Famine: A Policy Fabricated in London

Famine has never risen from any other cause but the violence of government attempting by improper means, to remedy the inconvenience of dearth.
— Adam Smith about the Bengal famine.

With the global financial system at a historic moment of total collapse, only depopulation of the most efficient means is the way a financier oligarchy can respond. Today, that would mean a thermonuclear war. However the policy of reducing our numbers on this planet has been the model of the British empire throughout history and wherever they are, genocide will follow. Today there are 12 million people at risk of starvation in the horn of Africa, but that threat is in no way localized, as this years global grain harvest was exactly half of what our current 7 billion population, needs to survive. 1 It is not just a question of halting the genocide of thermonuclear war, the genocide has already begun, and London’s puppet in the white house is holding humanity to the grindstone for the benefit of an empire system. All discussion of overpopulation, or global warming causing uncontrollable weather changes are a lie. As we know, there is nothing natural about man allowing himself to die in mass numbers. The natural tendency of man is to create and discover the solutions to all obstacles that he will ever encounter. To give up that view of man, would be forfeiting the human race to pure evil.

The Weather is in our Control

The policy of scaling back food production in the name of stabilization of global markets, is a deliberate starvation policy, but what is often cited as not deliberate and out of mankind’s control is the process of severe and unpredictable weather. It is true that weather has grave effects on the supply of food, whether it be too much water, not enough of it, temperatures that drop too low or rise too high, pests and of course; the geopolitical climate. However when we already know that there are unforeseen events that will effect the food supply we can develop the system in the immediate to deal with that. For instance even ancient cultures knew to expect periodic droughts or floods and would take precautions to the best of their ability. The people of Egypt always expected the Nile to flood and even came to rely on it as a source of irrigation.

Or take the case of our united states. Can you imagine the people of Texas dying of mass starvation due to the severe droughts they have experienced over the past year? Would you ever expect Texans to be seen wandering the desert as thin as skeletons, desperate to find something to eat? Wherever there is a crises in one state of the US, another state can use railroad or air lift in order to bring in the necessary supplies, to deal with the shortage. This is not a long term plan for the development of our country, but it is a capability of defense against severe weather that we still have, due to the work of those who came before us. That kind of preparation is necessary and basic but more of a last line of defense than the first.

Our first line of defense must be to understand those processes themselves that are the cause of such anomalies in the weather and learn to fill in those parts of the process that nature won’t supply. But a society where mankind is treated like just another animal, where those that are weaker than the strongest beast will be expected to die, is one in which human beings are not allowed access to such knowledge.That is precisely what the British empire has done, is doing and will do to the human race unless stopped.

El Niño as a Weapon of Mass Destruction

Lets take a closer look at how this operates. During the great famines that occurred between 1876 and 1906, several nations on three continents were affected. Although the British Empire which had dominion over most of these areas did not keep records of the number of deaths due to famine, estimates put the number at anywhere between 32 and 61 million people globally.2 Putting that in the light of world wars, it amounts to as great as the number of casualties of WWII including disease related deaths and victims of the Holocaust. Although the British empire was and is brutal, how could as much as 60 million people possibly have been wiped out so quickly?

What we know today, and very well could have known at the time, is that three very strong El Niño events took place between 1876 and 1906. The effect was drought that decimated the food supply of several countries extending from Brazil over to China, down to India and as far west as Egypt and the Magreb. However as mentioned earlier, human civilizations were aware of disturbances in the supply of food for thousands of years, and had the ability to take certain precautions which included reserves and transport of food. In the age of modern transport of rail and telegraph communication, why would the death toll amount to such an ungodly amount?

We will shed more light on this with a look at the British in India in this period, although this does not even begin to give the whole picture, of the unnecessary and brutal deaths that occurred around the world and still continue to this day.

