Dame Elish Angiolini: From Hollie Grieg to Dunblane

 Nonce Buster

What follows this foreword is a description including many source links of the many high profile cases that Dame Elish Angiolini has been involved in and allegedly helped to cover up.

These cases include Hollie Grieg, Lockerbie and Dunblane.

According to Wikipedia:

Dame Elish Frances Angiolini, DBE, QC, FRSA (born 24 June 1960), née McPhilomy, is a Scottish lawyer. She was Lord Advocate of Scotland from 2006 until 2011, having previously been Solicitor General since 2001. She was the first woman, the first Procurator Fiscal, and the first solicitor to hold either post. Since September 2012, Angiolini has been the Principal of St. Hugh’s College, Oxford.

Nonce Buster – the sender of the following information – maintains that Angiolini is a major gate keeper to Government Lala Nonce Land.

No doubt publishing the following information will get me in trouble, so I should just say in advance to anyone whom I may piss off by doing so, I sincerely couldn’t give a fuck… Just saying.




View the post below and link to the pasted urls to read of the depths of immoral, criminal depravity that the St Hugh’s College egocentric Principal Dame Elish Angiolini is involved with and bears command responsibility for repeatedly perverting the course of justice.

Here we have yet another royally titled, albeit notorious, public figure to be linked to a history of paedophile activity, and cover-ups of the same, to prevent these crimes being broadcast in the public domain: an outrageous chronicle of sexual abuse of special needs children in her home bailiwick of Scotland.

This vile creature, the hyper-paranoid Angiolini, was the Crown Office boss responsible for the prosecution and jailing of Robert Green to gag his efforts to canvass as an MP for the Scottish parliament and expose the Aberdeen-based Satanist pederast ring back in 2010, and linking her Procurator Fiscal days in Aberdeen, circa 2000, through to the post of Lord Advocate, abusing her positions of authority to repeatedly subvert police investigations across a decade into the ignominious Hollie Greig / Beechwood Special School serial rape scandal.

The Dame, although now a resident in England, since Mr Green’s early release from prison in Scotland due a wave of public outcry at the injustices visited on him, and she being of a vindictive nature, is currently attempting to silence him yet again, this time by attempting to sue for defamation in the Edinburgh Court of Session (18/10/2013) – even though he is an Englishmen, living in England, and posting his critical blog via his English home pc.

Such is the level of corruption this neurotic woman is steeped in to protect her Devil-worshipping pederast cohorts and maintain a faux holier-than-thou hallowed reputation facade, that she bids her private Scottish police force arrest any blogger who dares link the name Angiolini with the despicable Hollie Greig paedophile abuse case on charges of ‘cyber-stalking’ and causing her distress and fear and alarm.

But linked to these very crimes Dame Elish McPhilomy-Angiolini is, without a shred of a doubt, as the documented record proves; and as the X-Files credo so fittingly states, ‘The Truth is Out There’: waiting, just waiting, to be exposed.








Ian Hamilton QC, is a widely admired figure in Scotland and a staunch supporter of independence.

On 6th July 2011, he was interviewed by BBC Newsnight and described Scotland`s record on human rights as appalling. For this shocking state of affairs, he primarily blamed Elish Angiolini,  followed by Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill. Mr Hamilton goes on to strongly condemn them over the Peter Cadder case, by which approximately 76,000 people were unsafely convicted.

I was one of those, denied my human rights, in direct contradiction of Scotland`s own legal commitments, by DS Drummond and DC Crowder on 12th February 2010, when they refused me the legal representation to which I was entitled when I was charged. 

Another glaring example of Angiolini`s and MacAskill`s utter contempt for fundamental human rights lay in the circumstances connected with the false conviction and imprisonment of Mr Al-Megrahi in the notorious Lockerbie case.

Mr Hamilton`s interview can be seen thus:-


Many observers who have been following the Hollie Greig case are at a loss to understand why the Scottish mainstream media barely ever mentions the issue, even when connected criminal cases are involved, such as those of Tim Rustige (Rusty) and mine. The police officers from Operation Yewtree seemed puzzled that at the height of the Jimmy Savile scandal that no mention or photographs at all were published in the Scottish media when his cottage in Glencoe was prominently daubed “Justice for Hollie Greig”.

One possible explanation for the existence of this blanket of secrecy may lie in the person of Peter Watson, senior partner of solicitors Levy & McRae. The firm claims to specialise in managing unwelcome publicity affecting its clients. It states that “we aim to keep our clients off the front page”. This is certainly no idle boast. It is clearly very successful in that regard.

Professor Watson acts for Elish Angiolini and personally represents First Minister Alex Salmond. Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill is a former colleague when working as a solicitor at Levy & McRae. When Chief Constable Sir Stephen House was head of Strathclyde Police, Levy & McRae represented the Police Federation of that force. Now Sir Stephen leads Police Scotland, Levy & McRae now represent the Federation covering the entire country. The firm also acts for the Scottish Prison Officers Association. Professor Watson even acts as a part-time sheriff.

Levy & McRae`s power and influence does not end there, by any means.

Professor Watson is a key advisor to Alex Salmond in his efforts to further control the Scottish media. The firm represents a good part of the media, including Scottish TV, the Daily Record, Herald Scotland and others. In fact, Levy & McRae states that it represents “the biggest names in print and broadcast media”. Is it any surprise then that issues damaging to Elish Angiolini, such as the Hollie Greig case, may never see the light of day?

It must be said that Levy & McRae has received many glowing accolades from satisfied clients and in 2008, Peter Watson, described as “brilliant”, was voted Solicitor of the Year.

All this is, no doubt, wonderful for Professor Watson and for Levy & McRae, but could any of these wide-ranging spheres of influence constitute potential conflicts of interest in the way that Scotland is governed, possible effects on policing, the justice system and matters of genuine public interest being concealed from the people of Scotland?

If I have omitted any other remaining powerful organisations or individuals in Scotland that Levy & McRae represent, I sincerely apologise.

Posted by Robert Green at 09:30 – 25th September 2013

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