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We are occupying Wall Street. We will not be moved.

Without anyone having to set themselves on fire, a group of nonviolent fed-up people, young and old, has sparked so mething new.  In less than two weeks they have gone through all of the stages of public protest: being ignored, mocked, attacked, and beginning to win.

People are joining together across race, age, gender, and culture.  Labor unions are joining in a movement that was not begun by labor unions.  Insider groups that would rather not be seen at protests are promoting this one.  Cable television is denouncing police brutality.  A conversation has been launched about the damage the wealthiest one percent is doing to the rest of us.  And integral to the demand being made for social justice is the demand to cut military spending and end immoral wars.

Now is the moment to nonviolently resist on Wall Street ( and around the country (, and begi nning October 6th in Washington, D.C. (

Wall Street’s servants on K Street, in the Pentagon, and in our government think Wall Street is comfortably far away.

Pledge now to bring the occupation to Washington on October 6th:

Photo by @DaddyBawsten

Engineering the Global Crisis: Financial Destabilization for Profiteering and Power


The European sovereign debt crisis which has been gestating for years seems ready to come to a head as the IMF met last weekend in Washington that were dominated by talks about Greece, debt, and the risk of global contagion.

Amidst tense talks about the future of the Eurozone in which the idea of allowing Greece to default on its insurmountable half-trillion dollar debt was floated, even the usually staid US Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner, warned that “cascading default, bank runs, and catastrophic risk” was a real possibility. G20 Finance Ministers and central bank governors are now calling for the European Central Bank to double their existing bailout fund to create a trillion Euro emergency stockpile to recapitalize European banks and fund Spain and Italy as their economies teeter on the edge of a Greek-like meltdown.

For now, the next step in this unfolding crisis lies with the German parliament, where lawmakers are preparing for a vote on whether to expand the existing European Financial Stability Facility. The bill is expected to pass, but is deeply unpopular with the German people, who have shouldered most of the burden of the Greek bailout already and are now being asked to pay even more to prop up what many see as an unsalvageable economic mess.

Earlier this week, I had the chance to talk to financial analyst Bob Chapman of The International Forecaster about the next step in the Eurozone crisis, and what the long-term fallout from these bailouts is likely to be.


So far, the European Central Bank’s answer to the unfolding crisis has been to urge indebted nations to impose strict austerity measures as a condition for obtaining bailout funds.

As protests in country after country throughout the summer have shown, however, the citizens of these indebted nations find it difficult to understand why they should be held responsible for the profligate spending of corrupt politicians in collusion with major corporations and financial institutions. This sense of injustice has been compounded by the willingness of national governments to provide bailouts to banks at the expense of the taxpayers with the justification that large financial instutions are “too big to fail.”

Just as the US government’s TARP program in 2008 was met by widespread protest from the overwhelming majority of voters, so too are the governmental institutions of Europe ignoring the fierce backlash these bailout programs and austerity measures are generating.

Although it is commonly understood that large scale quantitative easing, recapitalization, bailout, and lending operations by central banks are an opportunity for large financial institutions to make even more money at the expense of the average taxpayer, this reality is seldom mentioned in the establishment media. A recent admission that the ongoing financial crisis in fact benefits the financial institutions, however, did get airtime on the BBC last week.

That the ongoing economic collapse is a consciously manipulated transfer of wealth to a few institutions at the top of the economic pyramid is by no means a new idea. In 2009 I had the chance to interview Professor Michel Chossudovsky of the Centre for Research on Globalization on the meaning of the 2008 bailout in which he addressed this very topic.

n a sign of the growing awareness of the wealth transfer embedded in these bailout operations, as well as growing distrust of unaccountable international institutions like the IMF and the European Union which have been embolded by this crisis, thousands of concerned citizens have taken to the streets of New York in a campaign dubbed Occupy Wall Street which has so far received scant attention from the establishment media.

The campaign, now in its 12th day, has garnered attention for incidents of police violence against those participating, as well as being blocked by Yahoo Mail in an incident that Yahoo is describing as an innocent error. Now the idea is spreading to other cities in what is threatening to become a widespread grassroots movement to direct the attention of the public away from the political theatre that is used to distract the citizenry from the key issues of economy and finance.

