Aajonus Vonderplanitz wants $500K from Palmer, all Rawesome assets from Stewart

Date of this recording, sometime close to October 6, 2011.Transcript below the audio link. (The attorney is probably Warren Nemiroff, who filed the lawsuit mentioned against Stewart and Palmer for Aajonus and Otting.)October 6, 2011 is the date of Aajonus’ e-mail talking about the farm he wants to buy. (And never did.)

Aajonus: Well, I don’t know what she has to offer.

Attorney: Yeah, what does she have to offer you.

Aajonus: So this wasn’t with James or anybody, this was just Sharon.

Attorney: No, this is with both of them, they wanna get these attorneys representing…

Aajonus: Okay, well I want, you know what I want. We both want the lot.

Attorney: Okay.

Aajonus: We want, you know, James’ share of the lot. Period. And we want all of the containers, and any trucks, we want all of Rawesome, period, that’s what we want. That’s the only way he’s getting out of it.

Attorney: Okay, now when he gives up Rawesome, you’ll give up your lawsuit against him.

Aajonus: Correct, absolutely.

Attorney: You don’t want the name, you just want the equipment.

Aajonus: Well, he doesn’t own the name, I own the name.

Attorney: Oh okay, okay.

Aajonus: I just spell it different. He spells it with an “e,” I spell it without an “e.”

Attorney: I see, so, so basically what you want is the equipment and just blah blah blah…

Aajonus: Everything that was part of Rawesome.

Attorney: Alright, then well you don’t really give a crap about Sharon at this point.

Aajonus: Well, yeah, definitely I care about Sharon, for her it’s, y’know, five hundred thousand.

Attorney: But she doesn’t have any money, and she…

Aajonus: She’s a liar. She’s got it all in Mexico.

Attorney: Well, according to my inside track, her ex-husband (unintelligible) and her brother and she’s flat broke.

Aajonus: Well, that’s because they don’t want anybody to know they have the money in Mexico. But they have the money in Mexico. Who the fuck do you think’s paying for their attorney fees?

Attorney: Well they got that for free, remember?

WORDPRESS @”#@@#@# won’t let me add the audio clip here but you can listen to it over at the GoodGuysWin Blog, to hear it just click here.

October 2010 – Aajonus took the money and ran

Posted on June 9, 2012

Subject: Support our Legal Defense Fund
Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2010 23:03:12 +0200

Dear Rawesome Donors and Supporters:

Thank you for your support and prompt replies to our recent e-mail about our Rawesome Legal Defense Fund.

As you know, we are in great danger of closing our doors because the L.A. Department of Building & Safety has ordered us to shut down at 665 East Rose, our current home. We have discovered that the current orders were instigated by the L.A. Health Department, the same group that tried to shut us down by their illegal raid in June 2010.

In order to keep Rawesome open and make healthy food choices available to our members, we are seeking donations for our Rawesome Legal Defense Fund. We have hired a wonderful team of attorneys and investigators who are now defending us against these improper allegations.

If you can make a donation in any amount, please do so immediately to help keep our healthy food available to our members. You can drop off your contribution on Wednesday or Saturday at the front desk. You can also make a donation through our Paypal account at: xxx (you will see a link to a Pay Pal account for the Rawesome Community Defense Fund). Please spread the word to your community to visit our:

WEBSITE: http://www.realfoodrights.com FACEBOOK page: http://ss10.chennells.com/sendlink.asp?HitID=1286312509291&StID=51652&SID=0&NID=574327&EmID=105790140&Link=aHR0cDovL3d3dy5mYWNlYm9vay5jb20vcGFnZXMvUmVhbC1Gb29kLVJpZ2h0cy8xMzYzMDk4Njk3NDE2NTg%3D&token=0c4cd23aeadaea518ace7a8eab5637fda607a4ff

TWITTER feed: http://www.twitter.com/realfoodrights YOUTUBE: http://ss10.chennells.com/sendlink.asp?HitID=1286312509291&StID=51652&SID=0&NID=574327&EmID=105790140&Link=aHR0cDovL3d3dy55b3V0dWJlLmNvbS91c2VyL1JlYWxGb29kUmlnaHRz&token=0c4cd23aeadaea518ace7a8eab5637fda607a4ff

Please tell people in your community to get involved and support every one’s right to choose healthy, organic real foods. Please note that any donations to Rawesome will only be used to keep Rawesome open and thriving for our members!

One reason we need funding right now is because Aajonus Vonderplanitz, president of Right To Choose Healthy Foods, is REFUSING to give us any of the funds raised for Rawesome after the June 30th raid. We were lead to believe that funds raised by Mr. Vonderplanitz for Rawesome would be used to defend Rawesome and keep it open for us. Sadly that is not the case.

If you donated to Rawesome through Mr. Vonderplanitz and would like your donation refunded so that it can go directly to Rawesome, please email Mr. Vonderplanitz at: optimal@earthlink.net and ask that your donation be refunded so you can send it to us directly.

We are so sorry for this inconvenience. As always, we remain truly dedicated to protect your right to eat healthy foods!If you have any questions, you can call us at xxx.

Your Rawesome Family

Sept. 2010 – Someone with a brain points out some things to Aajonus

Posted on June 9, 2012

This points out that Aajonus contradicted himself badly about everything to do with Rawesome. And he points out that Aajonus’s actions will probably shut Rawesome down.

Aajonus: your e-mail of yesterday has been forwarded to me for a response on behalf of Rawesome and its membership.

