What’s Happenin’ Man? – News and Views Worth Learning About

What’s Happenin’ Man?

“It’s a New World Order, Age of Transitions,
Lots of New Normals Jockeying for Positions,
Post-Industrial, Post-Family, Post-Democracy Too,
Our Masters via Agencies Run the Human Zoo,
Millions Using Noise, So They don’t Think,
Lots of Flashy Entertainment as They Go Extinct,
Cancers Escalate, Young Dropping with Strokes,
Infertile Men Produce No Virile Healthy Folks,
It’s Going as Planned, Just Like Sci-Fi Novels,
An Incredibly Wealthy Rich, Poor in the Hovels,
Helped by Surrealism of Hollywood Entertainment,
HAARP, Smart meters, ELF, and Brain Entrainment”

Poem © Alan Watt June 15, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers’ Comments)

Topics of show covered in following links:

Canadians Threatened with Job Loss for Criticizing Government

China and Forced Abortion–The UN Model State for the World

China–Family Planning Came in and Forced Abortion on Mother

School Lunches–Scotland is Already in Training

Silicone Injections and How Not to Make an Ass of Yourself

Bath Salts Again

MIT Create Implant Power Supply

Visiting Student Has Car Blown Up by Anti-Terrorist Unit and then Given Parking Fine–London

Google and Amazon Taking Over Large Areas of Internet

Bank of England opens Texas Office

Single European Banking System in 2013

Stalk Yourself App. for the Narcissist

iPhone App. Helps you Stalk Women

Council on Foreign Relations–On the Importance of Israel/US Relations

Abnormal Returns of House of Representatives

57 Members of US Congress among Wealthy 1%

Drones, Precision Bombing and Propaganda

Map Shows 66 Military Bases for Drones on US Soil

Syngenta Biotech Charged over its Bt Corn Killing Cows

Blair and Straw Accused over Secret Plan for Multicultural U.K.–They Succeeded

Blair Defends Mass Immigration Policy

New Labour and Mass Immigration

Migrationwatch Releases “Censored” Government Paper Which Outlines Political Objective of Mass Immigration

The Shut Up Law–or Else—Australia

Source:  Alan Watt “Cutting Through The Matrix


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