Green Holocaust – Green Deal or Green Steal ?


It is now published that the eco-fascists behind and probably in control of the the environmental NGO’s

The adjoining happy snap appeared in newspapers overseas (this was in China) of him with a young lady dressed as Hitler has not received the public attention that some feel it deserves.

This happy snap appeared in newspapers overseas (this was in China) of Harry with a young lady dressed as Hitler has not received the public attention that some feel it deserves.

advocate a massive reduction in the human population on our planet, and therefore it is now reasonable to believe  that individual governments may be secretly planning along those lines.   Having followed UK environment politics for well over 20  years now the evidence suggests that the UK has plans to reduce the population significantly, which may be significantly accelerated in the event of the meltdown of the global stock markets as part of an ” Austerity ” policy.   It would appear that the starting gun has now been fired on the Green Holocaust in the form of the current UK Welfare Reform Bill and particularly with policy relating to the chronically sick and disabled, like Finnish eco-fascist activist Pentti Linkola suggests, achieve the goal to kill all ” defectives ” by stealth.

Although it in not at first apparent that the Welfare Reform Bill has anything to do with an eco-fascistinspired Green Holocaust if you examine all the evidence it becomes increasingly clear if you work on the theory that the doctors are prescribing medicine specifically for the side effects.  Disability groups on the left of UK politics are far too hung up on fighting ” cuts ” and have their noses far to close to the political party grindstone to notice the more subtle trend on overall policy direction.  Also most on the left are in total denial that their ideological champion Ed Miliband’s 2008 Climate Change Act has any influence on the well being of low income people, yet energy consumers are already paying at least an extra 15% on their energy bills in Green Taxes to subsidise alleged renewable energy projects and this is expected to rise.
Taking the panoramic view on the current welfare reforms it would appear that the whole object of the exercise as far as the Tory party propaganda was concerned was to cut the deficit, yet its clear that many more profoundly disabled people will be forced into being battery farmed in private care homes as a result and probably saving nothing in the longer term.   Most disabled people are proud of their independence and so they will not submit to being housed in a care home unless they are literally freezing and starving to death, however, there remains a group who are not quite ” disabled ” enough to qualify for treatment in a ” care home “.   It is these people who are first on the list to freeze and starve to death, no need for expensive concentration camps they can just be left to rot in their current homes, with no help whatsoever from a community which has bought into the Corporate Nazi propaganda that all people on state benefits are scroungers.
At this moment in time it could be said that the UK is experiencing the evolution of a Green Holocaust by stealth aimed at particular groups, however its pretty clear that government have been planning to extend the principle to all low income people and perhaps in particular those who remain economically inactive in the Stock Market by not paying into private pensions.  With hindsight its clear that from the end of the Cold War the UK government has been planning measures to control any potential civil unrest as a result of mass unemployment as they seek to manage the decline of our industry.   Having done all the detective work in my book Corporate Nazi ? and on my Craven Indian blog its now increasingly clear that heavy traffic calming is the eu_nazi_soviet_groundwork for the ghetto’s envisaged in corporate sponsored film by Forum for the Future and what life will be like in the UK in 2040.  The collapse of global stock markets could put pressure on the UK government to bring this forward to even before 2020, the mass unemployed will be forced into living in ghetto’s in towns  and given starvation rations whilst being expected to participate in Workfare projects for corporate organisations.  Of course anybody not super fit will probably die like in WW2 ghetto’s, especially in the cold winters predicted for the future by the Sun watchers, forget global warming.  Even if the stock market by some miracle manages to stay solvent then the 2008 Climate Change Act will probably have precipitated at least 5 million extra unemployed by 2020.
Of course there could soon come a time where forced labour is not needed on such a large scale anymore and the ghetto inhabitants will become ” useless eaters ” in a world of high food prices due to agriculture production contracting due to the cooler climate especially in temperate regions.  If the UK meets its projected wind farm percentage of electricity generation we can expect regular power cuts, and of course the ghetto’s will be the first choice just to make sure that those still living a relatively affluent life don’t notice what’s actually going on.  Similarly 20 Mph zones will ensure that nobody strays off the main routes to witness the abject desperation their fellow citizens are expected to endure and spread the word, the ghetto inhabitants ( like most low income people today ) will remain disenfranchised from any theoretical democracy.