After the Health Department’s raid on Rawesome in late June 2010, you used the fact of this raid and Rawesome’s good name to solicit a considerable number of individuals (many of whom are Rawesome members) for monies to defend against the illegal actions of various governmental entities which collectively have one sole purpose: to close Rawesome down forever.

The clear intent and express statement contained in all of your e-mail solicitations was that the money collected by you would be used to fight the actions of the Health Department and/or any other governmental entity that attempts to close Rawesome or interfere with the clear right of Rawesome members to choose their own healthy foods.

By your own e-mail on September 11, 2010, you publicly stated that you received Rawesome monies totaling $37,000 from donations solicited and received after Rawesome raid. Once Rawesome requested some of its Rawesome monies, you then stated that only $4000 was raised.

Despite your stated discrepancies regarding the amount of Rawesome monies raised, you are now refusing to provide even a single dollar of the Rawesome monies to help in Rawesome’s current fight for its survival against the L.A. Health Department’s continued enforcement action to shut Rawesome down. Your stated justification in refusing to permit Rawesome access to the Rawesome monies is that there is no “link” between the current enforcement actions of the L.A. Department of Building and Safety and the previous raid by the Health Department.

All of your stated justifications lack any basis in fact and the legal conclusions stated in your e-mail are ludicrous.

Simply stated, you absolutely have no clue what you are talking about when you state that there is no link between these governmental actions against Rawesome.

(Identifying sentence removed.) I have received direct and irrefutable information from Building & Safety officials that all of their current enforcement actions are at the request of the Health Department.

As a lawyer who has been practicing for over 25 years, I also find that your statement that James is somehow personally benefiting from these governmental enforcement actions against Rawesome to be shockingly uninformed and quite simply laughable.

Several points to consider:


In an e-mail to Rawesome members on August 23, 2010, you stated:

Hi, The government is trying every means to close us so that we cannot provide our members with their own healthy food that we have worked so hard to make available. Because they have not been able to close us on health-issues and our Right to Association, they are trying building-safety-violation tactics. The Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) has issued a closure notice that is dated August 18 with a 15-days response required (see attached); we got is just today. Since this is not a residence or public food venture, this entire issue is probably moot and can be dismissed by a judge when applying for an injunction against LA City.

By your own words, you have directly linked the actions of both the Health Department and Building & Safety.

Despite your own words to the contrary, you are now taking the exact opposite position by claiming in your recent e-mails that there is no link whatever between the Health Department raid and the current L.A. Building and Safety action against Rawesome.

You cannot have it both ways. It is totally disingenuous to claim when you are raising monies for Rawesome that there is a direct link between these governmental actions and then deny that same link once the monies are in your personal bank account.


Despite your own words directly linking the current Building & Safety enforcement actions to the previous Health Department raid, there are substantial and compelling facts which establish a direct link between these two governmental actions to close Rawesome and attack our right to chose healthy foods.

Based on recent conversations with Building & Safety officials, they have specifically told me and Rawesome’s lead investigator (a former B&S official with over 20 year experience there) that these Building & Safety actions were the direct result of requests by the Health Department for enforcement action against Rawesome! This undisputable link between the Building & Safety actions has even been confirmed in writing by Building & Safety officials.

Even if we had not received direct confirmation by Building & Safety officials that their current actions are a direct result of requests from the Health Department to close down Rawesome, common sense clearly shows us that there is a direct link between the actions of both the Health Department and Building & Safety.

How else could you possibly explain that several weeks after the Health Department raided Rawesome, all of a sudden Building & Safety shows after Rawesome has been operating for 8 years of operations? It is no coincidence that soon after we challenge the jurisdiction of the Health Department at Rawesome after their early morning raid, another governmental entity is also taking aggressive enforcement action to close Rawesome down.

Furthermore, your statements that James is somehow personally benefiting by defending Rawesome against these governmental attacks is simply uninformed and absurd. Even though I strenuously disagree with the actions taken by Building & Safety, it makes sense that they would seek to prosecute the owner of the property when they are claiming that there is non-conforming and unapproved use (i.e., Rawesome) on the property.

Regardless of the methods and tactics employed by Building & Safety, be very clear that their one sole objective is to shut down Rawesome forever.


Based on your previous e-mails, you clearly understand that these current governmental actions against Rawesome are specifically intended to shut down Rawesome and stop our Rawesome members from choosing healthy foods.

Even with this awareness, you are now stubbornly refusing to turn over any of the Rawesome monies so that Rawesome can defend itself and stay open for our members. By your own actions, you are helping the governmental authorities in their quest to shut down Rawesome.

As you well know, battling governmental entities such as the Health Department and Building & Safety is a very time-consuming and expensive campaign. Even without resorting to litigation (you must exhaust all available administrative remedies before suing governmental entities), the cost of Rawesome defending itself will be very expensive and requires the skill of specialized legal and investigative persons like myself and our assembled team.

You are seriously misinformed if you believe that any lawyer could properly defend Rawesome without specialized skill and expertise in the inner workings of governmental entities like Building & Safety. And if you think that an experienced lawyer with a background in such governmental actions will work for free, please let me know their names as I have never known anyone like that.

(Identifying material removed), the costs in this campaign will be significant and this will take a long time and it will be a drawn out battle. Even the filing fees that will be required very soon for Rawesome will be thousands of dollars! To me it is simply unconscionable to deny Rawesome the financial support that it needs at the very time that its existence is being seriously challenged by various governmental authorities. You must comprehend that serious challenges lay ahead for Rawesome in its campaign to stay open for its members.

Your refusal to turn over any of the Rawesome monies will cause serious and possibly irreparably harm to Rawesome and its members. While abandoning Rawesome in its time of need, you are helping these governmental entities which are forcefully and actively trying to shut Rawesome down.

