What is the Federal Reserve? – The top 16 Bank Holding Companies

Many people wonder what’s true and what’s “theories” these dark days we’re living in. I’m wondering that myself, but I started searching a few years ago and what I’ve found out up to now is mind-bongling to say the least. So much so, that I’ve lost friends and contact with family members over it. They just don’t want to know that we’re being screwed by a few evil people.

Just imagine that you’re flying 1st class and you get a perfect view of the land beneath you.
All that money down there is owed to its “creator” plus some, not yet “created” that is the interest. Somewhere along the way we’ve lost our right to issue our own money and instead we have to borrow from its “creators”, the bankers. They’ve been carrying on this scam for thousands of years, Jesus came across them and got really angry with them. The only time we read of Jesus losing His temper was when He saw the money changers. And we all know what happened to Him. Just what happened to Abraham Lincoln and JFK.

Anyway, as they say, to solve a crime, follow the money, find who benefits from it.

The Federal Reserve Banks are a privately owned consortium controlled by the eight major stock-holding families: The Rothschilds of England and Germany, Moses Seif of Italy, Lazard Freres of France, the Warburgs of Germany, Kuhn-Loeb of Germany, Goldman-Sachs of the United States, Lehman Brothers of the United States, and the Rockefellers of the United States. Only three of these families are American. This small group decides the fates of hundreds of millions of people by their financial policies and maneuvers. It was Baron Meyer Amschel Bauer Rothschild, (born in 1744 and died in 1812), who said, “Give me control over a nation’s currency and I care not who makes it’s laws.”
Andy Gause, 01 October 2003

First to investigate and write about the private cabal that is the “federal reserve bank”, at the instigation of the Late Great Ezra Pound, was Eustase Mullins. His book “Mullins on the Federal Reserve” was published in 1952 was the first to reavel to the world the secret meetings of the bankers at Jekyll Island, where the Federal Reserve Act was drafted.

Andrew Gause of Andygause.com is a scholar, a monetary historian and coin dealer who’s studied and expanded Eustace Mullins’ work revealing how the criminals are carrying out their business today.

Banks of the Federal Reserve. The top 16 Bank Holding Companies

(This list was compiled in 2003. There have been some changes since then with the central bank of China and Barclays bank from the U.K. taking a stake in the Fed and I’m sure a few more that I’m not aware of but you get the point. The Fed is a private operation.)






 Citigroup Inc.

 New York



 J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.

 New York



 Bank of America Corporation




 Wachovia Corporation




 Wells Fargo & Company

 San Francisco



 Bank One Corporation




 Taunus Corporation

 New York



 Fleetboston Financial




 U.S. Bancorp




 ABN Amro North American Holding Company




 HSBC North America Inc.




 Suntrust Banks, Inc.




 National City Corporation




The  Bank of New York Company , Inc.

 New York



 Fifth Third Bancorp




 BB&T Corporation




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