Bring Back The Bradbury Pound – Exposing The Leveson Common Purpose

As Cypriots have discovered, the banking crisis has entered a new phase.Bradbury GreenBack

It’s already five years since the crisis began, and suddenly the spectre of “confiscation” has raised its head. Cyprus is just the start as documents from all the major Central Banks make clear.

Download “The Case For A ‘GreenBack’ Pound and “Bankers Bradbury and the carnage on the Western Front!
(PDF files. You need Acrobat Reader or Sumatra PDF Reader to open them.)

Savers have become “unsecured creditors”, second only to shareholders in the pecking order when it comes to losing assets should the banks suffer further stress.

All Central Banks, including the Bank of England, effectively hold nations to ransom in their roles as financial regulator, monetary policy setter and broker between national governments and private investors for the sale of government bonds – Governments cannot protect their populations’ savings while they have to run cap in hand to the Central Banks to borrow.

So far, every UK MP has been approached to answer the simple question: why does the Government have to borrow its own currency from private banks?

Let’s remove the private banks from the equation; remove ourselves from under the blackmail of the Central Banking system. Let’s restore the historical precedent of the Bradbury Pound and put it to use rebuilding a productive economy.

So far, not a single MP has been willing to respond to this simple, common sense solution to the country’s problems. Not one of the seems to want to face the reality of something which has already been done in the past, albeit for a short time.

The 7th August 2014 is the 100th anniversary of the Bradbury Pound. We have set that as the target date for its reintroduction.

The sooner that happens, however, the sooner we can get people back into work they can feel good about.

So we ask that you act now to help achieve this goal. We need three things done straight away:

1. Watch the 6 minute introductory video.

2. Write to your MP and demand a response to the question of the Bradbury Pound. Then let us know what they have said so that we can make those responses public.

3. Sign the petition.

We are not, in general, fans of petitions. However, in this case, we believe that with your help, the 100,000 signatures required to have this issue debated in the House of Commons are absolutely achievable. We must force every MP in the country to face what is a positive solution to the economic crisis.

All the information about the campaign, including the video and how to sign the petition is on our Bradbury Pound page on the website:

More information will be added soon, including Frequently Asked Questions, and a register of MPs responses.

If you are on Twitter, you can follow the campaign: @bradburypound

Please act today, and encourage colleagues, friends and family to do the same.

Exposing The Leveson Common Purpose

On the 18th May, the UK Column is running a conference in London to bring attention to the other key issue facing the country: press regulation.

While many of us feel that the so-called mainstream media does a fairly poor job of exposing the corporate criminals and their puppet politicians, the levels of control which are still being argued for surpass the wildest dreams of media company legal departments.

It is not the effect on the mainstream media which is the real danger, but the effect on the “alternative” media – independent researchers and bloggers – who seem to be doing the lions share of investigative journalism these days.

For those of us without the benefit of huge budgets and tens, if not hundreds, of staff the sanctions available under the proposed regime are extremely dangerous.

So join us on the 18th for the full background to Leveson, the people behind it, and what we intend to do about it.

Tickets are £25 for non-members, £18 for members. Full details available here:

If you are a member, please make sure you are logged into the website before ordering tickets.

Join us every weekday at 1PM for the antidote to the BBC lunchtime news:

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  2. […] Bring Back The Bradbury Pound – Exposing The Leveson Common Purpose […]

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