Smart Meters, Public Utilities, Microwaves & Health

Smart Meters are clearly causing a big stir in communities all over the United States right now as the push for the “Smart Grid” infrastructure is incessantly pushed on the public and the best new thing since sliced bread. Is there any real benefit?

The question you should ask is why you’d ever want a microwave transmitting meter placed on your home? Especially knowing that this meter will be transmitting microwaves everyday once it’s installed.

Oh, just microwaves, no big deal right?

But you know better than that. And you’re probably familiar with why a microwave oven has so much shielding on it if you have one of them in your home. So how could a microwave transmitting power meter ever be considered safe?

One word: Politics.

Here’s a video that I shot recently at a presentation to the board members of our local (public) utility. These board members will soon vote on whether to usher in these so called “Smart Meters”.

Here’s part one of Dr Paul Dart’s presentation – he offered to do this presentation pro-bono just to help inform the local community better about the risks of this technology:

Dr Dart’s Part 2:

Peter Valberg on the other hand was paid by EWEB to present “the other side” of this issue. There are a number of issues with statistics and studies that he presented. We will go through these in the near future. His entire presentation is posted here regardless of the poor audio quality which was due to EWEB’s lack of providing us videographers a clean audio feed despite our request.

By: Joshua

3 responses

  1. The 1/20th of a second blasts occurring round the clock..of radiation through your home by “smart” meters is the same kind of emission discussed below…
    The World Health Organizations (WHO), International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) categorized electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones and Wi-Fi as Possibly Carcinogenic (Class 2B).
    The Council of Europe has call for measures to reduce exposure to electromagnetic fields and give preference to wired internet connections for children, especially in the schools and classrooms.
    The Bioinitiative Report, updated in 2012 by 29 scientists, states that the biological effects are clearly established at very low levels of exposure to electromagnetic fields and radiofrequency radiation from just minutes of exposures to mobile phone tower (masts), Wi-Fi, and wireless utility “smart” meters.
    The American Academy of Environmental Medicine stated in 2012 that multiple studies correlate RF exposure with diseases such as cancer, neurological disease, reproductive disorders, immune dysfunction and electromagnetic hypersensitivity.
    The International Society of Doctors for the Environment (ISDE) and Irish Doctors’ environmental Association (IDEA) state that there is sufficient evidence to warrant more stringent control on the level and distribution of electromagnetic radiation.
    The Safe School Report 2012 lists statement by other doctors and medical association raising concerns over children’s exposure to electromagnetic fields from Wi-Fi and other wireless technology.
    General Electric, Cisco etc were hoping to make a killing off smart meters before anyone knew what was happening.

  2. Valberg is a “tobacco scientist” having worked for Phillip Morris in the “light cigarettes” lawsuit. He also worked for R.J. Reynolds.

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