The Panacea compilation of Free-Energy information.

The following manuals have been compiled by the open source energy community. Open source engineering is all about research and development, sharing ideas and achievements, using each other’s experiences as our own stepping stones and to move forward as a group. Each of us provides encouragement and appreciation for open sharing and participates in a collective non profit effort to bring neglected and suppressed technologies into public hands. We work on no Budget.

Note: You will need Adobe ‘Acrobat’ reader (free download) or equivalent to display these sections. Please ensure you have the latest version installed. We recommend the use of a download manager program to download the files with. Alternatively, right click and “save as”.

The information on this web page is copyright protected. You may freely distribute this web page as long as it is distributed in it’s entirety and the information is

not used for monetary gain without the expressed written permission of the author.


Black Salve Alternative Cancer Treatment (PDF)
updated October 10 2012
“PROVEN cancer treatments like Black Salve and medical marijuanaremain non mainstream for treatment because of suppression and a profit motive – nothing else. It is for this reason the trustees will now create open source information to get real time progress”.Black Salve home page
Black Salve on Facebook
Black Salve Video Production (reloaded)
Fuel Saving & Pollution Cutting Modifications (PDF)
updated July 14, 2011
Reducing pollution and saving fuel in all of the worlds internal combustion engines is critically needed to improve public health. There are a number of neglected and relatively unknown retrofitting modifications which can reduce pollution, save fuel and improve public health.These technologies have been available for years but are not known to capacity in the mainstream. Today government sites do not list these solutions and faculties do not teach them. It is for this reason that Panacea has done our own investigation and presents the open source solutions to police the conflict of interest.
Panacea-BOCAF reference page
Spatial Energy Coherence (SEC) Technology By Stiffler Scientific (PDF) updated July 7 2010This Patent Pending technology is an educational way to open the window to the “Energy Lattice” and allow the coherence of a greater amount of energy. Applications include research and development, electrolysis, battery charging, and efficient light circuits. All licenses are available from Stiffler Scientific. A special thanks to Dr Stiffler and the FREE energy community for their collective work and amazing achievements in this research and development. Special thanks to the engineers at the Energetic Forum. This document is still, subject to Dr Stiffler’s supervision and editing and may change at a later date.
Energetic Forum – Technical discussion
Rosemary Ainslie COP 17 Heater Technology (PDF)
updated May 19 2010Donated by members of the energetic forum. A highly important educational circuit showing a unique way to generate a counter electromotive force and create an inductive load resistor to produce a COP of 17. This new discovery teaches how to produce efficient heat while recycling the electricity. A special gratitude to our dear Rosemary Ainslie. This heating circuit may have extremely important ramifications concerning the entire field of “thermodynamics” and the supposed laws that govern it. Energetic Forum – Technical discussion
Cloud Busting (PDF)
updated September 16 2009An Educational method for atmospheric self-regulation using the original teachings of Wilhelm Reich Orgone energy discovery. This method is a clean non chemical way to treat drought affected areas plus clear smog and pollution. This document is being made available for research purposes only.
Panacea-BOCAF reference page.
Electric vehicle conversion (PDF)
updated September 16 2009Do It Your self electric vehicle conversion guides done by the open source EV communities. Next to compressed air cars, EV’s remain the cleanest, most efficient, and most cost-effective form of transportation available. This guide has both technical and legal suggestions to help get more conversions on the road. Panacea-BOCAF reference page.
Veljko Milkovic – Two stage mechanical oscillator (PDF) updated November 11 2009The patented two stage mechanical oscillator technology by inventor Veljko Milkovic can be used TODAY as a mechanical amplifier for clean energy applications. The two stage mechanical oscillator process is like no other, and is a proven demonstration to show a higher efficient transformation of a smaller force, into a bigger force rotation. Current applications include: a mechanical hammer, press, water pump, transmission and electrical generator. Panacea-BOCAF reference page.
Magnetic Resonant Amplifier – Joel McClain & Norman Wootan (PDF) – updated March 11 2009With low-level ultrasonic input signals, the Magnetic Resonance Amplifier (MRA) produces usable direct current power at levels above unity. This circuit is based upon the work and theories of John Ernst Worrell Keely, and is offered into the public domain in his memory.
Panacea-BOCAF reference page.
John Bedini Technology (PDF) – updated July 21 2010Written by the Monopole groups, John Bedini, Rick Fredrick and other open source engineers of the energetic forum. This technology is the most cost effective solar charge method of lead acid batteries. Many practical applications can be done using this technology to extend the life of lead acid or NiCd batteries and give them a longer run time. Also this method provides insight into Nikola Tesla’s radiant energy methods. Note – This document is still, subject to Rick’s supervision and editing and may change at a later date. Panacea-BOCAF reference page.
Tesla’s lighting methods – Imhotep’s radiant oscillator (PDF) updated October 28 2009Donated by Open source engineers from the Energetic Forum. This is research into Tesla’s HV impulse lighting methods. This enables you to light your homes on a SMALL FRACTION of the electricity that you currently use, the implications for solar homes or other “off-grid” living are enormous. By using this circuit with compact fluorescent tubes (CFL’s) it is possible to use dead CFL’s! Also you do not need the mercury in CFL’s to operate this circuit. Panacea-BOCAF reference page.
Hydroxy Booster technology (PDF)
updated July 7 2010Significant fuel saving and pollution cutting device which can apply to cars, trucks, generators, or even be used as a welding torch. Not suitable for engines using waste spark ignition methods. Panacea-BOCAF reference page.
RotoVerter technology (PDF)
updated October 12 2008High efficiency electric motor energy savings method. This method also presents further over unity research methods which can apply to this modification. Energy saving applications include: water pumps, drill presses, lathes, saws, air compressors, and prime movers. This system is unique in solar efficiency. Panacea-BOCAF reference page.