From my personal point of view, it would be against all of your life’s works in the cause of allowing healthy food choices if you now kept the Rawesome monies for your own personal use.


As you know, I consulted with you, James and other Rawesome members at considerable length prior to appearing before the L.A. Health Department at its hearing after the Rawesome Raid. Our team successfully defended Rawesome’s rights that day and we continue to do so—after all, there have been no further Health Department enforcement actions directly against Rawesome since my appearance (they have instead convinced Building & Safety to do their dirty work).

In retaining my firm, Rawesome incurred expenses related to defending against the search warrant, the Health Department hearing, as well as the considerable number of consultations with you and others. These expenses were at least $3,000 and are directly related to defending Rawesome against the Health Department’s actions.

By this e-mail, I hereby request that you reimburse Rawesome without delay for its previous expenses that were directly related to the Health Department’s actions against Rawesome. Please forward this reimbursement to Rawesome through James immediately and with out any further delay.

In addition, Rawesome requests that you do the following:

  1. Account to Rawesome with an accurate statement of the exact total of monies raised by you regarding the Rawesome Raid;
  2. Do not solicit any further monies from any Rawesome members without the prior written consent of James Stewart;
  3. Immediately turn over the Rawesome monies so that Rawesome can fight these governmental actions and remain open;
  4. Do not use the Rawesome Raid as a tool for any further fundraising appeals without the prior written consent of James Stewart; and
  5. Join the rest of us in intelligently fighting these illegal governmental actions against groups like Rawesome!

Thank you for your prompt compliance with these stated requests.

By Sept. 2010, Aajonus Vonderplanitz grabs the money and threatens Rawesome volunteers

Posted on June 9, 2012

So you remember the e-mails asking for Rawesome member’s help to fight the Building & Safety issues and other issues affecting Rawesome in June and July? Remember the funds solicited to help Rawesome? You’ll notice that things have changed by September, and that now Aajonus is not only saying that James wasn’t really part of Rawesome, but that any of the volunteers who complain about Aajonus taking the funds that people thought were for Rawesome will be sued for a boatload of money. And – does anyone know what ever happened to the money? It sure never launched a lawsuit as promised here. See highlighted text for things you don’t want to miss.

Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2010 20:19:38 -0700
From: optimal@earthlink.net
Subject: Declaration of RTCHF donation-funds and 2 Notices to Rawesome Club

To Whom It May Concern:
James Stewart, J_, O_ S_, J_ and all people volunteering, assisting or working at Rawesome Club, 665 Rose Avenue, Venice, CA. 90291, are hereby notified that any and all lawsuit-fund raised by RTCHF/Aajonus Vonderplanitz to sue USFDA, CDA, LACDHS, City of L.A. and L.A. City Attorney for false arrest, confiscation of food, false warrant, and excessive force on June 30, 2010 were and are for that purpose only. When raising the funds, the purpose of donations was explicitly articulated. It was raised to offensively and defensively protect the rights of members to own, distribute and collect healthy food under Constitutional means and for no other purpose.

The notion that the funds were raised to pay James Stewart’s attorney fees to resolve building and safety issues at 665 Rose Avenue, Venice, CA with Los Angeles City Building and Safety is a misconception. That property is privately owned by James Stewart and 2 other parties; paid for by the profits from operating Rawesome. Rawesome Club, its members (other than James Stewart, if he were a member) and Right To Choose Healthy Food Trust have no investment or equity in said property. Building and safety issues have nothing to do with Rawesome Club members’ rights to healthy food. Rawesome Club can operate anywhere and does not depend upon the location at 665 Rose Avenue, Venice, CA.

Therefore, to use such donated funds to resolve building and safety issues at said address would be considered fraud and/or embezzlement. If anyone disagrees, he or she may file an action with the courts. However, we suggest you appraise RTCHF’s pleas-for-donations-email to see if you have an argument that will support such litigious action. Notice that the plea states, “…to pursue this raid in judicial and civil courts…”, and that the receiver is RTCHF, and does not mention Rawesome Club. (See indented paragraph below.). I suggest that you get some advice from several attorneys. This concludes RTCHF’s formal notice to James Stewart and all named or referenced above regarding collected donations.

“We must produce the funds to pursue this raid in judicial and civil courts now before we do not have another opportunity. Obviously to me, they have come to my backyard Los Angeles to cut off the legs of > RTCHF/me. They want to win this here so they can establish precedents. We cannot allow that to happen. It will affect everyone in USA and Canada.

“If you value truly healthy food and your right to it, please visit http://www.RawMilk.org and donate today through Paypal to optimal@earthlink.net, or send checks to RTCHF, POB 176, Santa Monica, CA 90406-0176. When making a donation through Paypal, be certain to state that your money is for RTCHF. Thank you.”

Additionally we have another issue involving integrity. It has come to our attention from J_ D_, K_ O_, Larry Otting and others that James Stewart, O_ S_ and J_ have made statements that Aajonus Vonderplanitz is stealing members donations because he does not release RTCHF donation funds to pay James Stewart’s attorney fees for building and safety code violation issues for his and his partners’ private property. We must assume that that behavior is intended to manipulate RTCHF donations to be utilized for James Stewart’s personal property, leading members to think that the funds belong to Rawesome for James Stewart’s personal benefit. The statements undermine RTCHF/Aajonus’ integrity and reputation.

