250 noteworthy Climategate 2.0 emails

The never ending struggle of humanity against the oligarchy is not fought in battlegrounds any more.

ClimateGate search engines are located here and here.

Here: All in one place, all ClimateGate I and II files, along with source code files, HARRY_READ_ME files, email attachments, documents, etc

WattsUpWithThat.com / January 6, 2012 /

Tom Nelson has been busy slogging through the over 500o emails in CG2, kudos to him.


2 responses

  1. Interesting…to say the least!

  2. By the way, several years ago I was searching the internet for the origination of the idea for carbon credits to ‘redistribute financial opportunities across the world.’ I found a document detailing what was supposedly the Australian guy that came up with the idea. As the story went, he was educated and unemployed, looking for a way to make investment income.

    Unfortunately, I did not print the document. Going back to locate it was futile – I surmised it had been removed. If anyone finds it, it also mentioned his attempt to meet with the then CEO of Ebay who basically told him to take a hike.

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