85 Year Old Vet in Solitary Confinement – What’s the point complaining? Norman Scarth hits more than four prison walls

Supporters have gathered at Armley Jail in Leeds to show solidarity with jailed campaigner Norman scarth (85)
Supporters from as far away as Ireland have attended with banners and a converted London bus to show distaste at the 6 month sentence metered out for contempt of court to the 85 year war veteren.
The supporters are calling for justice for Norman Scarth who has been jailed in solitary confinement without a trial or hearing since July the 25th

The Supporters gather at Armley jail:

The Support bus arrives:

Loyal friends: Normans supporters show solidarity:

TV News film the supporters:

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Story below

Shock at harsh sentence on 85 year old campaigner

Supporters of Norman Scarth, a colourful local character and ex war veteran from Yorkshire  are shocked at what they say is an astonishing sentence metered out to a frail old man for using a recording devicer in a court room.

85 year old anti corruption campaigner Norman Scarth who claims to be the victim of a conspiracy to silence him by the judicial system was sentenced to six months imprisonment for making a tape recording of a court case from the public gallery at Bradford crown court.

The sentence metered out has received widespread criticism and comparisons to rioters who have received 3 months for admitting to assaulting police officers in the Manchester riots.

Scarth is said to have made the recording after the court refused to provide hearing aid loops.
Judge Jonathan Rose was alerted by a court worker to the recording device that Scarth was using in the public gallery , Scarth was arrested handcuffed and remanded to the cells to be sentenced the next day July 26 at Bradford crown court.
Richard Mawrey QC told him that he was a ‘crazed old man.
Editors Comment: However one thing remain clear tonight, this is indeed a shocking case where an 85 year old man is in prison for six months for the crime of using a tape recorder whilst rioters have been given bail.

Scarths supporters are urging people to write support to him at the following address :
Prisoner A1903CF
D-Wing 240
2 Gloucester Terrace
Stanningley Road
LS12 2TJ

a demonstration has been organised for Norman Scarths supporters at Armley Jail on Saturday Morning at (13th) @ 10 AM

Veteran Norman scarth



From Victims Unite!

It is quite remarkable to watch the excuses that “officials” aka “public servants” find for NOT doing something – either to follow their own rules or to just be a little bit human. In fact, most victims have found that “offenders in public office” find it imperative to cover their wrong-doings as they fear negative publicity. The latest example is what Christoper Booker wrote about the six children that were stolen by Haringey Council:

because of “press interest” in the case, the officials agreed that the council could not afford the very damaging publicity which might follow if the unhappy children were reunited with their parents. It was therefore vital that the council should continue to justify its actions. [From Does this family have human rights?]

Norman’s circumstances have been described in

  1. Complaint 1 of 30 July 2011
  2. Page 1 and Page 2 of Complaint 2 as well as Page 3 (the non-response to Complaint 1).

A Writ for Habeas Corpus is being served on the Royal Courts of Justice today to release Norman. This means that Norman should be called before the Court in London.

More soon!
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4 responses

  1. The point of Mr. Scarth’s confinement is not the alleged contempt of court. Mr. Scarth is a human rights activist who has been exposing judicial and legal corruption. That’s the real reason he was jailed.

  2. The only way justice can be done would be for norman to be immediatly released and judge rose to also lose his job with immediate effect, he should then be put in front of a court with a jury and charged with gross misconduct ,abuse of position ,and causing distress and harm +false imprisonment i suggest 6months.magistrates courts are abusing their positions on a daily basis in this country ,remember these are our courts next time your near a court get yourself in there get in that public gallery and be a witness ,its not good enough to say”well thats terrible but what can we do” this is a crap response if you truly believe that then you should be thoroughly ashamed, come on the people of this country we need you and at this hour norman needs you ,he has done enough for his country ,write letters phone people have your own demonstration get into the pubs let people know of this abuse of an elderly war veteran ,the time is now

  3. The case for unlawful confinement of 86 year old war hero, Norman Scarth, was presented today, August 18th, 2011, by Chris Jarvis at the Royal Courts of Justice in London to Justice Wyn Williams. The presentation included a petition which had gathered some 930 names in just a few days, complete with angry comments by an outraged public. Norman Scarth attended by video link from Leeds, was in good mental health, as witnessed by all, and he also presented his case to the judge, in very respectful, polite and intelligent terms.

