UN’s eco war on humanity

The UN’s IPCC Assessor David Shearman wants you to pay an eco tax of $18,000 for every child you have. This is to compensate the planet for you being a human. Don’t forget the eco elitists in power think you are a disease, a scourge on the planet, a virus that needs to be eliminated so the logical consequence is they want you to pay even more for being a human – that is to them of course. They have taken it upon themselves to represent the earth – no one voted them there – they elevated themselves to that position and now they feel they have the right to tell the rest of us how to live. They are taking their Malthusian steps like the Fabians – one step at a time. Putting us in a pot of cold water like lobsters and slowly heating it till it is boiling. 

The UN’s and Barack Obama’s science czar John Holdren has always been an advocate of population control. Some of the measures he supports is compulsory abortion of American women, forcibly sterilising the country by additives to the water supply (eg fluoride). This is the same Holdren who thinks that children up to the age of two are not really human beings and so can be eliminated without any qualms. Again we have an anti-human eco elitist in power deciding whether you will have descendants or not, if so how many and of those that live how diseased they will be and what their life span will be.

Holden’s co-author Paul Ehrlich (The Population Bomb) was Bush’s science czar. Funny how both sides of politics have anti people advisers. Ehrlich predicted the end of the world (these eco elitists love trying to scare humanity to death) but was incredibly wrong (as they usually are). He proposed carbon offsets to stop the poor from breeding – obviously the rich like him are ok to multiply. And yet there is much more in has hatred of humanity that this eco elitist proposes it is quite appalling.

In recent days Ted Turner Chairman of the United Nations Foundation Board (also founder of CNN) has advocated a one child policy for the western world in order to save the planet. He has donated over $1 billion to the UN to further his ‘special interests‘. He has also rescued the UN previously giving them huge sums of money. I wonder what the dinner party is like for these UN eco elitists? “Hey Paul I agree we must wipe 100 million out in the next 10 years“. “Yeah Ted the human pests are just doing too much damage to our world – we want to enjoy it without them getting in the way“. “How do you propose we do it John“? “‘Oh don’t worry boys the UN already has it under control – another cigar and port?

Already we are seeing women who will get voluntarily sterilised because they’ve been brainwashed to believe that babies are not eco friendly. We are also seeing fluoride – a sterilisation agent in our water supply, GM soy – another sterilisation agent in our food supply that completely sterilises rats in 4 generations. Is it any wonder our fertility levels are plummeting. The CIA gives an interesting look into fertility rates The where the west is at the bottom of the table. GM soy like most GM products are also linked to birth defects and cancer – so even if you have kids then the diseases we are starting to see plague us will hit them even harder.

And then there’s the UN’s depopulation agenda. World population down to 500 million. The UN is monitoring the situation and the UN can see that it’s policies through puppet governments are working. It now has World Population Day for the masses – or elimination of them. Then there’s agenda 21 and it’s social engineering – placing you in prison cities. There is also codex alimentaris – making it illegal for you to use natural remedies for you health.

So as the world freezes while the UN squanders our money on global warning it is worth remembering the biggest killer in the history of the earth and humanity is the cold. Ice ages have almost wiped us out completely. But as dead bodies are being dug out of the ice the UN and it’s eco elitists will still be telling us through the lamestream media even the cold is proof that the world is warming and they will still be demanding even more money from our puppet governments in the form of trillion dollar eco debts and they will still be there putting up the cost of keeping warm. The UN will handle all the financial transactions from the guilt funds and eco taxes, making trillions in the process and living the life of excess whilst they keep us poor. Whilst UN is enriching itself they will be (as they are now) driving you into poverty. Cant afford to pay your electricity bills? Cant afford to keep warm in a cooling world. Just think this is only the beginning and it could get a lot worse, as long as we let them and their puppets stay in power.

The Obama diaries – “I instructed John Holden, my science Czar, to connect with the Chinese authorities to see how they implemented their one child policy. This could be the reason their economy is doing so well“.

GM watch | The Population Control agenda | Get rid of everyone over 65

Source: TWAWKI, January 8, 2011

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  1. You certainly raise some inflamatory points. I followed the link on the un tax on children (the un has no taxation authority) and found out by UN you mean one former UN staffer who wrote a book that someone pulled out some troubling short quotes and drew some inflamatory summaries which was then cited by another website and then cited by you. I didn’t bother following any of your other links assuming they have similar credibility. I remain unconvinced.

  2. Thanks, I hope we don’t come to that but UN’s target of 80% reduction in CO2 “emissions” by 2040 is not possible unless the vast majority of humanity is done away with.
    If, like many do, you say that the world is overpopulated etc then I suggest you volunteer for extinction.

  3. Thanks for the tip Mr. Oligarch (great screen name by the way) and I will give your recommendation the consideration it deserves. I pretty much just try to do my best to buy local, walk to work and otherwise minimize my driving, energy efficiency improvements in my home and the like. I also opted out of having children (so in the genetic legacy aspect of your suggestion I am on top of it) though I don’t judge those who do. I just try to do my best to make the world a better place and as much as it is in my power leave the world a better place then i found it.

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