Most people usually die of pneumonia, even cancer patients but I suspect that if you are not very fit to start with exposure to freezing conditions is sufficient enough to give you it, especially if you are on virtual starvation rations.  The British have form on starvation rations, back in the end of WW2 they had a big open air prison camp full of Germans, some officer calculated what the daily rations needed to be assuming that everyone was A1 fit, the result was that hundreds of sick and injured German prisoners died.

All you need to do is translate that to the chronically sick and disabled, but with a new twist on the back of alleged human rights theory, an idea that on face value I support, the right to end one’s own life if you have no real quality of life left and be assisted in doing so.   Its fair enough if you are the guy who is behind the case and like him almost in a persistent vegetative state, at the moment he is at home with his loving wife caring for him so no panic but what if he were forced to go into a home.   Its pretty clear that many honest and decent chronically sick and disabled people are soon going to be faced with a living nightmare coping with all the bills and perhaps some become victims of payday loan companies charging up to 4000% interest rates.   It could leave many people virtually suicidal but even if they couldn’t actually commit the act themselves they could go to the doctor and get it done almost painlessly, the doctor knowing the score on their existence and perhaps sympathetic to their case.   It could result in lots of people choosing to end their life simply because they can’t afford to live a what they consider decent life anymore.

Getting rid of the fit unemployed could pose more problems, even if you have them locked up starving in a ghetto, quite a few people survived the whole period of WW2 in concentration camps so you have to think of something short of actually shipping people off to gas chambers.  The obvious method would be to contaminate the drinking water supply, and the Corporate Nazi’s could already have done secret trials in some areas.   Its a few years ago now but a friend of mine quite successfully kept tropical fish for several years, then one night she decided to change the water at the regular interval and within half an hour of the new water going in all the fish were stone dead.   She did get more fish again a few weeks later and had no problem with the water but perhaps it could have been a test to see just how effective contaminating the water in a specific area could be !

Of course their would always be survivors but perhaps few enough to shoot, not a good plan to leave people alive to tell the tale especially now caring free people have the advantage of the Internet to play to a global audience.  The next question is what do you do with all the dead bodies, and once again they have done tests on farm animals in the 2001 FMD epidemic, all the haulage arranged to transport the corpses to central rendering plants ( Bradford for the north of England ), do the green thing and turn people into meat and bone fertiliser to use on your organic farms !

Of course some of you reading this will say that I am a mad conspiracy theorist but I’m only a fairly well educated wagon driver so I’m sure someone other than me has already thought this all out and is secretly working on a plan to put it into action.   I sincerely hope they prove me wrong and that it can never be allowed to happen but NGO’s like WWF and Friends of the Earth need to be brought to account by their members who in the most case would never support a Green Holocaust, the proof that they have honourable intentions would be to end their Co2 drives global warming scam which has been running since 1995 based on quasi-religion not real science.

I suppose that after reading and inwardly digesting the above article yo may be wondering what are the Corporate Nazi’s going to do with all the empty property, the answer is that they are going to totally obliterate it.   This solves the problem of moving new people into a totally deserted area, some people might smell a rat but its no different to what had been going on in the northern mill towns under Labour, the Tories stopped it.  However, the Tories did just introduce the bedroom tax to force people into taking in lodgers, or moving into shared accommodation and the total cap on benefits is to concentrate all poor people in specifically ( as prescribed by the market ) areas of big towns and cities.   Its basically Corporate Ethnic Cleansing as practiced and tested in John Prescott’s Pathfinder Project where entire areas of cities like Salford were demolished to build new more expensive housing.  Of course its proposed that all new homes built from 2016 must meet new low carbon criteria at vast expense on the build price, perhaps even 25% extra on the cost of a bulk three bed semi ( 80k ).   Its pretty clear that the market will be aimed at wealthy green trendies, perhaps mostly immigrants from an increasingly turbulent world, Britain will be seen as a safe haven made even more attractive with the closure of carbon intensive industry.

