The End of Sovereignty – Europe Will Move On Despite Cameron’s Veto

The end of sovereignty is here folks. If you didn’t know I’ll spell it out for you.

The “tough talks and negotiations” are just an act. They want to convince you that they’re worth your tax money. They meet up like old school friends have a great time and use “advisors” to write a few lines to say to you when the cameras are watching.

All policies and laws are made up elsewherde by the elitists, and handed over to your beloved leaders to pass through parliaments.

Read the following lines and take a look at the links below, they just show that sovereignty is a thing of the past.

Europe’s leaders have returned home to their respective countries with the continent facing a future it didn’t predict and didn’t want.

David Cameron has arrived back in London and will now have to face his own party and parliament next week. He won’t get an easy ride from the latter.

Europe wants Britain to be a part of it. Europeans can’t understand why they steadfastly and repeatedly refuse to be so.

But Europe will accept Mr Cameron’s decision and move on regardless.

The German weekly news magazine Der Spiegel carried the gloating headline “Bye, Bye Britain”. Source:  Yahoo News

Britain to attend EU pact talks ‘as equals’

UK To Join EU Talks Despite Veto Of New Pact


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