Kerri Rivera – Healing the Symptoms Known As Autism; Children Are Not Born With Autism So They Should Not Die With It

kerriPlease pass this podcast along to anyone with a child who suffers from the symptoms of Autism. It could truly change their lives!

One Radio Network
THE MORNING SHOW with Patrick Timpone

Kerri Rivera

Healing the Symptoms Known As Autism

As of May 2013, 93 children previously diagnosed with regressive autism were able to shed their autism diagnosis, their symptoms, and return to an overall state of health and vitality using the protocols revealed in her book, Healing the Symptoms Known As Autism. Kerri Rivera has outlined a very complete approach to autism recovery that includes an understanding of the importance of Biofilm theory and protocol. She recommends safe interventions that do no harm, and are helping to confront a growing epidemic. Kerri Rivera’s approach includes common sense dietary recommendations, the use of supplements to restore balance to the body and immune system, as well as mild oxidative therapies to address chronic infection and inflammation. She has taken children who were in the throes of autism (meaning chronic illness) to healing. The symptoms being labeled as autism are fading away, the children are talking and socializing, and their ATEC scores prove beyond a shadow of a doubt what their parents are claiming: their children no longer have autism. Kerri Rivera’s grasp of a biomedical approach to Autism recovery, paired with her passion for service has allowed families of all socioeconomic backgrounds to have what they might never have otherwise found: a means by which to help their children.

Show Highlights:

-Kerri takes us on a very personal journey, telling us about her sons’ experience with Autism. He developed symptoms of Autism after a vaccination at 24 months of age. He is now 13 and has been following the protocol for 3 years and is doing very well.

-The many miracles of Chlorine Dioxide. What is it? How is it used? And where do we find it?

-Kerri talks about parasite cleansing a la Andreas Kalker as part of this protocol

-A listener writes with praises to Kerri. Hear her success story!

-The protocol is often used by parents of the children using it as well and have shown dramatic results in elininating symtptoms of fibromyalgia, Lymes disease and chronic fatigue

This interview is packed with powerful information.
Please pass this podcast along to anyone with a child who suffers from Autism. It could truly change their lives!

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Joe’s Story: Autism Recovery with the use of chlorine dioxide (MMS) – VIDEO

Published on Jun 20, 2013 Joe’s mom walks us through her son’s journey to healing from autism and PANDAS to recovery. For more info on the protocol that has helped 93 children recover from autism, visit our website at Please direct any questions to us through the contact form on our site.

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the parasite researcher

Source: One Radio Network, Aug 15 2013


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