DEAR MR CAMERON, Return our Stolen Children! Request by Protesters and Petitioners On their way to No 10

uk secret courts stolen children

This folder was handed over to No. 10, together with hundreds of hand written signatures and covered by this letter

Dear Mr Cameron,

Stolen Children of the UK (S.C.O.T.UK) protest, Downing Street 19-26 July 2013

On behalf of the organisers of this week-long protest, David Jenkins (Cardiff) and Sam Edwards (Fraserburgh Scotland) we [Association of McKenzie Friends] have prepared this dossier by way of urging you as first minister to take the lead in tackling a truly scandalous situation affecting far too many children and families in this country.

This very week you have been on air speaking about an issue of deep concern to you “not just as a politician but as a parent”, namely the issue of online child pornography which is poisoning young minds. In the same parental vein therefore, please attend to another equally pressing issue threatening children and family life in this country, namely the highly damaging and mostly totally unnecessary practice of local authorities seizing children from their parents and taking them into care. Imagine if it happened to you, Sam and your children! Under an Emergency Protection Order police and social workers arrive at your door, breaking it down if you resist and wrench your children including the baby roughly from you. You are informed they are being removed because of “a risk of future emotional harm”. Evidence that you have neglected or abused them is fabricated and placed before the judge in the family court who believes the word of the social workers over your word because “public officials don’t lie.” There is no redress, appeals invariably fail, contact with your lost children, if permitted at all, rapidly dwindles to nothing. You will not see your children nor they you until they are grown up, and what state might they and you be in by then?

No one will deny that intervention in dysfunctional families to protect children is occasionally necessary, but what seems to be going on has all the hall-marks of a money-making racket. Children especially babies and toddlers are being traded like pawns, with the family courts cynically rubber-stamping the exercise and all involved profiting.

Mr Cameron, this deeply shameful and unethical practice has to stop and someone has to take the lead – who else but you and Mr Clegg? Both of you are apparently devoted fathers and family men. We note however that you have not troubled to cross the road this week to offer words of comfort to the anguished parents of lost children foregathered outside your door. Please therefore give this issue some thought while you are on holiday. We will continue to be in touch with you.

Yours sincerely

Belinda McKenzie

Return Our Stolen Children

Request by Protesters and Petitioners 

  1. Executive Summary                      – 2 pages

The Protest

  1. Stolen Children of the UK[1]                                – The Website
  2. S.C.O.T. UK[2]                                                          – Message of Hope
  3. S.C.O.T. UK[3]                                                          – The Support Group
  4. S.C.O.T. UK[4]                                                          – The Event
  5. S.C.O.T. UK[5]                                                          – The Campaign Group

The Petitions

  1. The Secrecy in Family Courts should be lifted Now[6]               > 1,500 signers
  2. Stop Forced Adoptions in the UK[7]                                                  > 820 signers
  3. Stop Secret Family Courts encouraging Forced Adoptions[8]      > 120 signers
  4. EU Parliament: Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent[9]    > 920 signatures

Total for EU Parliament: > 1,860 signers!

  • Dossier of Evidence[10]                                                             7 pages

Voluntary Public Interest Advocacy

  1. Association of McKenzie Friends[11]  >     9,840 visits
  2. Punishment without Crime[12]              >   22,160 visits
  3. Child Snatching on Victims Unite[13]   > 242,050 visits
  4. Forced Adoption[14]                                 – watchdog since the 1960s

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Source: Punishment Without Crime

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