Savile’s Pedophile Pals are Hunted, Estimate More than a Hundred

photoSimon Hughes and Anthony France, October 22, 2012

Victims of twisted Jimmy Savile are believed to have told police that more than 100 other paedophiles were involved in his attacks.

Cops investigating the disgraced BBC DJ and TV presenter are understood to have been given names or descriptions of the men.

Last night a source told The Sun: “The scale of what has gone on is unbelievable. It must be more than likely that among those names will be some very well known people indeed.”

More than 200 people now say they were molested by Savile and his cronies.

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One response

  1. The BBC should be investigating St John International head office in London. St John International in London are currently pulling out all the stops in order to present awards to two known members of the St John New Zealand paedophile gang. The awards are to be presented by the Queen’s representative in NZ, the Governor General.

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