2012 Olympics – Outrageous example of the fearmongering and hysteria that has gripped Britain in the run up to the 2012 Olympics

 Electronic Cigarette Causes Huge BOMB Scare on M6 Motorway UK ahead of London Olympics.

Bus passengers were treated like terrorists and passing cars detained for hours as bomb squads, police and sniffer dogs descended on the M6 Motorway in England today. The culprit for this huge “terror scare” turned out to be an electronic cigarette.

“The evacuation of a coach on the M6 toll road which caused long tailbacks on one of the country’s busiest roads was a terror scare caused by the smoke vapour from an electronic cigarette, police have revealed,” reports the London Guardian.

Footage of the aftermath of the incident shows bus passengers being treated like terrorists and lined up on the motorway.

“Aerial footage from the scene revealed that the passengers — including women and children — were sitting within a square enclosure at regular distances from each other surrounded by uniformed officers. Several other cordoned-off areas could be seen, with bright yellow tents erected on the other side of the toll plaza.”

Drivers of passing cars that had nothing to do with the incident were also detained by police for an hour and a half.

“Witnesses told the BBC that cars were stopped on the M6 toll road and left without information from the police for around 90 minutes. When they began getting out of their cars a police officer informed them to get back in their vehicles, keep the windows closed and the air conditioning off. The cars were then led away from the scene,” states the report.

In a colossal waste of everyone’s time and money, eight fire engines and six police vans arrived in addition to bomb disposal experts and teams of sniffer dogs.

A passenger on the bus — presumably browbeaten by the constant drumbeat of propaganda surrounding “terrorist threats” to London — originally witnessed “vapour escaping from a bag” and reported it to police as a possible unfolding terrorist attack.

Police later admitted that the whole event was in response to a “health improvement aid for smokers” — otherwise known as an e-cigarette, a fake cigarette that releases water vapour instead of smoke.

This is an outrageous example of the fearmongering and hysteria that has gripped Britain in the run up to the 2012 Olympics.

God forbid if the cigarette had actually been real — imagine the panic! One wonders whether Prime Minister David Cameron would have had to assemble his Cobra team and declare a national emergency.

This kind of frothing over-reaction is precisely what governments crave in order to create a society based on fear, paranoia and constant suspicion.

In reality, as we have documented, people in the west are more likely to die from bee stings or drowning in their own bathtubs than they are in terrorist attacks.



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