All of you are hereby notified that all such slanderous statements are libelous. James Stewart, and any volunteer, worker, helper or assistant at Rawesome Club who states such a defamation of character, he or she can be liable for up to $10,000 for EACH time he or she makes the statement to another person. Further, anyone told who repeats such a statement to another individual or party equates to another violation, on infinitum. Already, James Stewart has 4 incidences that we know thus far, and one incident each for J_ and O_. That is $60,000 plus attorneys fees. I suggest that everyone cease, desist and formally retract such false statements immediately; it lacks of integrity, respect and responsibility.

RTCHF hereby notifies James Stewart that because he has not paid any RTCHF/Rawesome Club membership fees to RTCHF as he promised, and has kept them for his personal profits, he has therefore rescind all of RTCHF protections from government intervention. If called upon as a witness by any government agency, we will testify that James Stewart did not function under RTCHF not-for-profit basis or affiliation since 2005, meaning that Mr. Stewart had no legal basis for operating outside of government jurisdiction and is liable for taxes and permits. The lease contracts RTCHF had and has with _ Farms and other farms have no relationship to James Stewart’s operation of Rawesome since 2005.

Aajonus Vonderplanitz
President and General Manager

Jeff Slay
Vice President
Right To Choose Healthy Food Trust

July 2010 – Yep, Aajonus still supports James (and it’s all about Aajonus)

Posted on June 9, 2012

By the way, does anybody notice that according to Aajonus, the reason Rawesome was raided in 2010 has nothing to do with any violations – no, it’s all about the government’s attempts to get to Aajonus. Of course, if this was the case, you have to wonder why he’s one of the only people who did NOT get arrested.

Date: Fri, 2 Jul 2010 00:45:00 -0700
From: optimal@earthlink.net
To: optimal@earthlink.net
Subject: Authorities Raided Right To Choose Healthy Food’s CA Food Club and Raw Dairy Assault

Hi, healthy-food lovers and supporters, Our food-club Rawesome was raided by federal, California State and Los Angeles County Health Officials and Police with guns drawn and threatening. They unplugged our surveillance camera to hide their actions. They threateningly refused video capture of their raid when members commenced filming. They served warrants on volunteer workers. Volunteers told them that they were trespassing on private property. they had no jurisdiction and must leave immediately but government agents refused to leave. Instead, those government agents trespassed and kidnapped volunteers and members for the entire time that they seized the property, about 5 hours. Also, they stole, under the term confiscate, thousands of dollars worth of member’s FOOD that was private property, mostly raw dairy products and honey. Two individuals identified themselves as FBI and Canadian government agents but they did not show their badges or surrender their business cards as did agents: Senior Investigator Ted Holst for Los Angeles City District Attorney; Los Angeles Environmental Health Specialist lll Michelle LeCavalier for Environmental Health Food and Milk Program Food Inspection Bureau; Investigator Marco Solorio for U.S. Food and Drug Administration Los Angeles District; Consumer Safety Officer Anita L. Liu for USFDA Import Operations Branch Los Angeles District; and Supervising Special Investigator Robert H. Donnalley for California State Animal health and Food Safety Services of CA Department of Food and Agriculture.

County of Los Angeles Bureau of Specialized Surveillance issued HEARING NOTICE 654043 for the next morning at 11:30 am to Rawesome Foods. That hearing was to occur less than 24 hours after the raid; impossible, no sane court would support such brief notice. The Hearing Notice claimed ILLEGAL FOOD FACILITY violation of CAL Code 114381 (states that a food facility shall not be open for business without a valid permit to operate. Operation of a food facility without a valid permit may result in closure of the facility and penalty fees of up to three times the original permit fee) , and violation of Title 8 LA County Code 8.04.932 (Business without a public health license or permit prohibited. No person shall engage in, conduct, manage or carry on any business or other activity for which a license or permit is required by this chapter if: A. He or she does so without having, pursuant to the provisions of this chapter, procured a license or permit to do so and paid the fee required; or B. If such license or permit has expired, been suspended, revoked, or denied. (Ord. 96-0069 § 58, 1996: Ord. 89-0080 § 6, 1989.); 8.04.934 Operating without a public health license or permit–Deemed misdemeanor–Penalty. A violation of Section 8.04.932 is a misdemeanor punishable by fine, or imprisonment in the county jail for a period not exceeding six months, or both. Such fine shall not be more than $500.00, and shall: A. For the first violation, not be less than $100.00; B. For the second and any subsequent violation, be $500.00) (8.04.942 Operating without a public health license or permit–Civil penalty. A. Any person who violates Section 8.04.932 shall be liable for a civil penalty recoverable in a civil action and payable to the county treasurer-tax collector: 1. In an amount not less than $100.00 for the first violation; and 2. In an amount not less than $500.00 for the second and any subsequent violation. B. The remedies provided in Section 8.04.934 and by this section are mutually exclusive).

Right To Choose Healthy Food (RTCHF) is a not-for-profit trust association formed to protect individuals’ rights to obtain and consume healthy food. RTCHF has many branches of affiliated private clubs throughout USA and a few in Canada. The club members are well-educated and intelligent, who daily choose to reject standard toxic governmental food restrictions, preparations and packaging for natural God-given healthy food. RTCHF contracts with farmers to lease their animals and/or fields and owns the produce of those animals and fields. Therefore, all members of all clubs owns the produce, not the farmer. The farmer does not sell people anything but gets paid for his services to cultivate, grow, harvest, board and care for animals, collect, package and ship the produce owned by club members. All club members completely and heartily reject all governmental standards and authority in their membership agreements. See below.

In USA and Canada, we have the right to ownership. As it states in statutes of law, government agencies, including USFDA, have jurisdiction over Commerce. Commerce is the open exchange of goods to the public. Since RTCHF and its clubs are private closed-to-the-public associations, government has no jurisdiction, period.