In a sign that the Federal Reserve is taking these issues quite seriously, it was recently revealed that the Fed is now soliciting software to monitor social media such as tweets, Facebook posts and YouTube comments to analyze what people are thinking and saying about the United States’ privately-owned central bank.

The Request for Proposal, entitled “Sentiment Analysis and Social Media Monitoring Solution” was officially opened on September 16, 2011 with responses due by September 28th. The document states that “There is a need for the the Communications Group to be timely and proactively aware of the reactions and opinions expressed by the general public as it relates to the Federal Reserve and its actions on a variety of subjects.” It goes on to identify key functionalities of the desired software, including the ability to monitor social media conversations in real time, provide “sentiment analysis” of conversations to determine whether people are talking about the Federal Reserve in positive, negative, or neutral terms, and provide summaries and overviews of specific topics.

This is not the first time that high-level governmental interest in the public’s awareness of the Federal Reserve has been displayed. In 2009, leaked US Army Reserve command documents revealed that Army Reserve personnel had been dispatched to monitor a series of “End the Fed” protests outside of the main Federal Reserve branches in November of 2008.

It remains to be seen whether this growing public awareness of the manipulation of the current economic crisis in the interest of elite financial interests will grow into a meaningful political movement, or if these protests can be co-opted and the concerned citizens placated by more official obfuscations and temporary stopgap measures.


A Palestinian State?

By Ron Paul

The Palestinian Authority’s recent announcement that it would seek UN recognition as an independent state dominated the news and the political debate in the United States last week, though in truth it should mean very little to us. Only a political class harboring the illusion it can run the world obsesses over the aspirations of a tiny population on a tiny piece of land thousands of miles away. Remember, the UN initiated this persistent conflict with its 1947 Partition Plan.

Unfortunately the debate is dominated by those who either support the Israeli side in the conflict, or those who support the Palestinian desire for statehood. We rarely seem to hear the view of those who support the US side and US interests. I am on that side. I believe that we can no longer police the world. We can no longer bribe the Israelis and Palestinians to continue an endless “peace process” that goes nowhere. It is not in our interest to hector the Palestinians or the Israelis, or to “export” democracy to the region but reject it when people vote the “wrong” way.

I have reservations about the Palestinian drive for UN recognition. Personally I wish the United States would de-recognize the United Nations. As most readers already know, in every Congress I introduce legislation to end our membership in that organization. The UN is a threat to our sovereignty– and as we are the main source of its income, it is a threat to our economic well-being. Increasingly over the past several years, we see the United Nations providing political and legal cover for the military aspirations of interventionists rather than serving as an international forum to preserve peace. Neoconservatives in the US have grown to love the United Nations as they co-opt the organization under the guise of endless “reform.” Under the sovereignty-destroying doctrine of “Responsibility to Protect,” adopted at the 2005 World Summit, the UN takes it upon itself to intervene in internal conflicts of its member states whenever it believes that human rights are being violated. Thus under “Responsibility to Protect,” the UN provides the green light for a kind of global no-knock raid on any sovereign country.

If asked, I would personally counsel the Palestinians to avoid the United Nations. UN membership and participation is no guarantee that sovereignty will be respected. We see what happens to UN members such as Iraq and Libya when those countries’ leaders fall out of favor with US administrations: under US and allied pressure a fig leaf resolution is adopted in the UN to facilitate devastating military intervention. When the UN gave NATO the green light to bomb Libya there was no genocide taking place. It was a purely preventative war. The result? Thousands dead, a destroyed country, and extremely dubious new leaders.

While I do not see UN membership as a particularly productive move for the Palestinian leadership, I do not believe the US should use its position in the UN Security Council to block their membership. I believe in self-determination of peoples and I recognize that peoples may wish to pursue statehood by different means. As we saw after the Cold War, numerous new states were born out of the ruins of the USSR as the various old Soviet Republics decided that smaller states were preferable to an enormous and oppressive multi-national conglomerate.