Up until now Old Age Pensioners have escaped almost any welfare reform except for the proposed increase in the retirement age, it would appear that the elderly are a special case and potentially covered from attack by the political correctness equivalent of the Fox Hunting Ban.    However, it would now appear that the Murdoch media empire has set itself to campaign for the end of the currently universal OAP benefits like winter fuel allowance, free bus passes and even the free TV licence for the over 75s, and its pretty clear that a significant number of pensioners don’t actually need them from an affordability point of view.  In fact many OAP’s have incomes into the higher rate income tax brackets due to generous company pensions, but the majority are well down below the OAP personal allowance even if they are actually relatively cash rich from lifetime savings they lose out on the current low interest rates.

It is the cash rich and income poor pensioners who will lose most, usually people who own their house outright and intend to pass on the property and some half decent savings to their offspring on death, many of them have small company pensions which disqualify them from the pensioner credit scheme as set up by Gordon Brown.  The pension credit was probably the starting gun for a general squeze on pensions, everyone remembers the 75p rise one year due to the supermarkets colluding to keep the September inflation figures artificially low.  The Tories can now claim the biggest rise in history, and the claim that the plan for a 140 quid a week flat pension to cut out the means testing element for pension credit, all very commendable except it apparently does not include current pensioners when it comes in in a few years forward.

I suspect that the bus pass question is totally irrelevant for many OAP’s as they still run a car, but it would appear that a significant number took it up as an opportunity to sell their car because their eye’s were not really up to driving anymore, probably the most effective piece of Road Safety legislation ever passed in the UK even if not actually by the department of transport, and accidents have seen a falling trend.  Its cheaper to run an old car with a good Mpg than it is to take the bus in rural areas so scrapping the free bus pass could in theory spur the second hand car market but significantly increase road accidents, so in essence is a false economic growth mechanism.   The same principle applied to the welfare reforms to disability benefits, everyone got a 40% increase in their car insurance premiums due to the means testing of ESA  I suspect that employers liability insurance went up as well, plus the insurance companies are vastly increasing premiums for the over 80s and many companies will not offer cover at all so more pensioners will fall below the Corporate Nazi financial apartheid barrier to driving.  Then they will need their bus pass especially if they want to remain in their home, loss of a driving licence can actually lead to being forced to sell up and go into a home if no bus service exists.  On balance the OAP free buss pass has had positive benefits for society so why change it and fill the trunk roads full of Leg-Irons again thus increasing fuel consumption and the potential for fatal head on crashes due to botched overtaking attempts.

The Corporate Nazi’s main target is the winter fuel allowance, they only let Blair introduce it because at the time they knew people would just go out and spend it into the wider economy but energy prices have now inflated so much this is probably no longer the case, thus the proposals to get rid of it.  Then we are back to Corporate Ethnic Cleansing again, if you can’t afford to keep warm then move into a smaller house of no use whatsoever to your offspring after you die, or take out equity release so again you can’t pass it on in the family.   Its all about destroying the wealth allegedly ” cascading down the generations ” as right wing free market UK politicians used to proclaim, the stock market parasites want to intercept it all, and to enslave the entire nation to the Banks apart from a very select few, and now there is loose talk about allowing inflation to technically erase the debt, the very last policy any low income people need to hear.  It would appear that benefit claimants have been evicted just in time to cash in on wealthy immigrants from wider Europe moving into London, now they probably want all the old people out as well, also plenty of pressure on BBC Escape to the Country, so more people will be priced out of rural areas soon to be jigged along with a tax on coal.  On balance the winter fuel allowance is beneficial to a large group of OAP’s on the margins of the financial apartheid barriers yet it would appear that if all green taxes were scrapped they would be totally unnecessary, at present their is a valid argument to extend the winter fuel allowance to the chronically sick and disabled but the Corporate Nazi’s would never allow that as it would interfere with their plans.

