Local police themselves report ‘unknown’ police units – What is happening on the streets of London and other major cities? Are we to believe that a few angry youths, armed with Blackberry phones are orchestrating a wave of looting, arson and violence in areas of London and across UK? Unlikely. Something just does not seem right?

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Local police themselves report ‘unknown’ police units – not supporting units brought in from other police districts outside London, but unknown units, being present. We have seen the use of state ‘agents provocateur’ being used in other scenarios be it G8 G20 protests, animal rights and anti nuclear. One policeman, PC Mark Kennedy, was of course brave enough to admit publically that he was used to infiltrate and stir up green activists.

Why would the State want to stir up trouble? The answer is simple. Violence on the street rouses passion for action in good law abiding people. They want action. They want a reaction. Having started massive cuts of our own police Cameron and this whole rotten House of Westminster can now call for European Police to be brought in to help British police. With British armed forces also being cut, especially the army, the Cameron, Clegg and Miliband cronies can also call for European troops to be brought into Britain. Once on the streets they will never leave. Backed by the Civil Contingencies Act (the equivalent of Hitler’s Enabling Act) we can all be locked into a dictatorship that much faster and easier.

What can we do? Firstly we do not need or want violence on the streets. Aside from hurting neighours and destroying communities, violence actually justifies government aggression and clampdowns. We play into their hands. Do you want to react then rebel lawfully. Lawful Rebellion is about acting within the law, and especially common law to take action. Please visit the British Constitution Group and Lawful Rebellion to learn more. However, Lawful Rebellion is not soft. As a simple example, stop paying your council tax until the State stops breaking our Common Law, and we will hurt the state far more than kicking in a shop window.  You will also not be in danger of cutting your feet.

If an organisation, group, individual or website promotes hatred or violence, then it is not part of Lawful Rebellion, and should be avoided. Strange isn’t it though that when 600 people protested peacefully at Birkenhead, 38 police vehicles were present and streets were blocked, and a Judge was arrested for conducting an unlawful court, the BBC failed to report anything. A government propaganda agency or what? Take care. Be happy. Whilst this corrupt banking elite and government system is brought to justice.

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4 responses

  1. Thanks for a very insightful article, i`ve ben trying to make people aware of this for a few years now, its like talking to a brick wall.

    You may want to look at the following i posted on TPUC forumns

    European Police / Army on the streets of the UK ?


    It includes a link to the UK Parliament Hansards home page dated 14 may 2008 where they discuss the possibility of the European Gendarmerie Force being used during the 2012 Olympic Games, as well as an excellent radio interveiw with Brian Gerrish covering this subject.

    Best regards Jim

  2. Shame we’ve let media rule our lives way too long most people aren’t going to wake up. TV ‘brain damage’ seems to be a permanent condition, the majority of people don’t seem to be able to think for themselves any longer. When you show them something they need to think about they just turn back to the TV set for comfort.

  3. Im not sure its even beatable – corruption is too inherent in the system.

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