The real, pro-US solution to the problems in the Middle East is for us to end all foreign aid, stop arming foreign countries, encourage peaceful diplomatic resolutions to conflicts, and disengage militarily. In others words, follow Jefferson’s admonition: “Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none.”

Source: Information Clearing House, September 28 2011

Congressman Ron Paul was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He graduated from Gettysburg College and the Duke University School of Medicine, before proudly serving as a flight surgeon in the U.S. Air Force during the 1960s. He and his wife Carol moved to Texas in 1968, where he began his medical practice in Brazoria County.

F.B.I.’s ‘Star Chamber’ Terrorist Watch List: Even Those Cleared of Crimes Can Stay On It

F.B.I.’s ‘Star Chamber’ Terrorist Watch List: Even Those Cleared of Crimes Can Stay On It.

—-Police officers and border agents are to treat suspects differently, based on which ‘handling codes’ are in the system. –The database has about 420,000 names, including about 8,000 Americans.

28 Sep 2011 The Federal Bureau of Investigation is permitted to include people on the government’s terrorist watch list even if they have been acquitted of terrorism-related offenses or the charges are dropped, according to newly released documents.

…Officers are never to tell the suspects that they might be on the watch list, and they must immediately call the federal government for instructions. The F.B.I. procedures encourage agents to renominate suspects for the watch list even if they were already put on it by another agency — meaning multiple agencies would have to be involved in any attempt to later remove that person. [Anonymous, publish the d*mned list! What are you waiting for?]

G20 Leaders Discuss Orderly Greek Default

The G20 nations are preparing for an orderly default in early November following the G20 summit in Paris.

Sources close to members involved in the meeting in Washington, USA, say that privately a default by Greece is seen as inevitable.

Meetings in Washington this weekend are focused on preparing the ground on how to recapitalise the banks and preparing economies for default.

It is expected that emergency funding will keep Greece afloat through October until an announcement is made at the G20 meeting in Paris next month.

It is not thought that Greek default necessarily means that Greece will have to leave the euro currency.

Yesterday, the Chancellor, George Osborne said that European leaders have just six weeks to save the euro, again an indication that an announcement will be made in early November.

Mr Osborne said: “Patience is running out in the international community. There is a clear sense that there is a deadline for the Cannes summit. The eurozone has six weeks to resolve this political crisis.”

This weekend it seems world leaders are thrashing out the groundwork and detailing what they need to do in preparation for the decision that will be made in six weeks time.

Some analysts believe that this delay will leave the markets in limbo for six weeks until they are sure of what the future policy decision on the euro and the debt crisis will be.

Source:, September 24 2011

Press For Truth Wins Best Documentary at Huntsville Film North


By weavingspider, Sep 27 2011

Special thanks to the organizers of Huntsville Film North for the award of Best Documentary.

“Into The Fire” full film:

World leaders and activists from around the world gathered for the G20 Summit. With over 19,000 police officers and security personnel on hand, the results lead to over 1100 arrests, martial law in downtown Toronto, and the most massive violation of civil liberties in Canadian history.

Into The Fire
The whole world is watching.

Into The Fire on DVD has over 2 hours of extras including deleted scenes, extended interviews, a making of the soundtrack special feature and much more!

Please support the film makers by getting your copy on DVD. Burn copies and hand them out to your friends, family members and total strangers!

Directed by Dan Dicks
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Reverse Shoplifting at Kohl’s Department Store


, 26 Sep 2011

Mark Dice donates a T-shirt to Kohl’s Department store that he thinks they should stock. Mark Dice is a media analyst, social critic, political activist, and author who, in an entertaining and educational way, gets people to question our celebrity obsessed culture, and the role the mainstream media plays in shaping our lives. Check out Mark’s books on, Kindle or Nook.

Mark frequently stirs up controversy from his commentaries, protests, and boycotts, and has repeatedly been featured in major media outlets around the world.

Several of Mark’s YouTube videos have gone viral, earning him a mention on ABC’s The View, Fox News’ O’Reilly Factor,, and other mainstream media outlets. Mark has also been featured in (or attacked in) the New York Post’s Page Six, Rolling Stone Magazine, USA Today, The New York Daily News, and in major papers in Pakistan and Iran.

