Update: Egypt Closes Suez Canal To All US Military Ships Citing Defence Pact With Syria

Before It’s Newsالسيسي يغلق قناة السويس في وجه المدمرات الأمريكية المتوجه لسوريا

The first thing Abdel Fattah al-Sisi Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, not to enter any US military chartered a tanker to the Suez Canal to hit Syria, stressing Egypt’s commitment to joint defence agreement between Egypt and Syria.
If true, and there is no confirming this as of yet, as say bravo to Gen. al-Sisi.   Granted the guy has slaughtered hundreds of his own countrymen the last couple weeks but at least he has the balls to standup to us and islamic extremism.  -Mort
UPDATE: Egypt’s Tamarud, the group of ‘rebels’ who toppled Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsi from power on July 3rd, campaign spokesperson, said in a statement that “it is a national duty to support the Syrian army” and denounced “people who betray their country.”

One response

  1. Dear readers,

    Friendship between some forces (of evil) could or should NORMALY bring peace…!!!

    NOTE: “=” means is equal or are friends or have the same enemies:
    OIL-Saudi-Gov = Dictator AL Sissy = DICTATOR ASSAD = IRAN = RUSSIA = CHINA =NORTH KOREA = KUBA = VENEZUELLA = ECUADOR = MAFIA = ITALY = GERMANY = FRANCE = EUROPE = UN = NATO = USA = USRAEL = SAUDI-GOVERNMENT = AL SISSY = RUSSIAs Putin = Assads´Syria = HisBollah = IRAN = GOVTerror = light version of GOV-TERROR made by all GOVs in EUROPE and all the democratic western world…etc….
    EVERY CHILD knows that AL-KAIDA = AL CAIDA =n means al-CIAda which means all “cIa” is there” or the bASe is “cIa”!!!
    => Conclusion and QUESTION: HAS (SYRIA = usGOV ???!!!) the same interests like uS-Gov?
    ,,,,,YES INDEED!!!
    REASON: SYRIAgov uses CHEMICAL weapons against own PUBLIC!!!
    But what is the democratic western wORLd doing all the TIME:
    OBAMA & MERKELism & NATO & friends etc. all use long time weapons of massdestruction against their OWN people with chemtrailing, geoengineering, HAAAAAARPING all the time 24h day their own public with ALUMINUM, BARIUM, electromagnetic weapons, synthetic droughts, GENFOOD, synthetic financial problems, new vaccines and really “spray” many other toxic materials, which causes many illness up to slow-motion death !!!!!

    MAY TRUTH AND LIGHT come to everbody!!!

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