Too windy for wind generators ..


Words fail me as only centrally controlled media support these monstrosities and still not a word of common sense is airing about them.

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A burning wind turbine – the best laugh I’ve had in ages. I hope the whole damn lot catch fire.
Tony, London
They might claim that specific wind turbine had an excellent record, but it’s not true in general. over 100 have caught fire in the past decade alone (at least 8 between January and September of this year). At least one has caused a massive forest fire (in Australia it burnt out a national park. Another fire in Australia last year ended with an article about it, including comments from the fire service that noted there’s nothing that can be done about hem. They can’t use water to put out the fire (because of the electricity) at best they can put out the spreading embers. But they also can’t get too close, because debris sheds off them, even blades, which can go through a roof a mile away, as has been discovered in Germany. And when it gets icy? They can throw ice up to 2 miles, so don’t get close at all! Explains why they’ve caused 80 injuries and 70 deaths in the last 10 years alone. How many did Fukushima kill? oh yeah, NONE.
Andrew Norton, Liverpool



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