Bill Gates Artificial Clouds Have Hidden Dark Linings

Bill Gates is at it again. By now you’ve probably read the story of his plan [1] to create artificial clouds. His scheme is on the same scale of foolishness as NASA’s space elevator. But Gates’ cloud generating scheme is even worse and life threatening.
Gates’ scheme to is to build 1,900 aerosol sprayer ships, each capable of pumping 10 tons of sea water up to the altitude of the cloud layer at 1,000 meters. That equates to about 3/ 4 of a mile. The most powerful fire-boat on Earth pales in comparison. We will quickly see that this idea has several hidden, dark aspects to it.


Food chain of the sea begins at the bottom with Plankton, with whales at the top and all other sea life else in the middle:

Everything in the world’s oceans is based on plankton ­ including your next Friday fish fry, shrimp cocktail or whatever else you eat from the ocean. Destroy the plankton in sufficient numbers and shrimp, small fish and squid will disappear. Apparently Gates has little regard for the food chain. [image source – 2]

Here are the basics on plankton written by an expert:
“The growth of phytoplankton populations is dependent on light levels and nutrient availability. The chief factor limiting growth varies from region to region in the world’s oceans. On a broad scale, growth of phytoplankton in the oligotrophic tropical and subtropical gyres is generally limited by nutrient supply, while light often limits phytoplankton growth in subarctic gyres.” [3]

Translation? Plankton need sufficient LIGHT to live and grow. This greatly limits the depth at which plankton can live, too. They move wherever ocean currents carry them. In other words, these creatures live at very shallow depths ­ even at the shallow depths a ship’s hull displaces.


Let’s first look at seawater. At the surface it weighs (at the surface) 64.1 lbs/cubic foot. [4] Converting 10 tons into pounds = 20,000 lbs. / second. There are 86,400 seconds in a 24 hour period. (86,400 seconds) x (20,000 lbs of seawater/second) = 1,728,000,000 CUBIC FEET of sea water launched into the sky over a 24 hour period. To pump 10 TONS OF WATER PER SECOND 3,000 meters high into the air requires extremely powerful pumps, employing extremely high suction and water flow. Can Gate’s pumping ships prevent sucking up plankton? Highly unlikely. Even if the ships use fine filters to prevent plankton entering the pumps, delicate plankton will undoubtedly be destroyed by the impact of slamming into screens and filters. In short, these ships will be mass sea life slaughtering machines.


The article continues below but let’s just remember this,



There are billions of small fish which will be killed when they are pinned to the pump filters by

the high water flow. What this kind of damage will do to the reproductive cycles of sea life is beyond our imagination. Could this spell the end for migrating salmon, sea turtles and other species?

Besides fish there will be dying seals and possibly sharks and whales and many other forms of sea-life pinned to water pump intake screens for as long as the pumps are running. Sea life not killed upon impact will slowly die of starvation. Plankton that somehow make it through pump impellers and are launched skyward will soon dry up and die from direct sunlight exposure without liquid water.

Even if the proposed ships use deep suction pipes to take in water below plankton levels, these ships will still kill sea life in massive quantities. Hole size in water filters is a compromise of preventing early clogging vs. passing water.


Even a young student knows clouds are distilled water formed by evaporation. Rainwater nitrogen levels are the result of a complex water cycle [5]. When rain falls it becomes the best kind of irrigation on Earth. But what about a brackish-water rain storm? Is there some precedent for this?

Consider brackish salt water clouds which we’ll refer to as Gates clouds. Gates clouds will create a seawater aerosol laced with salt along with other elements and compounds found in seawater. If oil in seawater is sucked into the pumps, then oil will also be launched high up into the clouds. Salt damage from these ships will make the Gulf of Mexico look pathetic.

If nothing else was learned from Fukushima, we should saw how fast radiation is transported around the world by clouds, rain and air currents onto dry land thousands of miles from Japan. Radioactive Iodine and other elements were found in Philadelphia and New Jersey, half-way around the world from Fukushima. So why won’t Gates rainwater do the same thing? Logic says it will.


Clouds turn to rain ­ often over land masses. Gates rain will kill crops, trees and other flora stone dead. When the rain drys up sea salts will be left behind to poison everything outside. Although a minor issue compared to mass starvation, anything made of carbon steel or aluminum outdoors will rust or corrode quickly.

Even vegetarians will be in an uproar ­ soon there could be nothing at all to eat. Trees will start dying and CO2 levels start to skyrocket. Trees are the only air scrubbers our planet has. When huge numbers of trees die we’ll eventually have shortness of breath, and also experience new health issues and food shortage problems on a scale never seen in history. Let’s hope that a mass die-off isn’t the real goal of the Gates project.

We live in a carbon-obsessed world. How many million tons of CO2 will be generated to build Gates’ monstrous fleet of ships? How many millions of tons of CO2 will his diesel engines generate to pump seawater skyward around the clock? It requires thousands of horsepower to generate thousands of pounds per square inch of water pressure to reach 3,000 meters into the air. And it also requires huge volumes of diesel fuel to keep these pumps running. Yet no one talks about any of this. Why? All in all, this entire scheme by Gates will be an Earth-wrecking project and should never be allowed. It would be completely irresponsible for Gates not to explore all these issues I’ve raised here.

Weather modification by civilians and governments alike must be prohibited. There are too many people freely playing games with our lives, in that tiny sandbox we call Earth.

Even if this mad cloud generating scheme is implemented it may not work. But there is no doubt the floating garbage disposal ships will work and decimate the world’s biggest food supply system.

Ted Twietmeyer

PS – Please don’t write to me about HAARP; already know about it.


[5] Common sense

By Ted Twietmeyer
Exclusive to, July 25 2011

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