Iraqi Child Asks Tony Blair and George Bush: Are you happy now?

“Humanitarian?”, the Iraqi boy might query, and then ask, “So they’re happy now? Well, they’re all very rich. Maybe they’d buy my drawing?”, the boy says.

Text by Heathcote Williams

Narration and montage by Alan Cox

An Iraqi child
Is drawing bombers, like those
Which nearly killed him.

The bombs have left his face
Swollen with fierce injuries —
Marks of angry pain.

He draws the bombers,
Though his arm and some fingers
Are amputated…

Source: GRTV

America's War on Terrorism

2 responses

  1. Would this child prefer the Taliban treatment? He will be taught the progressive mantra: USA bad, Saddam and his ilk good…enjoy!

  2. Prof. Dr. W. C. | Reply

    @sharinlite !!!
    Two main facts:
    FIRST: The UsGOV war on Iraq has NOTHING to do with the TALIBANs in Afganistian or Pakistan. SECOND:Ths uSgOv DID NOT ANY find any WMD´s WEAPON of MASS Destruction” in IRAQ but a lot of OIL-contracts.
    Therefore dear Sharinlite, you are a typical VICTIM of the Göbbels-like PROPAGANDA -industry of the WORLD-MEDIA, which ist controlled by usGOV!

    And this is the other real theory, without any fiction on our modern free democratic world:
    The “Taliban-Industries” nor the “Taliban-Think-Tanks” nor the “Taliban-CFR(Council on Foreign Relations)” not even the “Taliban-Chemtrails-Industries” or the “Taliban-Nano-Technologiy-Warefare” unforgetable not the Big “Taliban-World-Financial-Industries” do NOT want to control your water, your air, your currency, your economy, your children, your life!!!
    The American people are NOT the uSa-Government!
    Bush, Blair &Co will be brought to real justice in near future.

    One of the best truth-work published at AO!!!
    You have the power to stop all the desinformation of our puppet-politicians…
    Thank you very much always looking for the background info, which will never be posted in main-stream-media.
    I would vote for you for the President in the free USA, freeUK and freeEUROPE NOW!!!

    With best Regards from “Prison-Europe”

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