STOP MONSANTO! May 25th 2013 Marches in 100’s of cities Worldwide. Monsanto just goes from bad to worse!

From the March Against Monsanto Facebook page:

Stop Monsanto

“HELL JUST FELL ON EUROPE since May 8, 2013!!

EU Gov just passed The Monsanto Propagation Law (like Federal Law it over-rules individ countries’ laws!! Now only Monsanto & DuPont & AstraZeneca & Pfizer & Bayer are Authorised growers of our plants, seeds, foods, animal fodder, trees – ALL PLANT MATERIAL!!

It’s a Terrifying Law, stating “All plants in EU are now illegal, until Registered on the Tested/Approved EU Plants List, and to be exclusively propagated by the mega-companies, who are to be sole marketers of all plants too!!! Plants must come from them into our garden centres and plant shops!!!

Small commercial growing and Sales became Illegal !!!

To get their plants Approved is made IMPOSSIBLY COSTLY & BUREAUCRATIC!!!

Home gardeners and folks-sharing got a short exemption period 2 days before passing the law – due to public fury & petitions – but are to be removed “some time soon” WITHOUT REVIEW OR APPEAL!! !

God help us all.”
Barbara Dingwall”


Find out more:

The following links are from the European Commission’s website:

Link to the official law:
Read the following, first:
The summary of the law, and the law itself. Be sure to read the whole thing, and not just the summary.
From about the summary and law:

“The law itself is linked below if you want to wade through it. But before you start, a very important warning:

You cannot just read the first 5 pages or so that are an “executive summary”, and think you know what this law is about. The executive summary is NOT what will become the law. It is the actual Articles themselves that become law, the Summary has no legal standing and is just tacked on as an aid to the public and legislators, it is supposed to give background information and set the proposed legislation in context so people know what is going on and why.

The problem with this law has always been that the Summary says lots of nice fluffy things about preserving biodiversity, simplifying legislation, making things easier etc etc – things we all would love – but the Articles of the law actually do completely the opposite. And the Summary is not what becomes the law.

For example, the Summary of drafts 1,2, & 3 talked about making things easier for “Amateur” varieties. But the entire class of Amateur vegetables – which we have spent 5 yearsworking with DEFRA to register – was actually abolished entirely in the Articles right from the start. Yet the Summary , and press releases based on it, still talked about how it will help preserve Amateur varieties! The Summary is completely bogus. Do not base your views of the law on it!

So, be warned. By all means, read it yourself. But you have to ignore the Summary as that is not the Law, and does not reflect what is in the Law.”

Official version of the Law as of May 6:

Link to “Review of EU rules” on the European Commission official website:

And did you know that Monsanto has been sponsoring Tomorrowland at the Disney theme parks? Yep! They’ve been sponsoring it since it first opened in 1955. :\

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  1. all institutions of power shall fall to ruin.

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