Consider this case of governmental intimidation and interference to the private sector with government raid of Rawesome Club in Los Angeles County on Wednesday, June 30, 2010. The warrant claims that the property listed:

  1.  was used as the means of committing a felony
  2. is possessed by a person with the intent to use it as a means of committing a public offense or is possessed by another to whom he or she may have delivered it for the purpose of concealing it or preventing its discovery
  3. it tends to show that a felony has been committed or that a particular person has committed a felony.

Firstly, the County’s claims the violation on Hearing Notice are felonies. As the law states, cited above, they are misdemeanors. Authorities could not obtain a search warrant without substantial violation support so they made a false probable cause of felony. Therefore, the warrant is false and challengable in court, and the procurers and possibly executors are without immunity from criminal and civil prosecution. We all know that the City Attorney is not going to charge himself so it will be up to the members to file civil suit against all of those involved. Secondly, all members completely and implicitly reject all health department regulations as toxic, therefore a county health permit is not only a moot point but an absurdity. Thirdly, this ploy of the county was attempted in 2005. I sent the letter below to county health officials, rejecting their claim and hearing, citing its lack of jurisdiction. The same county health services department from Baldwin Park, CA was the perpetrator as it is now. In my letter, note that I gave them notice that if they entered the private property again, they would be in violation of trespass and harassment.

Why, 5 years later, is the county attempting to close Rawesome? Why were U.S. federal and Canadian government agents present for a county raid? Why, in the warrant, were Healthy Family Farms, and owner of Healthy Family Farms Sharon Palmer from Santa Paula, CA, and James Stewart named? James Stewart is a facilitator of Rawesome for RTCHF and his name does not appear anywhere on any documents relating to RTCHF or Rawesome’s executive branch. RTCHF has a lease contract since December 1, 2009, for Healthy Family Farms animals, including its goat’s. So members at Rawesome own the daily produce of their goats. Again, the county health department is out of the jurisdiction for RTCHF/Rawesome goat’s milk, kefir and yogurt. The county health department knew all of this long before its raid on Rawesome on June 30, 2010.

This raid was most likely the result of RTCHF’s/my recent actions to protect several dairies in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Illinois that had been raided and robbed by state and federal agencies, including USHHS and its branch FDA. I sent them noticed (see below) with the Expert Report In Favor of Raw (Natural) Milk, animal lease contracts and club membership agreements to prove they had no jurisdiction. They are upset.

What is the larger picture/story here? We must consider that the government is aligned with Big Dairy and has clandestine representatives in government. They want to continue to monopolize dairy and regulate it to the point that small diary farmers cannot survive with or without them. The proverbial thorn in their sides is the healthy raw diary movement. It has also been suggested and argued by many people that there exists a ruling class that wants to dumb-down everybody so that they can be easily controlled. The greater civilization grows in numbers, the more they feel the need to control people. Lowering people’s health results in a weak populations that is not going to have the health, energy and time to stop politicians from stealing tax dollars for banksters, Big Pharma, agriculture and food-processing industries and medicine. They control the armies of police, sheriffs, highway patrols, marshals, military reserves, coast guards, homeland security police and all clandestine departments of every state and federal government. With the actions I have witnessed in the last 10 years. I must admit that I believe that the ruling class wants us controlled.

In my research with food over the last 42 years, I learned and proved that raw dairy provides nutrients to arrest many toxins and protect our bodies’ systems more than any other food barring raw eggs. Our industry controlled society has already ruined most egg production by feeding chickens cooked and chemically processed soy and tons of antibiotics that are never a natural part of any fowl’s diet. Consider also, the larger the local government ix, it is more likely that it will side with federal agendas. It has been established for at least 100 years that if states do not adopt federal law preferences, federal government withholds and/or denies federal funds to that local governments. If that local government is hurting for funds because they overspend as 99% of all politicians do, its a no-brainer who local government is going to favor between individual Constitutional rights and money.

Therefore, we have a David and Goliath situation here. We must produce the funds to pursue this raid in judicial and civil courts now before we do not have another opportunity. Obviously to me, they have come to my backyard Los Angeles to cut off the legs of RTCHF/me. They want to win this here so they can establish precedents. We cannot allow that to happen. It will affect everyone in USA and Canada. If you value truly healthy food and your right to it, please visit http://www.RawMilk.org and donate today through Paypal to optimal@earthlink.net, or send checks to RTCHF, POB 176, Santa Monica, CA 90406-0176. When making a donation through Paypal, be certain to state that your money is for RTCHF. Thank you.

aajonus vonderplanitz

2010 – Aajonus still on board supporting James (June)

Posted on June 9, 2012

Don’t you find it interesting that Aajonus still thought that the Building & Safety issue was just plain wrong – in stark contrast to his position a little while later? And when he changes his mind, why does he talk about it as though he believed it was James’ fault all along? Here’s more on his original position on the issue.

Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2010 17:53:00 -0700
From: optimal@earthlink.net
Subject: Re: Rawesome issue

Hi, Tony,

Finally found 2 more documents, one which shows that Baldwin Hills office new of the issue and were warned in 2005. The letters were faxed and sent registered. Signatured delivery registrations are in Malibu. After having seen that it was the same department that tried to pull this stunt before and I refuse to attend the hearing, I think it is best that no one appears again tomorrow. The only way to resolve this is to sue the government for trespass and harassment.