Mark Dice appears in several documentary films including Invisible Empire, and The 9/11 Chronicles, and was featured on the History Channel’s Decoded. He enjoys enlightening zombies, as he calls them, (ignorant people) about the mass media’s effect on our culture, pointing out Big Brother’s prying eyes, and exposing elite secret societies along with scumbag politicians and their corrupt political agendas.

He also habitually calls into several top-rated talk shows, including the Sean Hannity Show, Glenn Beck, and Michael Savage, and verbally battles with the hosts on various issues since he has never been asked to be a guest on them as of yet. Audio of some of these calls are then posted online.

The term “fighting the New World Order” is used by Mark to describe some of his activities, and refers to his and others’ resistance and opposition (The Resistance) to the overall system of political corruption, illegal wars, elite secret societies, mainstream media, Big Brother and privacy issues; as well as various economic and social issues.

Dice and his supporters sometimes refer to being “awake” or “enlightened” and see their knowledge of these topics as part of their own personal Resistance to the corrupt New World Order. This Resistance involves self-improvement, self-sufficiency, personal responsibility and spiritual growth.

Mark Dice is the author of several books on current events, secret societies and conspiracies, including his newest book, Big Brother: The Orwellian Nightmare Come True. He lives in San Diego, California.

An Unspoken UN Agenda: Depopulation of a Planet – Thinning Out the Useless Eaters – Part 6 – The Final Chapter

depopulation, UN agenda 21By Rick Martin

In a newspaper article from the Dec. 3, 1995 edition of the Calgary Herald, written by Mark Hume, we read:

Nuclear Peril

Doomsday Clock shows signs of inching toward midnight again. On the Doomsday Clock there is no time past midnight. There is no a.m. No morning after.

The clock, which illustrates the extent of nuclear peril in the world, is frozen at 17 minutes to midnight. The hands, set by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists are moved only after lengthy debate.

Some of the world’s leading experts will gather this week at the University of Chicago to

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EU banks will fail if PIIGS default and Greece renounces the Euro, both of which are increasingly likely. Here is a list of the top 20 banks that are tottering on the brink.

Business Insider

Here’s Who’s Really Desperate For The Eurozone Bailout To Work

Banks will be the first to fall if the PIIGS (Greece, Italy, etc.) start defaulting.

The renewal of dollar liquidity facilities and assurances from Germany that it will bail out its own banks if Greece defaults may have temporarily bolstered markets, but these announcements also signal that the prognosis for European banks is grim if Greece defaults.

Not to mention what would happen to the banks if Greece decided to renounce the currency altogether.

So which banks will be the first to collapse?

We took a list of the largest European banks by assets and compared their market cap, common equity, and total exposure to PIIGS debt (thank you for the bank statistics, EBA!). Then we calculated exposure to PIIGS debt (sovereign and private) as a percentage of the banks’ common equity.

The worst 20 cutoff for our test ended up being exposure equal to about 175% of common equity, but it really gets out of control once you get to the PIIGS banks (#1-9).

Note that SocGen — which doesn’t quite make the cut here — would be #21.
Click here to see the banks most exposed to the PIIGS >

U.K. The Legal Fiction – How They Control Us

Throughout the ages mankind’s ingenuity has allowed one group of people to control others. The creation of the ‘legal fiction’ is a superb example – it is the very foundation of how we are controlled today and yet the knowledge of its existence eludes all but a tiny few of us.

Judges know how the ‘legal fiction’ applies to each of us, but barristers, solicitors, Magistrates and politicians mostly do not – it is a closely guarded secret. Our courts impose their will on us using the ‘legal fiction’ and it is through this imposition that governments are able to control every facet of our lives. Without the ‘legal fiction’ governments and an array of authorities have no power over us whatsoever and with this in mind it is perfectly clear that understanding the ‘legal fiction’ is a prerequisite to understanding how the world around us really works as distinct from how we think it does. Knowledge and understanding of the legal fiction is the first step on the road of freedom.

So What Is The Legal Fiction & How Does It Impact On Our Lives?

