Anders Behring Breivik | 2083 A European Declaration of Independence | Manifesto — Claimed Manifesto relating to the Oslo Bombings/Shootings

Gunman Conspired With “Business and Political Leaders” Before Massacre

Breivik marched with heavily MI5-infiltrated English Defence League in London
Prison, July 26 2011
By: Paul Joseph WatsonGunman Conspired With Business and Political Leaders Before Massacre 260711top

Anders Behring Breivik said he conspired with “business and political leaders” in London years before he set about planning last week’s massacre, an intruiging connection given the fact that the gunman’s manifesto is datelined “London 2011, suggesting a clear connection to the capital as evidence emerges of a wider plot.

“In the manuscript Breivik describes his “mentor” as an Englishman he identifies as “Richard”, and says his journey into violent extremism began at a small meeting in London in 2002 where a group of like-minded extremists met to “reform” the Knights Templar Europe, a military group whose purpose was “to seize political and military control of western European countries and implement a cultural conservative political agenda,” reports the Guardian.

“In his manifesto Breivik said the gathering in London was “not a stereotypical ‘rightwing’ meeting full of underprivileged, racist skinheads with a short temper”. Instead, he claimed those present were successful entrepreneurs, “business or political leaders, some with families, most Christian conservatives, but also some agnostics and even atheists”.

The gunman said that the participants of the meeting came from all over Europe and that he was first put into contact with them by a “Serbian crusader commander”.

Breivik’s conenctions with London – he lived there as a child when his father was working at the Norwegian embassy – are clearly a cornerstone of his plot. Indeed, as Mark Steyn writes for the National Review Online, the gunman’s manifesto is largely concerned with Britain and America. “The entire document is strangely anglocentric – in among the citations of NR and The Washington Times, there’s not a lot about Norway.”

The manifesto, signed by the killer as “Andrew Berwick” (an anglicised version of his name), is datelined “London, 2011,” clearly indicating Breivik was in the English capital before his rampage, although the media have asserted otherwise without expalining why Breivik would deliberately place such an error in his own screed.

It is now being reported that Breivik was in London as recently as last year, when he took part in an English Defence League march. The EDL is a far-right group that largely comprises of former football hooligans. Its organization is shabby and the group has attracted an odious reputation of being run by violent, drunk and racist thugs. The group’s unpopularity is habitually exploited by the British establishment to demonize legitimate criticism of mass immigration policies as extremist and racist.



Most news sources say this is authentic. I’m glad that I was able to help bring a clue to the table, and have done my best not to editorialize on this event, but to just act as a source for others to deconstruct, spin and whatever else.

Anders Behring Breivik is believed to have posted the following 12-minute video to YouTube just prior to the attacks, which claimed 93 lives.

The video, titled “2083 — A European Declaration of Independence” features a series of slides claiming Europe has become a slave to multiculturalism and is being overrun by Muslims. With the charge, “Onward, Christian Soldiers!“ the video urges viewers to ”Support the Resistance!“ and be a part of the ”Infidel Revolution” to banish Islam from Europe. The end includes images of Breivik dressed in a formal military uniform and in a wet suit pointing an assault rifle.

Breivik is also believed to have written a 1,518 page manifesto of the same title. An unverified copy of the manifesto can be viewed.


UPDATE July 23rd 7:17pm ET! I haven’t been able to edit this website for hours now. It’s been slammed with traffic and down most of the time but I spoke to my webhost and it seems to be running quickly now…
More qualified men (and women) than I believe this is the real deal.
Mainstream news sources are confirming it. 

For the record, I first saw/downloaded a .docx of the manifesto at 1:54pm ET, Posted it as PDF at 2:38pm ET. I converted it to a PDF because many people can’t use .docx files.
My site went down because of heavy traffic and at 5:05pm ET I put a mirror up on my google docs account. The site was back up by 7:00pm.

Original post below:

UNVERIFIED! I AM NOT CLAIMING THIS AS AUTHENTIC, I found it via a sketchy link. It was a Docx file and I exported to PDF so it was more easily viewed by a larger number of people.

I sat down and tried to figure out possible problems:
1. written entirely in English
2. Authorship attributed to “Andrew Berwick” (is this an Anglicized version of his name?)
3. Photos of Breivik tacked on to the end of the document make no sense.
4. It is a compilation of existing writings easily found on the web.

As seen in the text, Breivik used the e-mail address and people are wondering what this cryptic refernce it to. It’s possible that it’s to this:


In the text he says:

I have worked full time for more than three years oriented toward practical solutions (key notes written in English). My position is to contribute to areas that are on the side of current main focus. Much of the information I am dealing it is unknown to most people, even to you.
If you send me an e-mail to I will send you an electronic version once I’m finished.

He does say “in English”, so that lines up.

The authorship is attributed to:

By Andrew Berwick, London – 2011

But this could be an Anglicized version of Anders Brevik?

Again, the video associated with this manifesto is found here:

It’s also possible that the author (Berwick) is trying to get some attention for his manifesto by riding on the back of this tragedy.

There are photos of Breivik tacked on to the end of the document in a nonsensical way, or, in a way that makes sense if this was a crass move to get a lot of free promotion. Or if someone who was against the author/author’s opinions to instantly associate him with this mass murder.


E-Book PDF: Open in New Window | Download (7.7MB)

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Source:, July 23 2011

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