Prince Charles of Transylvania

Following in the footsteps of the Prince of Wales, Adrian Bridge heads deep into ‘Dracula Country’. There he sleeps in the room normally reserved for the heir to the throne and meets the count who is his partner in a unique tourism venture.

Prince Charles, who claims distant kinship with Vlad “The Impaler” Tepes, first came to Transylvania in 1998

Prince Charles owns a guesthouse here. I know it’s a bit special because I am about to spend the night in it and have just seen my room. Set on a raised wooden platform, it is spacious, warm and welcoming. There are twin beds with dark wooden headboards above which is a cross. It has a desk topped by green felt and a lamp, some tasteful Transylvanian wooden furnishings and rugs, two crimson chairs, a small separate dressing area and a bathroom with a self-standing bath. It is not lavish, but it is very comfortable. As you’d expect. This is the room the Prince himself stays in when he’s here.

Most of the 150 villagers work on the land using ancient-looking hoes and cutting the grass with scythes. At the end of the day they have time to sit outside and to gossip – and to wave at newcomers heading to the larger house at the end of the lane (the former residence of the village judge).

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