RGTyler: An Idiots Guide to why We Shouldn’t Intervene in Syria!

A lot of people have been calling for intervention in Syria. So I have decided to make this Idiots Guide to why we should Not Intervene in Syria.

BBC "accidentally" used a picture taken in Iraq in 2003.

BBC “accidentally” used a picture taken in Iraq in 2003.

I suppose to start with we should set out a few parameters. Britain is in a few ways quite like Syria. We, like them, have a very diverse population of people with lots of different cultures, ethnicities and religions. And like Syria we have a majority faith, Protestantism and a selection of minority ones, Atheism, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Jedi etc etc.

Right now imagine, in an alternate universe or something, that Britain is in the grip of similar civil war. We are two years in and the war is no longer about removing an oppressive regime that up in till the point of the civil war had acted as a socialist state offering free housing and free healthcare to the majority of citizens in a bid to appease them.

Anyway the civil war in Britain has been going on for two years and the rest of the western world is deciding wither or not to intervene. Of course what these other western powers don’t realise is that those who were fighting for a democracy in Britain have left. Those in the opposition who remain fighting the government forces are an unstable and volatile group.

One group is a far right group who don’t want a democracy at all. They just wish to kick all the foreigners out of Britain and impose their beliefs on everyone else. So far in this war they have burnt down Mosques, Temples and Synagogues. They have, so far, been secretly funded by the neighbouring dictatorships.

Another group are the minority Islamaists who have been burning down churches and not only killing government forces but also killing other rebel groups. They have committed war crimes almost worse than those of the government and are in fact funded by an international terrorist group.

Then there are the Scottish separatists who have for the most part of the war kept to their natural territory killing all those loyal to the old regime as well as those who are not Scottish. They don’t like either of the other rebel groups and actually have more politically in common with the government in terms of wanting to impose a socialist government on there own people.

People in other countries have little idea what is actually going on in side of Britain other than what is being drip fed to them by the Main Stream media who only ever show footage of children and the vulnerable who have been killed by the “Government” despite the fact that more have been killed by the Far Right and Islamist groups. This has lead to people outside of the country wanting to arm the apparently democracy loving rebels, even though those who want a democracy left long ago.

What the people at home don’t realise is that by arming any of the rebel group with in Syria… I mean Britain they are only going to make things worse. More weapons means more killing and more killing means that the war will just go on and on. In the end no one wins and instead the country is left in ruins and its more than likely that a worse regime takes its place. The only winners of the arming of British rebels are the defence companies who get a nice, steady income as they sell more and more bullets to the Western powers that in turn send them to Syria… I mean Britain.

Hopefully this will make you think a bit. Who do you arm when you arm rebels? Are you really arming those who are fighting for Democracy or are you arming those who hate it?

I’m not saying that leaving Syria alone is the right thing to do as Human beings. But I’m saying that there is a better solution. Send aid to the neighbouring countries so that they can look after the refugees. Send money to the charities that can get food and medical supplies into Syria and perhaps even begin to look at ways of helping asylum seekers. We can’t end the war but at least we can help those who are affected by it. And for the love of all things sane DON’T SEND WEAPONS OR INTERVENE IN SYRIA!

Source: BogPaper.com


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