If you tried to explain the concept of the ‘legal fiction’ to the average individual in the context of how it applies to them, there is a high degree of probability that they would stare back at you as though you were quite mad… explanation rarely attracts a demand to know more, which it should, generally people find comprehension beyond their scope of understanding and they prefer therefore to dismiss it as an absurdity. The creators of the legal fiction knew this and have used our own ignorance to further their aims to control and dominate us, their ultimate weapon being ‘plausible deniability.’ But suddenly we are waking up to what is really going on and as we do the shackles of control are starting to loosen.

Imagine having a conversation in the 10th century in which you were describing a mobile telephone to an audience… they would to a man and woman think you were a complete lunatic… despite being able to explain the science behind it, and so it is with trying to explain the ‘legal fiction’ today.  Fortunately, thanks to people like John Harris, Winston Shrout, Robert Arthur Menard and others, the secret of the ‘legal fiction’ also known as the ‘strawman’ has been laid bare and as a consequence those of us who are prepared to learn are now able to take advantage of this very important knowledge.

But bear in mind this… the ‘powers-that-be’ have a vested interest in us not knowing how they effect their control over us… and this translates into them being adamant that you must not know of the existence of the legal fiction, never mind understand it.  So if you are thinking about writing to the government and asking them to confirm the existence of the legal fiction, may I suggest that your time would be better spent writing to the mafia and asking them to confirm in writing that they are indeed engaged in organised crime. Please let us know if you get a reply.

The legal fiction is described briefly as ‘a means by which something can be done in law, which, without the legal fiction, would not be possible.’ Look it up in a law dictionary. There are many applications of the legal fiction concept and only through study will you get to grips with the extent of its functions. It is not complicated, just confusing and understanding it requires that you resist the urge to dismiss it as a nonsense. Because we have limited understanding of the origins of the universe, that does not mean that it does not exist – and so it is with the legal fiction.

A Company Is A Legal Fiction

If we assume that your name is Roger Hayes… you could create a legal fiction called ‘ROGER HAYES LIMITED’ which you could own lock, stock and barrel. You could lend the company money and it in turn could buy and own plant, machinery and stock and build up an array of assets and wealth through trade – all of which would then belong to the company… but not you. Yes you would own the company, but the company would own the assets. If on behalf of the company you sold some stock, you would be required to put the proceeds into the company’s bank account and not your own private account. The company would be obliged to pay back the money that you lent it, but apart from that the only way that you could take any benefit from the company would be if it paid you a wage as a manager or a dividend as a shareholder and if the company went bust with net liabilities, you would not be liable for its debts.

It is easy to see then how despite you being the only owner and thus the controller of the legal fiction ‘ROGER HAYES LIMITED’ that it remains an entirely separate entity to you.  You could sell the company and somebody else would then control it, despite it keeping your name. Now to deliberately confuse you… this entity was also given the generic name ’person’  and yes, it is meant to confuse you. In legalese (the language of law) the word ‘person’ means company or corporation; it does not mean man or woman. In an ordinary dictionary ‘person’ is described as an individual human being. In a law dictionary ‘human being’ is described as a monster. Do you think they were trying to bring clarity to the meaning of words or do you think they were trying to create confusion? Obviously it was the latter and it was both deliberate and calculated.
When you were born (still assuming that your name is Roger Hayes) and your parents registered your birth, the government set up a company which they called ROGER HAYES. If you look at all your official documents you will see that they are all represented with capital letters as a means of distinction. It is important to remember, that as it was the government that created this company, it is they that own and control it – despite it having your name. The deceit was in the fact that they did not tell you, nor did they want you to know, that they would use this company (person) as a tool to attach liabilities to the real you.

Thus, ROGER HAYES the company was created and existed alongside Roger Hayes the flesh and blood boy created and named by your parents. But in the absence of the knowledge of the existence of the former everybody was led to believe that everything applied to the latter – as devious a plan surely as selling land on the sun to the unsuspecting.

When officialdom then asks the question ‘Are you Roger Hayes?’ What they are really asking is ‘Do you accept the liabilities for ROGER HAYES the company (i.e. the person)?’ and when you say YES – you are unwittingly accepting the liabilities placed upon the ‘person’ (company) that they own and through which they establish their authority over you . How very clever and devious is that?

