We The People Demand Justice !! FREE ROBERT GREEN !! Hollie Greig Demands Justice

Breaking news … Robert Green, one of the most decent people you could ever wish to meet, has been jailed for 12 months as a consequence of his campaign to secure justice for Hollie Greig and a proper investigation (the first) into her claims to have been sexually and violently abused by members of the Scottish establishment.

He has been jailed for a breach of the peace – handing out leaflets. Robert was not convicted by a jury, but by a single judge called Bowen who also delivered the sentence.

We must not let this drop and allow Robert to be forgotten. A terrible injustice has been done here. Robert has apparently asked that people contact this Member of Parliament at david.mowat.mp@parliament.uk


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Robert Green’s last blog before sentence …

Compare Robert’s sentence in Scotland with this one of a man convicted of owning 50,000 images of child pornography

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Source: http://www.davidicke.com/headlines/61274-free-robert-green

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  1. This nationa is sick and corrupt. Is Scotland the worst part of it? Who can tell – the media and the BBC seem to be complicit in what goes on.

  2. Hollie Demands Justice Free Robert green worldwide protest

    Robert green is well respected and well loved by all his supporters and poor hollie grieg and her mum is still fighting the legal system in scotland we urge all robert green supporters to attend a worldwide peaceful protest on march 6th in edinburgh 10 am at the holyrood house we are also in trafalgar square london stormont castle belfast and welsh assembly cardiff please if you can attend please do this is a free robert green and raising awareness of all forms of child abuse world wide 38 countries are taking part further details please google one voice for the kids dot org dot uk

    http://www.onevoiceforthekids.org.uk Andrew 01507 477 433

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