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Iran Flaunts New Missiles Capable Of Hitting Israel ~> Inscribed With Death To Israel & America ~> Full Report

Obama’s pen-pal who he’s got a date with at the General Assembly. Would love to be a “fly on the wall” of Bibi’s office.

Iran held a large-scale military demonstration over the weekend, parading ballistic missiles and other weapons that were painted with the slogans, “Death to America” and “Death to Israel,” according to regional reports.

The military parade was viewed as a show of force to Western nations ahead of Iranian President Hassan Rowhani’s appearance at the United Nations General Assembly in New York City.
Rowhani’s trip to the United Nations has been described as a “peace tour,” and he is expected to strike a conciliatory note with America and could meet face-to-face with President Barack Obama.

However, Rowhani adopted a harder line over the weekend when he appeared at the demonstration to help rally the country with anti-Israel and anti-U.S. rhetoric.

“Today too, the armed forces of the Islamic Republic and its leadership will never launch any aggressive action in the region,” Rowhani was quoted as saying by Israel’s Arutz Sheva. “But they will always resist aggressors determinedly until victory.”

Iran’s military will act as a “factor of stability and peace in the region,” according to Rowhani.

“Down with U.S.A.” could be seen painted across the side of a military truck that drove down Iranian streets displaying Tehran’s latest missiles.

Another missile-toting truck was equipped with a sign that read, “Death to Israel,” and featured a picture of an Israeli flag engulfed in flames.

The military parade was held to mark the 33rd anniversary of the Iran-Iraq war. Rowhani praised the country’s military achievements during a speech to mark the occasion, according to China’s state-run Xinhua.

The Best Evidence You Have Ever Seen That Puppet Masters Script Mainstream News Reports

 BRAIN WASH TVThis video is so ridiculous that it actually makes you want to punch through the screen.  There are multiple clear cases of this ‘talking point distribution’ happening where it’s obvious that some puppet masters literally surgically insert their neural implants into the minds of the masses as if we are all numb to the fact that a handful of corporations control all the mainstream media.  Linked below is another fascinating clip of the CIA admitting that they use the news to manipulate the USA.  This is why the rise of independent media is critical for a positive transformation of the planet.

There are some who would say that this phenomenon is a result of stuff like the AP wire and is nothing more than laziness of news anchors and affiliates.  This is partially true, but definitely not completely.  And even if it is largely a true statement, what does that mean?  It means that unconscious and lazy drones are feeding us talking points from the largest agencies?  Is that healthy?  No!

It needs to be said that in no way is this article intended to say that ALL mainstream news is 100% corrupt.  Much good reporting is done from unexpected places, but, there is a trend.  And it is a dangerous one.  Of course, in the opinion of this writer, there are also deliberate thought implants surgically inserted into society to boost ideas, kill others, and so on.


Meltdown in Washington: President Obama Reported Sedated Following Emotional Breakdown

 National Report

By Nigel J. Covington III

<National Report> Late this afternoon White House insiders leaked information stating the president has suffered a mental breakdown and is presently resting and under a doctors care. This afternoon the National Report received three calls on our nationwide hot tip line (206) 222-1975. Two of the three callers are insiders known to the National Report to be reliable confidential informants.

The caller unknown to this publication is a low level employee who could only state that there was some kind of a medical emergency involving President Obama. The other two callers known to us are both Continue reading →

BIS: The most powerful bank in the world announces the crash

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) is the current situation on the financial markets as worse than before the Lehman bankruptcy. The warning of the BIS could be the reason why the U.S. Federal Reserve decided to continue indefinitely to print money: Central banks have lost control of the debt-tide and give up.BIS BASEL

BIS: The most powerful bank in the world announces the crash

Article translated using Google translator.

For anyone not familiar with BIS – it is the Bank for International Settlements and there is an old thread I found that has some useful information if anyone would like to familiarize themselves with it.