Roger Hayes is a flesh and blood man. ROGER HAYES is a person (company) – and they are separate entities. You control you, they control the person, if you accept the liability of the person – then they control you.

All Acts of Parliament are applied to the ‘person’ (the company), and not the man or the woman. This is self-evident in that the words man or women are never used in Acts of Parliament. So Acts do not therefore apply to the flesh and blood man or woman, if they did, they would say so. Acts of Parliament extend to you the man or woman only if and when (through your ignorance) you accept the responsibility and liability of the ‘person.’ When a policeman or a judge asks you for your name – they are tricking you into accepting their authority over you, because you have unwittingly assumed responsibility for the legal fiction (despite them also being ignorant of this fact) and the fact is that they must get you to acknowledge ‘the name’ i.e. ‘the person’ i.e. the ‘legal fiction’  ‘ROGER HAYES’ before they can assume their authority over you.  When you say YES my name is ROGER HAYES, you are submitting/consenting to their authority, and conversely if you deny the liability of the corporate entity then you deny them the control that they need to enforce their penalty charge notices upon you. Denial of consent is denial of authority which means no penalties. It is as simple as that.

So now you know – government secures its authority over you by simply asking your name, or by getting you to fill in one of their forms. If you understand this then you can start to adjust the way in which you respond to their demands. Learn how to respond to this deceitful tyranny and your life will change; you will become freer in mind, in spirit and in reality. And the more of us pushing them back the faster we will take back control of our nation.

By denying the control that the legal fiction creates, you will be making an enormous stride in securing your freedom.

The fact remains that the Government and its institutions, i.e. the police, the courts, the taxman have authority over you by virtue of you unwittingly giving them your consent. But, whilst statutes (Acts of Parliament) apply only to the legal fiction – common law most definitely applies to YOU – the flesh and blood man or women. Be very careful to understand the difference. Common law which the police monitor as peace officers (constables) protects our natural rights, common law are the rules that govern how we behave towards our fellow men in order that we can all to live in peace and harmony with others without the threat of harm or loss.

So speeding, parking, council tax, VAT, PAYE etc all apply to the ‘legal fiction’ which you have an absolute right to reject if you so choose, but if standing up for your rights is too much trouble, you can chose to continue to remain compliant and obedient. Take your choice.

I have no objection to paying my fair share towards running a system of which we are all beneficiaries, but I will not be dictated to. If refusing to pay my council tax, speeding and parking fines is the way to bring about change that will benefit us all, then that is what I am going to do. Hopefully many more people will start thinking and acting like free men and women, the sooner we do then the sooner we will close down the tyranny and the sooner our lives will start to improve.

BUT…   and there’s always a but, the ‘legal fiction’ has benefits as well as liabilities. The NHS, schooling, child benefits, land and home ownership, bank accounts etc, all come to you courtesy of the ‘legal fiction.’ If you want to dump the liabilities, you are potentially going to have to dump all the benefits as well. So you have to have a clear understanding on what it is you are letting yourself in for before you start messing with the system.

Dear reader, our controllers are not stupid… they have been working their scheme for a long time. They have devised a system that gives as well as it takes and it has been a careful balance of both of these that has allowed them to maintain their control. So if there are benefits as well as liabilities and we do not want to throw the baby out with the bath water, where do we go from here?

The answer to that dilemma is simple. The system can be used for our overall benefit. The bad guys have taken control of it and they are quite deliberately using it for their benefit at our expense. They are using it to fine us excessively and needlessly to feed their greed, to tax and persecute us; keeping us on a tread mill of servitude and making our lives a misery in the process. We have a right to take the benefits and reject the liabilities when the balance has been distorted to our detriment – which clearly it is.

The writer has been in court (on numerous occasions) denying the liabilities of the legal fiction – to date 100% successfully. There have been some feisty moments – it has been an interesting journey during which compliant servants of the system have watched in bewilderment (and ignorance) as we (many friends and activists) have turned up at court and said NO… we do not accept your authority. The shock to authority is palpable; they respond by shouting, barking orders for us to obey, they use threats, intimidation and occasionally they call their security guards and the police to try and force us into submission – all to no avail. We have stood our ground and witnessed the weakening of their resolve and have watched as they have instead slowly started to submit to our authority. In court now, we ask the questions and they do the responding. They become particularly more compliant when we remind them that the courts belong to the people… not them.