The British in Madras

The decade in the lead up to 1876 saw a sharp decline in rainfall in the Madras region of India. Madras which today is called Chennai, gets its rain usually from north-east monsoon winds which at the time were its only source of water reserve replenishment for irrigation.The region which usually experienced 27.6 inches of rain each year only recorded 6.3 inches in 1876. As massive failures in crops were affected prices rose exorbitantly high due to the wild speculation in food commodities pricing, which London allowed to run rampant. Grain riots ensued among a hungry population, which began feeding on nothing more than roots. Due to the free market dominant system of the British, any price instability in any one part of the system would be a determinant in the whole and as a result of such practices, the world sank into a Great Depression which the poor colonial populations took the brunt of. Regardless of the surplus of rice and wheat in the years leading up to the drought in India, much of its surplus was exported to England. In the years 1877 and 1878, 6.7 million cwt (hundred weight tons) of wheat were exported to Europe by India’s grain merchants at the same time as bodies were dropping in the streets.

The central government of India, run under Queen Victoria’s favorite poet Lord Lytton who was described as as insane opium addict with megalomania, a term sometimes used to describe narcissistic personality disorder. Lytton was a fitting personality for the empire to employ in overseeing the deaths of millions of Indians. He chose to argue in front of the legislative council in 1877, that the Indian population, ”has a tendency to increase more rapidly than the food it raises from the soil”

In a later Parliamentary Famine Commission in 1881 finance minister Evelyn Baring would make this view pointedly clear by saying:

“Every benevolent attempt made to mitigate the effects of famine and defective sanitation serves but to enhance the evils resulting from overpopulation.”

The same 1881 report drew the conclusion that:

“80% of the famine mortality were drawn from the poorest 20% of the population, and if such deaths were prevented this stratum of the population would still be unable to adopt prudential restraint. Thus, if the government spent more of its revenue on famine relief, an even larger proportion of the population would become penurious”

To illustrate the intention to withdraw and prevent aid, take the case of Lord Temple who in 1873 responded to a drought in the Bengal and Bihar region of India, by bringing in one million tons of rice from Burma. This and a so called “gratuitous dole” alleviated the crises in the immediate and according to official records, there were only three deaths as a result of starvation. Would this become a model for the British alleviating crises brought on by drought? No one should be so naive. India under Lord Lytton adhered to the strict guidance of Adam Smith’s invisible hand, who said in 1770 as a response to the Bengal famine that,

“famine has never risen from any other cause but the violence of government attempting by improper means, to remedy the inconvenience of dearth.”

Temple came under vicious attack from London for allowing:

“the scale of wages paid at relief works to be determined by the daily food needs of the laborer and the prevailing food prices in the market rather than by the amount that the government could afford to spend for that purpose.”

The London Economist magazine attacked Temple in its July 1874 edition for allowing Indians to believe that

“ It is the duty of the government to keep them alive…”

Temple whose career was nearly destroyed, soon completely changed his tune and carried out the task of making relief as ineffective as possible. Temple’s brief from the Council of India included the following

“…the task of saving life irrespective of cost, is one which is beyond our power to undertake. The embarrassment of debt and weight of taxation consequent on the expense thereby involved would soon become more fatal than the famine itself.”

Temple implemented the requirement of forcing applicants for relief, to travel great distances on foot to dormitory camps, where they were forced into coolie labor upon promise of food. Indians had to prove they were nearly incapacitated to carry out any labor in order to receive relief without being forced into heavy labor. The idea that labor camps were intended to provide any sort of relief was a lie, as the laborers were given less to eat then the diet for prisoners in the Nazi Buchenwald concentration camp. With this effective means of killing through a slow starvation process came disease such as malaria, bubonic plague, dysentery, smallpox and cholera.

This was not localized to Madras or even India itself, these famines were global. The 1876-77 famine was only the first of successive famines in a roughly 25 year period. In 1889-91 in addition to India, famine affected several countries including Korea, Brazil, Russia, Vietnam, New Caledonia, Ethiopia and Sudan where 1/3 of the population perished. From 1896-1902 the monsoons failed in the tropics again resulting in another deadly string of famines.

El Niño: Friend or Foe?

