FW: voting results – T.S.

As  the  results on the British elections come in both major political parties are shocked at the  number of voters who went over to UKIP, such is the disilliusonment with conventional political parties. Membership of the EU is said to cost Britain £53 mllion per day and the public are very unhappy about it. The British system relies on “Negative voting” which means you constantly vote to get the incumbents out, and we play a see-saw game with Labour and Conservatives time after time, like in the USA who play the same game with Democrats and Republicans, the same puppeteers are behind the scenes laughing at the electorate, it appears whoever we vote for we get Rothschild.Several Soviet defectors starting with Constantin Volkov and ending with Yuri Bezmenov and Oleg Penkovski told the British that the Soviets would not conquer Britian by conventional war but by insidious subversion, including the Georgy Arbatov plan for  “soft Socialism” promoted by Lord Victor Rothschild and the Apostles through the universities in the 1930s.Britain has indeed been overun by foreign nationals exactly as planned.Adolf Hitler’s 1942 idea for  a strong Europe governed by Germany and Britain “The Europäische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft” translates to “European Economic Community”, It suggested one European state so no more wars could break out within Europe.

Strength is in unity, and a united Europe was seen as a wall against Soviet plans to overrun Europe as they were allowed to do after the war.

Hitler’s plans included a strong British army generous subsidies to landowners and protectionism for British Industry, which was approved by both British Intelligence and Neville Chamberlain, Oswald Mosely British farmers and British Industry  all  supported Hitler’s plans.

The Rothschild model was for total British de-industrialisation as Rothschild’s bankers did not approve of Hitler shutting them out from usurous practises in Germany, and this was just not going to happen in Britian, so  through Winston Churchill we went to war to stay out of the E E C,  many ex intel officers and servicemen were shocked when we then went into the E E C   with the Rothschild model  promised banking protection for British de-industrialisation under people like Dr Beeching and Magaret Thatcher, both Edward Heath and Margaret Thatcher were both Rothschild apparatchiks as were many labour leaders such as Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, what we really need in Briatain is a  party who puts the country and its people first.
T Stokes London

Source: InquiringMinds

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