Lori Price: Stop the Super Dictatorship

Stop the Super Dictatorship By Lori Price, http://www.legitgov.org/ 07 Aug 2011 The unconstitutional ‘Super Congress’ aka ‘Super Dictatorship’ is the final straw! We will NOT tolerate ‘Cat Food Commission II’ (Firedoglake’s epithet), established by and for the Tea Party/Wall Street sycophant Barack Obama. The DemocRATs will cave to the Republicans in seven picoseconds — as the have since December 2000 when Al Gore ‘offered his concession’ in the *first* GOP coup d’etat. The US deficit was *created* and *exploded* through illegal off-the-books wars for oil, gas, opium, and Blackwater. Want to cut spending? STOP the illegal wars and STOP stealing from and exploiting the poor! Obusha, wake up and smell the Italian Roast: NO ONE is voting for you, despite MSNBC and Faux News who want you to be the Democratic candidate. Let’s get an *actual* Democrat on the ballot and Obama can then follow his dream and sit on the board of directors at GE, Exelon and/or TEPCO. [Join us on Facebook! Stop the Super Dictatorship.]

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