The Bank for International Settlements Thread

Quarterly report:
BIS – Quarterly report – PDF

Original source link:
BIZ: Die mächtigste Bank der Welt kündigt den Crash an

So…BIS, one of the largest financial institutions in the world, has announced impending doom?
Surely, it can’t be! Didn’t the stock market just break an all time record?

Thought this was newsworthy & didn’t see it posted yet.

Most of the people who have been paying attention already know that the current pace of credit is unsustainable.

The credit bubble WILL eventually burst – most financial professionals & analysts at least acknowledge that.

We cannot continue the easy credit & free money of the last decade & the question of systemic collapse at this point is really “when” – not “if”.

One thing I am pretty sure of is that when that time does come Bernanke sure as hell isn’t going to be able to do anything to stop it.

Good luck America – Good luck World.edit on 20-9-2013 by coldkidc because: (no reason given)

Source: ATS

Goldman Sachs: The World’s Most Evil Corporation Issues A Dire Warning

Dave Hodges

The Common Sense Show

 nation-of-sheep-ruled-wolvesGoldman Sachs is the epitome of the word “evil.” If one wants to know what the evil central bankers are up to, one only needs to pay attention to the actions of Goldman Sachs. The power elite residing inside of this country does not begin and end with the Federal Reserve, that privilege is reserved for the interrelationship between Goldman Sachs, the Federal Reserve, the corrupt World Bank and the IMF. And now, Goldman Sachs is running the European financial system into the ground as another Goldman Sachs boy, “Super” Mario Monti, has taken over Italy to finish off what is left of the Italian financial system. Monti is also the head of the European Trilateral Commission as well as a Bilderberg member. And yet another Goldman Sachs boy is finishing off the job in Greece. It is the mission of Goldman Sachs to implode the global economy with massive debt arising from the failed derivatives market, in which the debt totals 16 times the total GDP of the planet and that debt has been passed on to the governments of the world. There is no way that any country will ever pay off this debt. The world’s financial system will be collapsed and then reorganized under the Bank of International Settlement. Goldman Sachs is merely the grim reaper in this unholy process.

The Goals of Goldman Sachs

The purpose of this article is to expose the three pronged attack, directed at the American people, by Goldman Sachs, and its partners at the Federal Reserve, the US Treasury Department, the IMF and the Continue reading →

Is Your Doctor Being Bribed to Increase Vaccination Rates?

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is encouraging doctors to increase vaccination rates in exchange for certain “prizes.”

Ask Your Doctor: Are You Being Bribed to Recommend This?

Drug Companies Control the System

By bribery-doctorDr. Mercola

It is a well-documented fact that the pharmaceutical industry has more lobbyists on Capitol Hill and in state legislatures than almost any other industry. Multi-national drug companies marketing vaccines and funding medical trade organizations, which have their own lobbyists as well, are some of the most clever marketers on the planet. They know how to leverage their resources by donating money to politicians, who will vote for legislation that give them an unfair advantage in the marketplace.

One tactic is to push through legislation that will eliminate their competition. We’ve seen this repeatedly in all sorts of legislative attacks on anyone associated with alternative health, whether the laws backed by pharmaceutical corporations are aimed at stamping out alternative health care options, or the legislation is designed to encourage regulatory attacks on the availability of vitamins and other kinds of holistic health supplements.

Such legislation favoring pharmaceutical companies is typically implemented through enactment of Continue reading →

Here It Comes: Obama Calls For Gun Control, Again, In Aftermath Of Shipyard Shootings

savior-obamaZero Hedge

The bodies of the casualties from yesterday’s latest mass shooting incident have not been buried yet, but already the president, fresh from his embarrassing foreign relations defeat with Russia and not to mention the ongoing NSA snafu, is back in ‘distract em with a campaign-cum-crusade mode’ after calling, once again, for Congress to pass gun control legislation this time in an interview with Noticias Telemundo. One can only assume the president was himself too distracted by all his recent scandals and/or was just spying too hard on the American people to recall that it was only in April that the Democratically-controlled Senate killed an amendment to a Democratic gun control bill, which was the first and biggest slap in the face of the freshly re-elected president so far in 2013 (little did we know it was only downhill from there), and made a mockery of Obama’s crusade to enact gun control.

