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Traces of explosives found on wreckage of jet that crashed in Russia two years ago, killing Polish president

  • 95 died along with President Lech Kaczynsk when plane crashed near Smolensk
  • Investigators say traces may have come from unexploded WWII bombs in the area

Polish investigators have found traces of explosives on the wreckage of a government jet that crashed in Russia two years ago, killing Poland’s president and 95 others, Polish media claimed today.

Poland’s Rzeczpospolita newspaper said prosecutors and explosive experts who examined the remains of the plane in Russia found signs of TNT and nitroglycerin on the wings and in the cabin, including on 30 seats.

Traces of explosives were also found in the area where the Tu-154 crashed during its approach to a small airport near the Russian city of Smolensk on April 10, 2010, the daily reported.

In their official reports, investigators said they found no proof of the involvement of third parties.

The investigators have not ruled out the possibility that the traces of explosives come from unexploded bombs dating back to World War Two that could have remained in the area where the aircraft came down, the newspaper said.

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The Greek dictatorship / La dictature Grecque / La dictatura Greca

Dedicated to all those who are saying that Greek people are lazy, don’t pay  taxes and ask for money from other countries…

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Greek resistance lower EU flags

Greek members of the United Popular Front lower the EU flags all over Greece on October 27, 2012

Holocaust Now: the Grinding Agony of the Greeks

A Greek riot police officer kicks a protester that was trying to calm other protesters down during clashes in Athens’ main Syntagma square, Wednesday, June 15, 2011. Hundreds of protesters clashed with riot police in central Athens Wednesday as a major anti-austerity rally degenerated into violence outside Parliament, where the struggling government was to seek support for new cutbacks to avoid a disastrous default.
(Image credit: Lefteris Pitarakis/Cryptome)

With media eyes mostly trained on Syria, the slow motion destruction of Greece, a fully-fledged EU member state, goes largely unremarked in the corporate sheets.

Whenever it does appear, the lazy hirelings who pose as journalists these days reserve their ink for ‘mobs’, ‘thugs’ and ‘hooligan anarchists’ terrorizing those saintly guardians of law and order, the infamous ranks of the Greek police and riot squads whose reputation is if anything far worse than street gangs roaming pre-war German cities.

Persons, including children and the elderly, beaten and tortured in police stations, murdered by active duty policemen on the streets, are such depressingly familiar events that Greeks have learned to keep a respectable distance from the guardians of law and order.

Greek policemen famously do not keep the peace as much as break it on an appropriately heroic scale alongside cohorts from the Deep State.

These agencies are between them responsible for the majority of the violence at public demonstrations against the Troika-imposed choking of Greeks and their economy.

The Greek word for this is skevoria, a deception or illusion manufactured for a specific aim.

In this case to portray the calm serenity at the wheel of the ship of state of one Antonis Samaras, the  Quisling puppet premier handing his countrymen to the wolves of the global world

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UN Calls for Worldwide Internet Surveillance and Data Retention in the Name of Fighting Terrorism

The manufactured threat of terrorism has once again been used to push what would otherwise be unthinkable.

In this case, the United Nations is exploiting the irrational fear of terrorism to justify international internet surveillance.

In a new 148-page UN report released at a conference in Vienna entitled “The Use of the Internet for Terrorist Purposes” the UN claimed that the lack of an “internationally agreed framework for retention of data” is problematic along with open wireless internet networks in public places.

The UN claims that terrorists are utilizing social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to spread what they call “propaganda.”

This perspective is somewhat similar to that presented by groups like the Homeland Security Policy Institute in claiming that a major threat is the “spread of the [terrorist] entity’s narrative.”

This notion is quite dangerous because the nature of this “propaganda” or “narrative” is never clearly outlined.

Instead, the door is left open to call anything and everything that is different from the manufactured government account of various events “propaganda” or something which spreads the enemy’s “narrative.”

