2009 was the year of Climategate but 2010 will surely go down as the year of climate hate. You know where the climate has been used as a reason and excuse to hate people! For years anyone who did not bow down to the lie of global warming was branded as a skeptic, a denier,  yet in 2010 it peaked with the likes of 2010, WWF 911,

Then there are websites like climatecriminals. BCCJ (Bring climate criminals to justice) explicitly states it’s aim asTo establish a legal process in the UK and abroad to facilitate the criminal prosecution of Government Ministers and key business leaders whose policies and activities contribute to the mass loss of life which Climate Change is certain to now cause“.

They identify polluting persons as criminals (eg expanding aviation) or politicians who refuse to change policies.

As penalties they advocate the following;

# Mandatory life imprisonment

# Confiscation Orders of all personal assets.
# Confiscation Orders permitting the seizure of all assets transferred/bequeathed to others.
# Retrospective legislation which permits the seizure of all assets bequeathed to others after the death of a Climate Criminal.

One wonders with the rise of fuel poverty caused by green lies and increasing cold related deaths will BCCJ stand up and say yes we are partially responsible for this travesty? Will they acknowledge maybe the ones that are climate criminals are themselves and their fellow ecofascists. But BCCJ not the only climatehate protagonists – at global warming images – they have a section for climate criminals, gmagazine’s list of climate criminals with Australia at the top, Hopefully these climatehate groups will all go the way of the dodo or at least the way of climatehate blog – last post 2006. Clearly Kevin Rudd did the dodo dance with his climate alarmism and that after he vilified climate skeptics even more to his discredit. Obama was mocked for bel

In 2010 saw when the CSIRO in association with the Victorian department of the Environment decided it was OK to use taxpayers money to vilify and discriminate against climate skeptics. I pursued them on this matter and their ultimate response was since their vilification was neither ‘religious nor racial’ there are no legal grounds for redress. Guess that about settles it on what sort of people run the joint! As people die from the cold you wonder how these discriminatory warming alarmists will continue to be either credible or respected.

Gore censors those he hates – as usual

Mocked skeptics get justified by climate

The warming is just in fudging the numbers

Source: TWAWKI, December 31, 2010

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