What’s Count Dracul Vlad The Impaler Got to Do With the Royal Famiy?

 According to Huffingtonpost.com  and 10’s of other publications, Charlie-boy went back to his ancestor’s land in Transylvania just three days after his mom’s jubilee party. There are literally hundreds of articles from around the world writing about Charlie’s claims that they are direct descendants of Vlad the Impaler, (great name and nothing to do with impaling people I guess), the oldest I managed to find is this one by the BBC, from way back in 1998.

The picture is showing the web address just in case the BBC take it off-line, but I guess that they won’t because there’s so many other sites and newspapers publishing this.

BUCHAREST, Romania — Britain’s Prince Charles is relaxing in one of his favorite places, Transylvania, immediately after celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee.

Charles arrived for a private visit Wednesday in Targu Mures, a town in the heart of Transylvania, about 100 miles (160kilometers) south of where Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel “Dracula” is set. Stoker based Dracula on Vlad the Impaler, whom Charles calls a distant relative.

Images were broadcast Thursday of Charles waving to locals in the picturesque village of Miclosoara, where he sometimes stays. Locals said that Charles was looking for some down time after the Jubilee festivities in Britain. The prince owns property and supports traditional farming methods in Transylvania, which he calls “the jewel in Romania’s crown.” His son Prince Harry spent Easter in Transylvania.

Read more on Huffingtonpost.com


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