OverUnity Research material:

David Klingelhoefer’s Two Toroid Gabriel device (PDF)
added May 8, 2011David Klingelhoefer simplified variation of Thane Heins’ regenerative Bi-Toroid Transformer effect. This circuit requires further testing and validation to confirm Davids results (8X over unity claimed).To help join the replication effort please visit the technical support forums listed in the document.Special thanks to David and Thane for helping to educate the world on this effect.More information: Panacea-BOCAF
Marco Rodin Coils and variants (PDF)
added January 19, 2011The Rodin Coil is a toroidal or doughnut-shaped form wound by wires in a pattern consistent with the number patterns discovered by Mr. Rodin. Toroidal shapes wound with wires are commonly used for inductors in electrical circuits, often for use in transformers. However the pattern of winding in a Rodin Coil is radically different from conventional toroidal coils.Experimenters have produced some samples of the Rodin Coil to measure the effects of this new approach to winding wires around a torus. Many open source designs from the star ship and others are included here to get you started. Special thanks to Mike Powers for his work. Technical support – Energetic Forum
Rodney Wells’ Pulse Motor (PDF)
added December 22 2010

This is an open source variation of the Robert Adams Pulse Motor. This version has been donated by Rodney Wells and is intended to help understand and refine these principles.
Kits can be found at The Hydrogen Shop.
Discussion and technical support – Energetic Forum
Rick’s Pipe Dream Project (PDF)
added June 26 2009

Open source magnetic motor generator donated by Rick Rickoff intended as a way to building a working and useful magnetic motor-generator that could be replicated by anyone possessing basic knowledge, skills, and abilities, and with a minimum of tools.
Discussion and technical support – Energetic Forum
Tesla Switch (PDF)
updated November 18 2009This is a self charging battery system originally developed by Ronald Brandt (Friend of Tesla). This circuit was also experimented with by John Bedini. The concept of this device is to run a load and keep the batteries charged. Applications include electric motor operation and home power usage. Panacea-BOCAF reference page.
EVGRAY Vibrator circuit by Gary Porter (PDF)
updated February 26 2009Research paper based on the EVGRAY research done by Gary porter. This is a WORKING descriptive open source (but patented) energy vibrator circuit based on the principles of Tesla and EVGRAY. Panacea-BOCAF reference page.
Buzz Saw Gravity Wheel replication (PDF)Gravity powered wheel research done by open source engineers Preston Stroud and Ralph Lortie and other members of the forum. Panacea-BOCAF background info on gravity wheels: Veljko Milkovic Bob Mary
Back EMF Recoil Recovery Battery Charger (by KoneheadX) (PDF) – updated November 18 2009Energy recovery system using A BEMF Recoil battery changing system by Doug Koneheadx from the EVGRAY forum
Window Motor Replication Tutorial (PDF)
updated December 2 2008Based on the ideas of John Bedini. Supplied by Ren from the Energetic Forum. This can be used for both a motor and a generator and has the capacity to be a self runner. Panacea-BOCAF reference page.
Ganga Shakti -Water Spark plug research (PDF)
updated March 4 2009An experimental plasma circuit using a spark plug, water, and high voltage. Research is being done towards a potential water engine, overunity plasma circuit, and firestorm spark plug duplication, plus much more. Panacea-BOCAF reference page.
Ravi’s Water Fuel Cell replication (PDF)
updated August 15 2008This is a working version of the Stan Meyer’s Water Fuel Cell process. Panacea-BOCAF reference page.



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