BBC acting like ‘secret service’ by censoring criticism, Lord McAlpine says

BBC BrainwashSo, from a child abuse mega-scandal it’s turned into a who’s handling what better or worse at the BBC.
This my fellow humans has to be subversion at its best.


Lord McAlpine, the former Conservative party treasurer, has accused the BBC of behaving like the “secret service” by censoring criticism of senior executives over the Jimmy Savile scandal.

The BBC has redacted over 90 pages of evidence in which staff, including Jeremy Paxman, the Newsnight presenter, are highly critical of senior executives.

Lord McAlpine, who was wrongly accused of being a paedophile after an investigation by the BBC’s Newsnight, on Thursday urged the corporation to publish the witness statements in full.

He told The Daily Telegraph: “Of course they should publish them in full, the BBC is not the secret service for Christ’s sake.

“There’s no reason for holding back, what Jeremy Paxman said should be printed. It should be explained to people.”

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