese goods. This allowed the workhouse of Japan to export brand new automobiles that were cheaper and better than anything detroit was manufacturing. Detroit died through free markets, created by itself.

    1. No, you are wrong. The free market had nothing to with it. First the greed of the Unions and their political allies. Then the bad economy in l970’s, l980, 2000 and 2008….competition, our jobs outsourced because the American consumer could not afford American made, foreign was cheaper and they loved it. GM got a $50 billion bail out and their “prime” car is now out of production, the Volt, because at $40K++ is not affordable and not reliable plus they got another $45 billion in tax credits….Chrysler got bought out by Fiat. Ford was the only company not to get any bail outs and they’re doing well. There is so much more, but posts don’t allow all that is necessary to help those who never knew to understand the why!

  26. This is the worst display of logic I have ever seen.

  27. More open-ended welfare, more Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, more school children refusing to act white, more single-parent, fatherless homes, more illegitimacy, more Democrats in the Detroit administration and school board…


    You don’t have children until you get married and you don’t get married until you have at least a high school diploma and a job and can speak standard English.

    Well…that’s an easy one:

    More open-ended welfare, more Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, more black school children refusing to act white, more illegitimacy…

  28. Do you Americans actually believe that Obama (or any other president) has anything to do with this? Wake up America. Most people in the world have a better understanding of Detroit’s demise than people who have offered ignorant and racist comments. Shame that such a great city has slowly died and people on this blog have offered up some horrible comments (except for a few). Good luck, you’ll need it! Next stop Cleveland, New Orleans other cities in Illinois and Michigan 😦

  29. Detroit wasn’t destroyed by “politics” or “Democrats”. Detroit was destroyed by blacks. In 1945, Detroit was over 90% white. Blacks were kept segregated and under control of the white city government. White people built and maintained the city. In 1950, Detroit was one of the most prosperous and vibrant cities in the world. What changed? White people started leaving as more blacks moved in. After the black riots, most whites left Detroit. For the last 40 years Detroit has been majority black and run by blacks. Blacks are uncivilized (cannot live successfully in cities). Detroit went from being an economic powerhouse to a negro habitat. It’s run similar to the Detroit zoo. White taxpayers pay for the care and feeding of the animals. There are many US cities run by liberal Democrats, like Portland and Seattle. But those cities are majority white, and are prosperous and safe.

    1. Obviously Apartheid was the answer then? You are an imbecile and as Hispanics and Blacks are growing in number then you are stuffed. Couldn’t happen to a more disgusting nation. Yippee!!!!

  30. And you all want to live in America

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