Toxic Metals Arsenic and Cadmium Found in Baby Food

Mike Barrett
Activist Post

As our society has been moving with haste away from raw and natural foods and more towards processed foods, we are seeing a surge of toxic contaminants such as heavy metals leaking into our food. The heavy metals in our food alongside with heavy metals found in vaccinations and other forms of exposure are paving the way for wide-spread heavy metal poisoning. One particular form of heavy metal poisoning our society may be facing is arsenic poisoning.

The growing concern over arsenic exposure and arsenic poisoning is very real. Our bodies are being exposed to heavy metals in amounts that, in some cases, don’t exceed the “safety” limit put in place by government organizations. But with all of these “small amount” and with some amounts being completely unsafe, our bodies are being completely invaded by the exposure to these heavy metals.

Arsenic must be especially better controlled at is it being found in our food time and time again. A few months ago, baby foods in the UK were found to have some levels of arsenic – so much so that the babies who ingested the food were exposed to fifty times the amount of arsenic compared to a breast-fed baby.

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