“Potential terrorists use advanced communications technology often involving the Internet to reach a worldwide audience with relative anonymity and at a low cost,” said Yury Fedotov,

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Savile’s Pedophile Pals are Hunted, Estimate More than a Hundred

photoSimon Hughes and Anthony France, October 22, 2012

Victims of twisted Jimmy Savile are believed to have told police that more than 100 other paedophiles were involved in his attacks.

Cops investigating the disgraced BBC DJ and TV presenter are understood to have been given names or descriptions of the men.

Last night a source told The Sun: “The scale of what has gone on is unbelievable. It must be more than likely that among those names will be some very well known people indeed.”

More than 200 people now say they were molested by Savile and his cronies.

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Nato Gone Wild and Preparations for Elections

An excerpt from The International Forecaster’s weekly publication.

October 20 2012: NATO was never a perfect organization, is NATO’s existence today under threat? Debates and demagoguery, Washington, Russia and Syria, Shots fired in the war for the Oval Office, Reagan’s warnings, Taxmageddon changes, trouble in toyland, banks and credit, Fed in NYC attacked.

By James Corbett
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization started off as (you guessed it) a military alliance of North Atlantic powers. Formally signed into existence with the North Atlantic Treaty in 1949 at the beginning of the Cold War era, it had a clearly defined scope and mandate: to protect its members against the threat of a Soviet invasion. To this end, the treaty’s most famous clause, Article V, provides for the defense of any member nation by all other members should one come under attack. The prevailing fear at the time was that the Soviets would attempt an invasion of Western Europe.

Even in the tense environment in which it was born, the treaty was not a unanimous or unproblematic success.  Iceland, for example, became the scene of the infamous NATO Riot of 1949 protesting the Icelandic parliament’s decision to ratify the treaty. The riot soon got out of control, and when some of the protestors succeeded in breaking in the windows of the Parliament building with some hurled rocks (just missing the President’s head in the process), the police force became involved, physically breaking up the demonstration by force and

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Jimmy Savile: A Prime Example of an Entertainment Industry Abuser Protected by the Elite

Jimmy Savile is considered to be a British TV icon who hosted popular shows like Jim’ll Fix It and Top of the Pops. His decades of presence in pop culture has led him to obtain an incredible amount of “elite” recognition such as Officer of the Order of the British Empire, Cross of Merit of the Order and Freeman of the Borough of Scarborough. He was also knighted by the Queen herself (God save her) “for charitable services” and obtained Papal knighthood from Jean-Paul II, making him a Knight Commander of the Order of Saint Gregory the Great.

But now, over a year after his death, the disgusting, ugly truth about this disgusting ugly character is being revealed by British newspapers: He sexually abused a great number of children

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Greece public debt and deficit worse than estimated: Report

File photo shows an illustration made with figurines and a euro coin set on a Greek flag.

File photo shows an illustration made with figurines and a euro coin set on a Greek flag.
Provisional figures released by Greece’s national statistics authority have shown the country’s deficit and public debt for 2011 are worse than estimated.

According to provisional data published by ELSTAT statistics agency on Monday, the 2011 deficit stood at 9.4 percent of gross domestic product and the public debt at 170.6 percent.

“The revisions as regards the debt ratios are primarily due to the update of gross domestic product estimates,” the agency said in a statement.

Greece has been in recession since 2009 despite the austerity cuts and the bailout funds, which have been aimed at stimulating growth for its troubled economy.

Earlier on October, ELSTAT revised the estimate for the Greek economy’s performance last year to a 7.1-percent contraction from an earlier calculation of 6.9 percent.

Greece’s debt is reportedly expected to increase from 169.5 percent of output in 2012 to 179.3 percent in 2013 according to next year’s draft budget.

On October 19, Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras said that the debt-ridden country would go bankrupt if it didn’t get the bailout money it needs before Greece’s euro cash reserves run out in the middle of November.

