BBC Caught Telling Lies Yet Again! How Many Wars Is The BBC Promoting for Money?

 The BBC has acknowledged that its journalists ‘got carried away” in covering the Arab spring and let excitement affect professional neutrality. That’s after a report was released suggesting the UK’s leading news broadcaster was not accurate enough in its assessment of the revolutions.

BBC World News Ltd, a subsidiary of BBC Commercial Holdings Ltd, is a business registered at Companies House for the purpose of raising money for the BBC. In its latest annual report, BBC World News Ltd directors said they expected to deliver a profit this year.Unlike what you may have been lead to believe, the BBC is not an innocent bystander that reports on anything and everything going on around the world. The beeb part from fulfilling its propaganda and brainwashing roles, is a money making machine, as we discover from non other than the British corporation’s director Peter Horrocks’ email to his inferiors.

Read what the Independent had to say on this.


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