Former Governor: Leaking U.S. nuclear site an “underground Chernobyl waiting to happen” (VIDEO)

Title: KING 5′s Gary Chittim on why Hanford matters to every Washington resident
Source: KING 5
Author: Susannah FrameJune 9, 1998

Gary Chittim, KING5 Reporter: They’ve already found cesium in the Columbia River. They’ve already found radioactive material in the Columbia River. So it’s not a question of when that will happen. It’s a question of now that it’s happened, what does that mean.

At 3:15 in

Chittim: If u go back and talk to a lot of the government leaders from this state they were all very frustrated […] Talking to [former Washington Governor] Gary Locke, he called it Chernobyl underground, waiting to happen.

Watch the broadcast here

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