2010 – how things can change just a few days later

Posted on June 9, 2012

So you’ve read how Aajonus was all over responding to Building & Safety violations, on the same side as James Stewart – now see how he’s turned against him and has made Building & Safety violations all James’ fault (see type highlighted in red). And now he’s starting to attack James and Sharon Palmer, the farmer who supplied him with eggs and chicken – where did that come from all of a sudden? Could it be (gasp) the money?

Dated October 9, just a few days after he requested funds to HELP James…

Date: Sat, 9 Oct 2010 07:02:19 -0700
From: optimal@earthlink.net
To: optimal@earthlink.net
Subject: RESPONDING TO CHARGES – donations

Hi, raw-food lovers of Venice-branch Rawesome,

Sadly, denial of the toxic-food-supply charges against James Stewart and Sharon Palmer is how they have responded for at least 2 years. (See James Stewart’s response below). They left us, RTCHF and Aajonus no other choice. Stewart and Palmer lack integrity and concern for customer’s regarding members’ health by having provided eggs with mercury, chickens with arsenic, and non-organic goat’s-milk products. Eight paragraphs down is one of several witness-testimonies (with laboratory tests) that should settle any doubts about James Stewart’s and Sharon Palmer’s lack of integrity. We want Rawesome open but we do not want any member subjected to anymore mercury in eggs and arsenic in chicken. That is the issue of our actions. We want credibility and honesty regarding food supplied to members.

Rather than James Stewart finding another location for Rawesome, James Stewart begs for your donations to be wasted on legal fees. Know that any donations sent to Rawesome Legal “Defense” Fund will not go toward resolving anyone’s rights to healthy food. That will only be resolved with RTCHF’s lawsuit against FDA, CDA, LCDHS and City Attorney for raiding Rawesome on June 30, 2010. Those branches of government have not returned to enforce their closure of Rawesome. They have been notified, again, that they lack jurisdiction and consequently violated members’ Constitutional Right to Association.

Mr. Stewart faces building and safety code violations for building and installing ALL of the structures on the his property except the toilet. However, even there, he did not get a permit to connect it to the city sewage system. If anyone donates to his Legal Defense Fund, that money will be wasted on attorney-fees to fight for his right to have those structures on his property. It is not a Rawesome legal defense fund issue. According to all Supreme Court-rulings, cities have authority to enforce building and safety codes, If James had been responsible and attained permits years ago, he would not be in this situation. If he would simply find another location for Rawesome, and use organic (by RTCHF-standards) chicken and eggs, there would be no problems.

James Stewart will not be able to keep those structures on the property without obtaining permits. He and his partners in the lot will face severe financial penalties if he continues to keep those structures on the property. Your donations will be wasted on legal fees and penalties. James Stewart wants you to pay for delaying his ultimate removal of Rawesome from the lot he partially owns. If he were practical, he would simply find another location for Rawesome that already has permits as several attorneys and a successful land-owner advised him.

Let us share a similar circumstance. Government branches mentioned above want Aajonus Vonderplanitz silenced and out of the way. They do not like that he has been effective in stopping them from closing farms and clubs that provide healthy food for members. They investigated everything they could about Aajonus. They discovered that he lived in a house that was built without any written permits 19 years ago in Malibu. Aajonus had rented the house for 11 years. Those governments pressured the City to evict him. The owner tried to negotiate with the city attorney but it was fruitless; the city attorney would not bend. The City could have grandfathered the house but refused. The City told the owner that the house in which Aajonus was living had to be vacated by June 2010. Aajonus had to pack all of his belongings and store them before he left for his Asia-tour in May. Aajonus will always contest things that he can contest but to contest building and safety code violations where permits are required is time-consuming, expensive and useless. Aajonus did not even consider using RTCHF-funds to “defend” his desire to remain in that wonderful house and simply searches for another home while he is homeless.

Serendipitously, we were contacted 2 weeks ago about starting another members-food club on the Eastside of Los Angeles so that members who lived on that side did not have to travel 1.5-3 hours weekly to get their food. We agreed to help the 2 people who made the request. Rather than supporting Eastside members, James Stewart called one of RTCHF-contracted suppliers and asked him not to produce any foods for them because he does not want to lose any profits; selfish greedy desire for monopoly? James does not have the authority to make such decisions. He does not have the contracts with the farmers; RTCHF members have the contracts.

If everything goes as we are told, we will have a new outlet for our quality raw food within in 2 weeks but we asked them to centrally locate the club in case James fails. No one at RTCHF has any monetary interest or investment in the proposed new outlet, nor any control except food quality, so we do not know how soon it will open. We will notify everyone when it has materialized.

Here is the testimony regarding Stewart’s and Palmer’s eggs and chickens:

  • what [was] stated about the activities of the healthy family farm/sharon palmer and james stewart is even worse:
  • since i have a daughter which unfortunately has been lead (heavy metal) exposed earlier in her life, we monitored her digestive system and metabolism regularly through highly qualified doctors and lab tests.
  • she is on a very strict diet because of her lead exposure.. we have been buying all our meat and eggs through rawesome for a long time.
  • we found out our daughter had arsenic and mercury in her system, which she didn’t have before. we had no clue where that came from.
  • we have done many lab testing on all the food we eat, amongst many others, and found out hffarm (Healthy Family Farm – hff) eggs have mercury in them and hff chickens have arsenic in them. i have solid scientific proof for this. we’ve spent thousands of dollars on testing.
  • i have confronted james with this and he basically reacted [with denial and anger]. we also have proof james was aware of the fraud with this food and didn’t care at all.
  • i have pictures showing hff [unfreezing and repackaging different brands [as their own], and feeding animals low-quality grain/food].
  • to be very honest with you, we feel these people should be brought to justice. (We withheld the name to protect the witness.)