The flesh and blood man is considerably more powerful than their legal fiction controls; it is just a matter of discovering how it is that we can demonstrate our authority over them. It has been and will continue to be a bumpy ride, made smoother with the support of those who attend courts as witnesses. The British Constitution Group is pushing the tide of tyranny back slowly but surely, we do it with the knowledge that we are right and they are wrong as evidenced by their gradual submission to our demands.  But we still have a long way to go. The more of us that join the fight, the faster we will take back control. We do not need elections or referendums or any other controlled mechanism to free ourselves from corrupt government be it in the UK or in Brussels, we just need the spirit, determination and courage to stand up and say NO.

We, the British people have right to govern ourselves, we have a natural instinct to want to preserve our sovereignty and our independence… but we have been lulled into thinking that we need the permission of a powerful elite to secure it… we do not.

We have become confused about our identity and our nationhood –  we no longer understand the purpose of our constitution and the rule-of-law. Some of us have been fooled into thinking of ourselves as European, a universal description with as much meaning as calling ourselves earthlings. We are British – English, Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish. We have amongst us people from every country on earth, here to share in what is unique to these islands and the British people  – a nation of tolerance, compassion, fortitude, fair play and justice. We have taken these values to the world – and it seems that the time has come to do so again.

Our future will not be determined by a political party, it will not be determined by puppets like Clegg, Cameron or Brown (remember him?)… our future will be forged by those amongst us who find the courage to stand up for our rights and declare them to the world.

The tyranny that has been build up around us will crumble when we stand up and defend ourselves. This is a game of numbers… when there are more of us than there are of them… the job will be done.

Source: The Brithish Constitution Group, September 9, 2011

By: Roger Hayes

US to pay up to 100 million dollars to build new Bagram prison PLUS 750 Million-Dollar US Embassy In Iraq Will Expand Further

US to pay up to 100 million dollars to build new Bagram prison 19 Sep 2011 As the Obama administration announced plans for hundreds of billions of dollars more in domestic budget cuts, it late last week solicited bids for the construction of a massive new prison in Bagram, Afghanistan. Posted on FedBizOpps.Gov website which it uses to announce new privatized spending projects, the administration unveiled plans for “the construction of Detention Facility in Parwan (DFIP), Bagram, Afghanistan” which includes “detainee housing capability for approximately 2000 detainees.” It will also feature “guard towers, administrative facility and Vehicle/Personnel Access Control Gates, security surveillance and restricted access systems.” The announcement provided: “the estimated cost of the project is between $25,000,000 to $100,000,000.”
750 Million-Dollar US Embassy In Iraq Will Expand Further 16 Sep 2011 U.S. diplomats, military advisers and other officials are planning to fall back to the gargantuan embassy in Baghdad — a heavily fortified, self-contained compound the size of Vatican City. The embassy compound is by far the largest the world has ever seen, at one and a half square miles, big enough for 94 football fields. It cost three quarters of a billion dollars to build (coming in about $150 million over budget). Inside its high walls, guard towers and machine-gun emplacements lie not just the embassy itself, but more than 20 other buildings, including residential quarters, a gym and swimming pool, commercial facilities, a power station and a water-treatment plant.

Aspartame Resource Guide

Courtesy of Dr. Betty Martini

Aspartame medical text, Aspartame Disease:  An Ignored Epidemic,    by H. J. Roberts, M.D., over 1000 pages  He also has other books on aspartame and just published “A Manifesto for American Medicine”

Dr. Leonard Coldwell’s Detox Formula:
His new book is “The Only Answer to Cancer”.

Detox formula:  “What To Do If You Have Used Aspartame” by neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D.,  Dr. Blaylock is author of Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills,
He has an excellent CD titled:  “The Truth About Aspartame”,  All info is on

Aspartame documentary:
Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World, Cori Brackett <>

Aspartame Information List, you can subscribe on:
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