Put the power of this seemingly natural event into perspective. In the aftermath of the March 11, 2011 Japan Earthquake, Lyndon LaRouche emphasized that the power that was being unleashed by the ring of fire, was greater than any atomic weapon that could be set off on this planet.3 El Niño is another example of the great forces that can be unleashed on earth. The British empire in effect took one of those great forces of nature and turned it against us. For instance Mike Davis, Author of Late Victorian Holocausts: El Nino Famines and the Making of the Third World, describes the effect of the great famine in one area of China to that effect:

“..the famine in Taiyuan prefecture was almost an extinction event with only 5 percent of the population reported still alive in 1879. Despite heavy immigration from nearby provinces during the 1880s, Shanxi–decimated as if by modern nuclear war– did not regain it’s 1875 population until 1953.”

The British empire treats severe weather, as an opportunity to purge the planet of lives which they see as not worthy of existence. Conversely, when man gains a greater understanding of the forces of our universe, what’s currently a threat to human existence could potentially be a great friend.Those same mysterious forces driving weather could be the windows through which we as mankind, can gain a greater understand of the universe we live in. As has been discussed for several months on LPACTV’s Mastering Forces of Nature page there are processes occurring all around us, including those generated from other galaxies which we cannot perceive. Human beings fail to understand these processes based on their simple interpretations of their sense perceptions. However given that much of what takes place is insensible to human beings, we rely on other forms of instrumentation and through the human mind, gain a greater understanding of the universe.

For instance the process called El Niño may be described as an anomalous warming of surface water in the eastern equatorial Pacific, with huge affects on changes in the weather. However this is just an effect. At this point we still don’t know what the cause of this process is and we don’t even know when one has begun until we’ve seen its effect. Also what causes the anomalous warming of the ocean surface to occur as quickly as it does? Could this merely be the work of solar energy? Does the little we still don’t know about what’s going on inside the earth throwing us for a loop when it comes to weather? It’s as if we are in the footsteps of an invisible giant.

Making Friends with Severe Weather

Looking for the cause of such a phenomenon requires man to change his identity from being a earth dwelling slave to his senses, to an extraterrestrial being whose mind is the center of understanding of his surroundings.

On the North American continent, we see many of the imbalances that occur on other continents such as Africa, Australia and Asia; too much water in one portion of the continent, not enough in another part. Although these imbalances are seemingly constant on a short span of history, multitudes of weather anomalies have been seen in the past year such as increase in snowfall, flooding, tornadoes and hurricanes that are not yet explicable. Earlier in 2011 in a production titled, To Be or Not to Be: A Galactic Question, Cody Jones discusses the potential for mankind’s extinction on this planet. There is a lot that we don’t know with certainty, but the point is human life on this planet must be organized to come to understand these things very quickly, because the greatest threat to our existence is the ignorance of the universe we inhabit.

The North American Water and Power Alliance is one such step to understanding our universe which must be taken immediately. Although we would be dealing with challenges in the immediate, such as flood prevention, and a steady and reliable source of irrigation, we’re mastering the forces of a large portion of our entire hemisphere. Given that El Niño is a giant process that effects multiple continents, something on the scale of several NAWAPAs in several countries, would be a major step in understanding what are intercontinental and what we might find to be inter-galactic processes. 4

What we do know is if we are prostrate as a society at the whim of the oligarchical tendency, the great famines will seem as nothing compared to what we’ll face as mysterious forces from locations that are currently beyond our grasp.


Just as the British empire controlled and suppressed any of the necessary knowledge and organization to keep people alive, today the same attack on humanity continues. Not only do the worst of all possible famines continue to threaten lives across the globe, but even the most advanced capabilities we have to guard against it are being shut down by the Obama administration. 5 If anyone really understands the history of the British empire, they know that it is imperative that the common “rabble” not be allowed real knowledge of anything greater than their animal existence. There should be no confusion about what we are dealing with in our current American president. Barack Obama is like a colonial master in the tradition of Lord Lytton, who is the American version of the Roman Emperor Nero. The push for thermonuclear war by Obama, with Russia and China is being carried out on behalf of a desperately dying British empire. It is not just a matter of will it happen, the genocide is already happening and it will only get worse unless stopped. It’s time for Americans to fight like hell not for our own safety, but for a human civilization which is gravely threatened. We owe the millions of victims of the British empire’s funeral pyre the removal of Barack Obama from the presidency.

Source: LPAC
By Limari Navarrete-Bedford


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