US MOTHER to be deported from the U.K. whilst her child is kept for adoption

OUT OF HOLLOWAY: at what cost? With what damages and what irreparable traumas?


Melissa Laird is the US mother who was deported on 12 September whilst her child is kept for adoption. She received her Deportation Order made on 29 November 2012 on 12 December 2012 in Holloway prison. This delay in post going in and out seems to be standard for prisoners who try to defend themselves and act as Litigants in Person.

In fact, it is utterly amazing, if anybody succeeds with any litigation whilst ‘inside’. I have not only seen this first hand with Melissa but also Maurice Kirk, the flying vet who has been exceptionally bullied and harassed and extremely damaged by South Wales Police and the Director of Caswell Clinic.

Melissa was dumped in Dulles Airport Washington – without ‘reception and rehabilitation’ as would have been required by law. But the Rule of Money has long replaced the Rule of Law in the family courts, it seems.

Her son has not seen his mum since 13 December 2011, when he was 4 years old. For anybody to claim it’s in the child’s best interest, is farcical, to put it mildly. No proper assessment of the child’s best interest has taken place anyhow. But it’s much more fun for Social Workers to travel to Spain to gather ‘evidence’ and justify their child snatching by presenting a ‘paper reality’ to judges who sanction ‘on paper’ whatever separates children from their parents and grandparents – for the sake of sex, money or both…

How to stop cover up is the real issue addressed by John Hemming MP on Channel IV news:

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Source Victims Unite

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  1. Is Melissa’s son’s father aware of these goings on? None of the various reports I’ve read about Melissa mention him. The lad must have a dad, and has a right to have a relationship with his dad, unless something makes this impossible, such as his father having died since his son was conceived. It’s weird that there is so much reported about Melissa, but nothing about the father of her son.

    It strikes me that dad could be in a position to bring proceedings, or to intervene in existing proceedings, thus preventing the adoption of his son. If dad acquired a residence or a contact order, he could return Melissa’s and his son to his mother immediately, in the USA. He could then refrain from contesting an application in the USA courts on Melissa’s part, for residence. He could thus save his son from adoption and permanent separation from his natural mother during his “tender years” (as the Declaration on the Rights of the Child puts it in Principle 6).

    Where can I read the various court judgments? What I’ve reading on the internet is just alleged facts as presented by Melissa’s supporters, and court decisions that seem appalling in the light of the alleged facts. The judgments should contain the facts the courts found, nor and the reasons for the various decisions.

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