That is so sad. James and Sharon should be apologizing rather than denying. We do not understand their lack of conscience and how they can go day after day defrauding, harming children and other members, collecting big profits and denying responsibility. Mr. Stewart only feigns concern for our members when it comes to his “Healthy” Family Farm interests.

RTCHF does not have Rawesome’s members information because Mr. Stewart failed to give them to us. If you know amy members of Venice-branch of Rawesome, please contact them and share all of the information we divulged about this matter. All of them need to know that the eggs and chicken was and still may be contaminated.

We are holding an open-house so that members (except James Stewart and Sharon Palmer’s attorneys) may see photographs, read the investigative report and testimonies on October 14th between 9 AM – Noon at:

(address redacted)


Right To Choose Healthy Food Trust

Aajonus vonderplanitz

Jeff Slay
Vice President

Louis Cangemi

He was for Building & Safety before he was against it

Posted on June 9, 2012

More after the raid in 2010. Later on, Aajonus blames James Stewart for the Building & Safety violation issue; here, he’s all about addressing it. How times change

Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2010 19:03:36 -0700
From: optimal@earthlink.net
Subject: Urgent – Rawesome – attorney members

The government is trying every means to close us so that we cannot provide our members with their own healthy food that we have worked so hard to make available. Because they have not been able to close us on health-issues and our Right to Association, they are trying building-safety-violation tactics. The Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) has issued a closure notice that is dated August 18 with a 15-days response required (see attached); we got is just today. Since this is not a residence or public food venture, this entire issue is probably moot and can be dismissed by a judge when applying for an injunction against LA City.

To buy time, I am reluctant to ask for an appeal because that may give it jurisdiction that they do not have because we are not selling anything (as stated in its notice) and we are not open to public. Right to Choose Healthy Food/Rawesome has a charity-based agreement with the owners of the property to use the lot as a distribution center and our
members have agreed that the buildings that exist are adequate for their
needs as per membership agreement (see attached).

We need all willing attorneys to help us fight this fast. Please call me
at xxxx anytime. Sometimes international networks may be
congested but do not give up on your call. However, best times to reach

I plan to issue a letter to LADBS stating that it lacks jurisdiction, that we are a not-for-profit organization that does not sell any food, that we are not open to the public and that the closure-notice is not valid.

We are about to hire a building and safety engineer to establish that our open lot meets LA City standards for yard-lot and storage purposes.


2010 – Aajonus requests donations for Rawesome

Posted on June 9, 2012

Right after the by now famous raid in 2010 – and before Aajonus started accusing James Stewart of being a terrible person. Here he’s requesting donations to help keep Rawesome open.

Date: Sat, 3 Jul 2010 20:53:15 -0700
From: optimal@earthlink.net
To: optimal@earthlink.net
Subject: UPDATE: Authorities Raided Right To Choose Healthy Food’s CA Food Club and Raw Dairy Assault

Hi, healthy-food lovers and supporters,

On July 1, 2010, the administrative hearing occurred with an attorney
representing RTCHF. Rawesome manager/volunteer James Stewart and video-taper also appeared. Attorney challenged authorities jurisdiction but authorities did not respond to the jurisdiction challenge. Authorities demanded IDs and that all 3 present sign 3 pages of self-culpatory statements. All refused. Attorney stated to authorities
that our food club would be open to members regardless of Closure notice, and all 3 supporting RTCHF walked out of the meeting.

The food club was open on Saturday July 3, 2010 without incident. The club is severely in debt because of the confiscation of members food. Warrant stated that authorities could take samples (vials) but they took 17 huge coolers of product.

Several of the volunteers for our club, including me (I do not make one
cent from anything distributed at Rawesome and I pay for farmers’ services like everyone else), conferenced with several attorneys and
paralegals. We have decided to sue the government for their violations.

We estimated that legal costs would amount to about $300,0000 over the next 5 years (if authorities contested and it is most likely they will).
If only 300 of you gave 100 each, we would have the funds ready, and those funds need to be available.

Please donate to Right To Choose Healthy Food at http://www.RawMilk.org
(RawMilk.org is RTCHF), or at Paypal to OPTIMAL@EARTHLINK.NET (at Paypal be certain to state donation is for RTCHF), or send check to RTCHF, POB 176, Santa Monica, CA 90406-0176. Finally, we must stop governments from assaulting our right to healthy food. Thank you.

aajonus vonderplanitz, PhD Nutrition
president and general manager of Right To Choose Healthy Food

Oct 2011: Is that Aajonus Vonderplanitz looking for a piece of farm land?

Posted on June 9, 2012

Note the date of this e-mail. (Also note inaccuracy about Healthy Family Farms, which is over 60 acres, not 10 as said here.)

Date: Thu, 6 Oct 2011 13:22:21 -0700
From: optimal@earthlink.net
To: optimal@earthlink.net
Subject: Newsletter for Ra Primal Farm

We believe we have found the location to set up a Ra Primal Farm!

The current scenario is that we have 211 acres with 6 springs and an artesian well in escrow. It has a pasture, another area that was irrigated pasture, several areas that could be farmed, fields of sage for bees, hills for food trees and brush for goats, and abuts National Forest land that can be used. Presently, horses are boarded there but otherwise has not been developed as a ranch or farm. The soil is sandy, which is good for some crops, and will take some husbandry and composting. The buildings are minimal, two one bedroom houses, a double-wide trailer where the current caretaker lives, a large barn and some outbuildings.

Have you ever wanted a week-end getaway in the mountains, but didn’t want to spend a million dollars to have it? Ever want a farm, but don’t know how, have time or want to do the work? This is your opportunity to have the dream, for a fraction of the cost!

