Soldiers Expose Obama Martial Law Agenda (Stunning Video)

Imminent threat to our freedoms , real not imagined.This is an excellent video short that I think all of you should watch and pass on to others….only 7 minutes of your time….but packed with truth and hope..

(Before It’s News)

Obama to impose martial law during civil unrest in america MUST SEE!!

Get ready!

The following video, a compilation of videos, was just released on Youtube by Jason A and picked up by the Investment Watch Blog. The video exposes what appears to be a ‘sinister agenda’ by TPTB and those who DO NOT have Americans best interests in mind. The wisdom displayed by the US soldiers in this video is knowledge that ALL Americans need to know for us to overcome the agenda that TPTB have planned for us. This video has received over 15,000 hits since being released on July 28th, 2013.


Source: BeforeIt’sNews

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