The free TV licence for the over 75s is a no brainer, and again should be extended to the chronically sick and disabled and perhaps it helps families where OAP’s go and live with their kids in a sort of virtual granny flat, something which I believe should be encouraged space permitting like after their kids have moved out.   Obviously the BBC don’t want to loose revenue because you have your surviving perhaps bereaved parent living with you and avoiding being submitted to be battery farmed in the private care home industry.  Of course the whole object of the Corporate Nazi exercise is to ensure that you die before you can claim the pension you thought all along you were fully entitled to, its reported that due to the current low interest rate annuities are not paying what they once were.  If the stock market implodes due to the Euro crisis culminating in sovereign debt default which looks inevitable, even if Wall Street does not implode due to proven massive scale fraud.   The clock is ticking and we need to forge a future of our UK welfare state perhaps by thinking really radical and going for a citizens income option.  In any case there is a good case for the reform of means testing in order that the cut off point becomes the higher rate tax bracket, similar to the current proposals for child benefit, and to pay for it perhaps public sector pensions should be capped at 26k per household like other benefits now.  Of course the said 26k cap will never happen because there would be loads of former police and other civil servants blowing the whistle on numerous government scandals over the past 30 years, perhaps even the truth about the Corporate Nazi Arch Plan I often point to in my writings ?

Green Deal or Green Steal ?

Everyone must be familiar with the Green Deal as proposed by the government in the alleged quest for energy efficiency, most addresses must have been cold called first from India and then with a recorded message even if like me you are theoretically on the Telephone Preference Service. It is alleged that insulating your loft and cavity walls plus double glazing can save you a fortune on your energy, however, consumer group Which has grave reservations about the assessments for the Energy Performance Certificate.   It would appear that said assessments only take into account an average of an average and therefore it may be the case that after taking out the government backed LOAN they want you to, you may not actually save any money as a result of the works undertaken.   There is also some question about the early payment clause, if in future you actually have the money available to pay off the loan early you will be hit by huge Bank charges.  Most people who’s house has been upgraded since the mid 1980s will probably already have some loft insulation ( the biggest energy loss ) and most people have double glazing by now, cavity wall insulation can cause major damp problems. It would appear that the Green Deal has all the hallmarks of a stock market parasite investment scam to entice currently solvent people into taking out a loan against their house in the hope that their unfortunate victim will never be able to afford to pay it off.  I suppose this particularly applies to pensioners who currently own their own home outright, who are income poor yet their only aim in life is to pass their property onto their children. Its all too easy to be enticed by the prospect of lower energy bills as already 15% inflated by Green Taxes and rising, yet your energy payment will simply be replaced by the repayment of the loan so that in actual fact many people could save precisely nothing, or in some cases pay out more every month.

The whole Green Deal is wide open to miss-selling and anyone even thinking about it should be wary of the snake oil salesmen likely to move in for a quick buck, I suggest that people should be very very wary of anyone claiming that they can save money by taking out a loan and going into debt, especially pensioners who may not be as sharp minded as they once were.  If you are short on ready cash it is said that a good set of thick curtains are almost as good as double glazing at reducing heat loss through your windows !

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  1. Perhaps that nice ( Mr eco-fascist stock market parasite celebrity ) Lord David Freud was all along planning to put solvent low income people into debt with the banks ( its the same with genuine ESA cases having to go to appeal on the ATOS WCA ) so they can pay a private tax in interest etc. Even better if you can move them away from thier ” indigenous ” area and all the genuine friend networks they have built up over the years, so nobody to get a free lift to the cheaper shops with, or friends with a bit of spare cash to lend them for free untill the next benefit cheque comes in, Corporate-Nazi Banks ( as always with their puppet Lib/Lab/Con UK governments ) win again!

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