    Judge Wyn Williams denied Mr. Scarth due process of law. He adjourned the case until next week, sending him back to the torture of prison, rather than releasing him on bail as is done for common criminals, and the looters and rioters in the streets of London.

    Mr. Scarth is a civil prisoner who has been denied due process and is kept in torturous conditions in Leeds Prison. On July 25, 2011, he attempted to record a court hearing in Bradford on his phone, because hearing loops had not been provided by the court, and he is hard of hearing. The proceedings had started, and he had not had chance to ask permission – permission granted to him in the past, he says, by Lord Woolf.

    An angry Judge Jonathan Rose of Bradford Crown Court, had him arrested immediately. He was brought back into the court room in handcuffs, sentenced the next day, and dispatched to Leeds Prison for serious offenders, which has the highest suicide rate in the UK. He has been kept in solitary confinement and denied his pain medications. He was being denied access to legal representation until today, when Justice Wyn Williams was forced to make an order that Mr. Scarth be allowed his rights to legal counsel.

    HM Prisons Inspector, Nick Hardwick, had written to supporters this week, saying that, as HM Inspector of Prisons, he did not have the power to intervene after he received complaints about Mr. Scarth’s torture and the fact that Mr. Scarth’s official complaints were being ignored by all, including the Prisons Ombudsman who are slow to react (and have not properly intervened) and the Prison Governor, Paul Baker.

    Similarly, the Parole and Probations Board’s Mr. Terry McCarthy advised, on behalf of the entire board, along with Dr. Peter Selby of the Independent Monitoring Board at the National level, said that they had no powers to intervene. All are fully aware of the unlawful torture that Mr. Scarth is enduring, and that these conditions violate both UN and EU human rights., such as the denial of pain medications for severe muscle cramping, which is torture, and there are other conditions which add to the case for wilful physical and mental torture.

    Mr. Scarth’s supporters are claiming wilful blindness by all concerned to the conditions of Mr. Scarth’s confinement.

    Justice Williams ordered that Mr. Scarth be allowed to have contact with legal representation, which the prison has been denying him. However, he refused to order that Mr. Scarth be given his prescription medication, thereby forcing him to be kept in physical and mental torture for a further week at least.

    Justice Williams refused to release Mr. Scarth, and the public gallery, which was full, erupted in loud shouts and cries. Judge Williams was seen to be shaking.

    Judge Wyn Williams has summoned Kenneth Clarke, Minister of Justice, to The Royal Courts of Justice next week, along with the Prison Governor, Paul Baker of Leeds Prison, who was supposed to have been present today, but was not.

    There was coverage by Russian TV, and a members of the local press. The Russian news agency has taken up this matter after a press release went out from the Russian Embassy in London, in support of Mr. Scarth, WWII Arctic Convoy Veteran, because the Russians are so grateful to Arctic Convoy veterans for their efforts during the war. This month, in Scotland and other places, these veterans are being honoured and are outraged that Norman Scarth is in prison, rather than being honoured.

    Mr. Scarth’s supporters are calling for the public worldwide to sign the public petition to release Mr. Scarth, Arctic Convoy veteran, who is being denied his human rights and pain medications under UN and EU conventions, without any intervention from government, parliament, or any governmental body, all of which were put on notice and provided with full documentation, and all of which knowingly contravene UN and EU human rights.

    Mr. Scarth has petitioned Her Majesty, the Queen, for release and pardon, but there has been no word yet.

    The public is demanding a Public Inquiry into the matter.



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