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Failure to Withdraw: The CIA, the Taliban, and the Strategy of Tension in Afghanistan

Podcast:  Downloadby James Corbett
September 17, 2013

By any reasonable standard, the US-led NATO-powered invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, now entering its 13th year, has been an unmitigated failure.

The economic costs of the war are easy enough to calculate, although difficult for the average person to DOLLARScomprehend. Even the most conservative estimate of the cost of the Afghanistan war shows that the US government alone has spent $659 billion dollars in the past 13 years of its occupation of the country. The UK government has spent a further 37 billion pounds on the war.

How much more difficult is it, then, to calculate or comprehend the cost of the war in human lives? The 3,600 Afghans who were killed in the initial bombing and special forces raids of the perversely named Continue reading →

Meet Hacking Team, the company that helps the police hack you!

Hacking Team may not have any clients in the US yet, but it’s not for lack of trying.

Hacking Team’s flagship product enables police to collect heaps more data than the National Security Agency.


In 2001, a pair of Italian programmers wrote a program called Ettercap, a “comprehensive suite for man-in-the-middle attacks” — in other words, a set of tools for eavesdropping, sniffing passwords, and remotely manipulating someone’s computer. Ettercap was free, open source, and quickly became the weapon of choice for analysts testing the security of their networks as well as hackers who wanted to spy Continue reading →

Gov’t: ‘Mercury* Is a Toxic, Hazardous Waste’ (*Unless It’s in Your Vaccines)

Why should anyone dose themselves with a Thimerosal vaccine that is considered a hazardous waste when discarded by our own state and federal regulations? How does shooting mercury directly into your body where it accumulates in your brain magically transform its status from a hazardous waste to safe?

Twitter: @TruthstreamNews
FB: TruthstreamMedia

Melissa Melton

Melissa Melton is a co-founder of She is an experienced researcher, graphic artist and investigative journalist with a passion for liberty and a dedication to truth. Her aim is to expose the New World Order for what it is — a prison for the human soul from which we must break free.


Soaring Heroin Use.

With a “New Normal” economy that has seen youth unemployment soar to unprecedented highs, no pun intended, not only in Greece and Europe, but the US as well, we expect the drug problem to only get worse.

A month ago it was reported that cocaine production out of Latin America had dropped to a new 21st century low. Whether that move was supply or demand-driven was unclear, just as it is unclear if it was due to the “scarcity” of cocaine and other more expensive drugs that forced drug-addicts to shift to other narcotics, but what is clear is that WSJ reports, “Heroin use in the U.S. is soaring, especially in rural areas, amid ample supply and a shift away from costlier prescription narcotics that are becoming tougher to acquire. The number of people who say they have used heroin in the past year jumped 53.5% to 620,000 between 2002 to 2011, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. There were 3,094 overdose deaths in 2010, a 55% increase from 2000, according to the federal Centers for Disease Continue reading →

President Bashar al Assad: Syria will never become a western puppet state, we will fight terrorism and freely build relationships that best serve the interests of the Syrians

syria-refugeePresident Bashar al-Assad stressed that Syria is a sovereign country that will fight terrorism and will freely build relationships with countries in a way that best serves the interests of the Syrian people.

In an interview with the Russian newspaper of Izvestia, President al-Assad stressed that “the majority of those we are fighting are Takfiris, who adopt the al-Qaeda doctrine, in addition to a small number of outlaws.”

On the alleged use of chemical weapons, President al-Assad said that the statements by the US administration, the West and other countries were made with disdain and blatant disrespect of their own public opinion, adding that “there isn’t a body in the world, let alone a superpower, that makes an Continue reading →

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