What would society be like if AGW fraud wasn’t implemented by Globalists

As I wait for a forecast record four days of snow for this area, you know the white stuff those in power told us would be a thing of the past, I started thinking – what would our modern society be like in 2013 had the now debunked, discredited and ridiculed global warming theory never been rammed down our throats by UN puppet governments?

Firstly, we would be prepared for the cold. We would have snow clearing vehicles, we would adjust crop planting a, we would have protected our harvests and our food supplies. The people would be prepared for what has historically been the greatest killer of life on this planet.

We had the knowledge about the coming cold, just those who spoke out lost government funding, lost their jobs, were ridiculed & vilified. Solar cycles with low sunspot cycles are a precursor to global cooling as a result of increased water vapour in the atmosphere resulting from cosmic rays (hydrogen) interacting with oxygen (Svensmarks theory). This increased water vapour (clouds) shields the earth & blocks out the warming suns rays, causing the planet to cool. It did this quite recently in the little ice age of the 1700s where 3 countries vanished because of the cold. History has warned us, those in power ensured those warnings were muffled as far as possible.

Secondly we wouldn’t have warming taxes in a cooling world & there would be a lot more people alive today. Consider how as fuel poverty has soared because of warming taxes whilst the cold has deepened how many innocent people, men, women & children have succumbed to the cold, because they could no longer afford to keep warm. The cold is a far, far worse killer than the heat.

Thirdly we would hopefully have wisely spent the trillion dollars that was thieved away by the UN crooks and their global warming disciples and could have put it to real and constructive use. It could have helped prepare people for the cold, adapt and put systems in place to keep people warm and fed. The $1trillion the UN puppet governments spent, could have alleviated world poverty, yet how much more did they cost us? Probably double or even triple that when you consider the damage done.

If there ever was an example to demonstrate the utter stupidity and the very real danger of a globalist government with so few in power, the global warming fraud is it. Yet our councils, our state and federal governments still bow down to this treasonous foreign power whilst they ignore the will of the people for local and self determination.

Yet the global warming fraud is but one of a series of policies these crooked and greedy bastards are pushing as they believe in their own messianic power and their own sense of entitlement. Whilst these dictators rule, millions die. What else is in store? Agenda21 – where you are allocated a maximum 120m2 box in a prison city to live in, civil society – where free speech is forbidden, codex alimentarius – where it could become illegal for you to grow your own food, and many more.

We are at war, we have been for decades – with a very real and dangerous enemy who does value neither our lives or our freedoms. Yet the only power they have is what we’ve given them, it is they who salivate over our taxes in order to enslave us. Time to abolish the UN, tear up its agreements and get back to governments who serve the people rather than enslave them.

Source: Twawki


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