For as little as $110,000 you could own 1/12 of the original bit of paradise! Or, for the full price, be the sole investor! The managing members will make the improvements to the farm, buy the animals, and run it. Be a “Gentleman Farmer!” Call us at 626-644-6863 (not Friday, Saturday, or Sunday mornings, please. Or email us at info@rahealthyfoods.com).

Once purchased, the farm will be built up with Membership buy-in to raise Jersey milk cows, chickens, worms, goats, fish, honey and fruits and vegetables used in the primal diet. We expect to grow some crops for sale to purchase items we cannot grow. There are many more ideas, and lots to discuss.

There are many differences in this farm as compared to Healthy Family Farm. First of all, anyone we hire to farm will be health food oriented, concerned and caring of the best food to produce, and do it. Secondly, this will be based on the Primal Diet, and Aajonus will be involved in the establishing of how things are done. Thirdly, Aajonus told people to not invest in Healthy Family Farm, as it was too much money (about $2 million) for too little land (10 acres), and farmed by someone without integrity. He is in complete harmony with this farm.

The land is in a valley that has a number of organic farms already, and is only a 2 hour drive from Los Angeles. It is near Frazier Park mountains, and has little or no cell phone reception. Freedom from civilization’s EMF and Wifi bombardments! Aajonus, Lucky, Marilyn, and Tamara explored the 211 acres, and all are in agreement that this is the place. The water is a huge plus! We had 2 water-quality tests and they are very good. Water is King.

An offer was made to the owners (family friends of Marilyn) for the asking price of (only!) $650,000 contingent upon the water testing for the purity required by Aajonus to ensure all the animals raised would produce the foods at a standard needed by Primal Dieters. One of the members has put down an earnest money deposit to hold the property in escrow, for about 30 days more. This is a great price! However, we will have to invest about $670,000 to dig ponds for animals, fish ponds, build a large greenhouse for vegetables in late Fall and Winter, stock animals, farm equipment, build milking facilities and plant fruit trees and bushes, totaling $1,320,000.

Our target is to raise ($650,000) in the next 10 days to acquire the land.
Time is of the essence!

We need one to seven people to put in all or a portion of $650,000 to purchase the land outright, and keep the number of owners to a minimum. The Membership will lease the farm and/or become an investor by improving the land, and could buy the land from one or more investors over time, if desired.

Are you the kind of person that would make an investment like this in your family’s future? Do you want to ensure that the food you eat is healthful and healing? Do you want a place to go that is close enough to get to easily, and has food and water? Most of us are already renegades in the area of food. Are you ready to be a part of the group that takes this to the next level?

Then Call Us: 626-644-6863. Email Us: Info@rahealthyfoods.com. We need bright ideas and big money really fast. We can make this happen!
We will have an information kiosk at the drop site on Saturday in Santa Monica. We are available to meet with a group or individual on Saturday afternoon or evening to discuss more. The same will be offered at the Tujunga site on Sunday. We will meet with serious (founding) investors individually by appointment.

We have some willing investors already, and are looking for more people who understand that farm and ranch land is the current big investment opportunity, (Warren Buffet is doing it!) and would like to invest for the long term. We cannot guarantee a monthly return at this point, but founding members would have the ownership of the land, as tenants in common, with the security of getting food now and in the future. Food is better than gold especially since government is about to declare that organic food is microbially dangerous and chemical farming is safe. Organic food may be unattainable unless we grow it ourselves and it is not available to the public. You can’t eat gold. Also, owners may share the use of the property as a recreational get-away.

There are more possible ways to organize this than we can describe in this short letter. Some ideas that have been put forward include the farm being a recreation area for the members, with camping sites and trails into the National Forest, a pool, ponds with fish and a members lodge; and a non-profit organization with an educational component.

We have at least three members who have experience in farming who can help advise and set things up. Nikki ran her family farm in an Amish neighborhood for several years. Randy grew up on a farm. Marilyn helped run a ranch for a year, and worked with most farm animals, and is a Biologist with a minor in Animal Science and Veterinary Sciences. She also studied Naturopathic Medicine for two years, and knows Homeopathy and some things about herbs to grow in the pastures to help the animals keep themselves healthy. She is prepared to go to Pennsylvania and learn how they do things there. Aajonus knows a family who are Primal Dieters who know how to farm his way. As an option, we could keep the caretaker who is there on board, and teach him how we want it done. He is also a contractor, and has handled the upkeep of the place, being well trusted by the owners for over 11 years.

All these are possibilities that we can discuss, and we would like to. There is enough land for a lot of different ideas.

We believe we can at least produce a sufficient amount of food for about 2,000 members to justify its purpose, and pay the ongoing costs.

WE will be calling the shots. We will be able to go to the farm, help feed and milk, and see exactly what they are eating and how they are treated. We can all learn how to grow our own food, teach others and can take our future into our own hands.

We could change our little world!

We have several opportunities for committed members:
1) We need money for the purchase of the land. This is the most urgent. The testing of the water took longer than we had anticipated and we could not proceed until we knew it was good. But we are now running short on time to complete the escrow.

2) The establishment of a Membership Farm, which includes livestock, equipment, construction, and much more to be detailed in a blog. This will require more investment, including a monthly membership payment plan to help with the start-up costs.

3) We need talented people to help handle the administrative, technical, and financial aspects (also to be detailed separately). We are looking for people who can video, write, etc.

4) We want members to get their boots in the dirt and help create a farm where you are a member and can control your own food!

Health and Life to You!
From your friends, The Folks at Ra


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