Who’s Really Behind the World Academy of Art and Science? (Club of Rome PDF)

Just who are these people that are trying to abolish national parliaments and the will of the people?

This is not just a rhetorical question. I’d like us all to try and work out why would an “academy of art and science” advocate the “fashioning of institutions for free, fair and effective global governance“.

Please read their April 2011 document where they clearly state among a lot more that:

Over the past few decades, the World Academy of Art and Science has organized
General Assemblies and many workshops addressing the issue of governance. Many WAAS
fellows have made major contributions to this subject: Harold Lasswell, Harlan Cleveland,
Walter T. Anderson, David Held and James Rosenau can be truly called fathers of global
governance. Of course, the governance of our Academy has to serve as a role-model for
global organizations.

Prosperity itself has become a source of instability and destruction when wantonly pursued without organizational safeguards for our collective well-being. No longer able to afford the luxury of competition and strife based primarily on national, ethnic or religious interests and prejudices, we need urgently to acquire the knowledge and fashion the institutions required for free, fair and effective global governance.


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