The International Monetary Fund, European Central Bank, and European Commission, known as the troika, has been withholding about 36 billion euros of funds Greece needs to recapitalize its banks and repay outstanding domestic debts.

The troika wants Greece to implement harsh austerity measures set under the terms of a 130 billion euro bailout package agreed in March 2011.

One in every five Greek workers is currently unemployed, banks are in a shaky position, and pensions and salaries have been slashed by up to 40 percent.

Greek youths have also been badly affected, and more than half of them are unemployed.



The Panacea compilation of Free-Energy information.

The following manuals have been compiled by the open source energy community. Open source engineering is all about research and development, sharing ideas and achievements, using each other’s experiences as our own stepping stones and to move forward as a group. Each of us provides encouragement and appreciation for open sharing and participates in a collective non profit effort to bring neglected and suppressed technologies into public hands. We work on no Budget.

Note: You will need Adobe ‘Acrobat’ reader (free download) or equivalent to display these sections. Please ensure you have the latest version installed. We recommend the use of a download manager program to download the files with. Alternatively, right click and “save as”.

The information on this web page is copyright protected. You may freely distribute this web page as long as it is distributed in it’s entirety and the information is

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FAKE NEWS: BBC to issue global apology for documentaries that broke rules

Just to go with the previous article about good ol’ Auntie Beeb here’s what could make anyone think that they most probably are habitual liars.

The BBC will today apologise to an estimated 74 million people around the world for a news fixing scandal, exposed by The Independent, in which it broadcast documentaries made by a London TV company that was earning millions of pounds from PR clients which it featured in its programming.

BBC World News viewers from Kuala Lumpur to Khartoum and Bangkok to Buenos Aires will watch the remarkable broadcast, available in 295 million homes, 1.7 million hotel rooms, 81 cruise ships, 46 airlines and on 35 mobile phone platforms, at four different times, staged in order to reach audiences in different time zones. The BBC will apologise for breaking “rules aimed at protecting our editorial integrity”.

The Independent exposed last year in an investigation into the global television news industry how the BBC paid nominal fees of as little as £1 for programmes made by FBC Media (UK), whose PR client list included foreign governments and multinational companies. The company made eight pieces for the BBC about Malaysia while failing to declare it was paid £17m by the Malaysian government for “global strategic communications”. The programmes included positive coverage of Malaysia’s controversial palm oil industry.

The BBC also used FBC to make a documentary about the spring uprising in Egypt without knowing the firm was paid to do PR work for the regime of former dictator Hosni Mubarak.

The BBC Trust’s Editorial Standards Committee carried out an investigation into BBC World News which reported in November it

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BBC Involved in Child & Mentally ill People Sex Abuse Scandal Coverup

Jimmy Saville UK
Getty Images / Matthew LewisJimmy Savile. Smoking a cigar was a trademark for Savile.

What’s happening right now in the U.K. can probably be compared to the scandal that engulfed Penn State and Jerry Sandusky earlier this year.If anything, however, it’s even bigger.

The BBC has just announced that it will be holding two internal investigations into widespread allegations of sexual abuse by the late television star Sir Jimmy Savile.

Savile was one of the U.K.’s most famous and long-running television hosts, presenting the weekly music show “Top of the Pops” for 20 years, and later his own show, “Jim Will Fix It,” where he helped children achieve their dreams. He was well-known for his charity work — one obituary estimated he had raised over £40 million ($64 million) for charity, and given away as much as 90 percent of his own considerable wealth.

Savile died last year at the age of 84 after almost five decades of fame, but it was only this month that allegations hit the press that he sexually abused both children and adults during the peak of his fame. British police now say that they have over 340 leads, with 12 allegations officially recorded, and that number is expected to grow.

Some of the new allegations are incredible — that Savile was given a room at a hospital for the criminally insane where he abused patients and that his trips to children’s hospitals for charities were used as a chance to abuse sick children, for example.

Savile had long been known for his extremely unorthodox behavior, but most had cast off accusations of child abuse as simply

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