Robert Green Is Denied Legal Aid In His Fight Against Pedophile Rings In Scotland

AO Says, The evidence is presented on video by Mr. Robert Green at the bottom of this page.


Thank you first to the UK Column Live show today for asking for support, at the start of the programme, for me in Edinburgh on Friday. It is greatly appreciated, given that I have been denied Legal Aid and am opposed to one of Scotland`s most highly qualified QCs , Mr Roddy Dunlop, of Axiom Advocates. Clearly, I am at a great disadvantage, especially in a foreign country whose laws I do not know nor am I obliged to know.

My quest for Legal Aid has not been helped by the fact that one of the Board`s most senior officials, Douglas Haggarty, is himself a sex offender, being caught performing a sexual act with a boy in a toilet in a large store in central Glasgow where families were shopping. Haggarty`s brother Gordon, a clergyman, was convicted of raping an eleven-year-old girl. Anyone doubting the sheer scale of corruption that exists within the Scottish legal hierarchy need surely look no further for an example.

Many people outside Scotland ask why there is not more negative publicity about Elish Angiolini, given that her career has been extremely chequered, to put it as kindly as I can. The most obvious reason for this lies with her solicitor, the well-known Professor Peter Watson, of Levy & McRae.

Here is what the good professor`s firm says about itself.

“We represent the biggest names in print and broadcast media.  Included are Channel 4, Channel 5, Granada, Scottish Radio holdings, Sky, SMG and Trinity Mirror.”

Is it any wonder that not one of these organs dared mention “Justice for Hollie Greig” when it was prominently daubed on Jimmy Savile`s highland cottage. Goodness, the Scottish people might well be tempted to try to discover more about Hollie`s case. Levy & McRae can`t possibly allow the Scots to be aware of this, can it?

It may embarrass some of Professor Watson`s high profile clients. The much greater interests of the general public can be disregarded – the ordinary Scots cannot be counted on to remain silent should they uncover the truth about the rape of children and the disabled in their country.

Then “We aim to keep our clients off the front page.”

Levy & McRae are undoubtedly good at this, beyond doubt.

Peter Watson personally represents Alex Salmond and Elish Angiolini, with Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill being a former colleague at the firm.

Levy & McRae represents the Police Federation for the whole of Scotland. It also states that it employs former senior police officers. Would I be alone in being concerned about the latter, in particular?

Is there not a temptation for current senior police officers to abandon impartiality if it means risking the prospect of “a nice little earner” at the end of their police service?

Alistair Bonington, legal head of BBC Scotland, said “The test of our courts is to ask whether the decision taking process is being carried out openly and impartially, given the number of conflicting interests represented by Levy & McRae.”

One glaring example of this was when former Glasgow Council leader Steven Purcell was being represented by Levy & McRae when he was subject to a police investigation, the firm was also acting at the same time for the local police chief!

A conflict of interest there, do you think?

Would it be unreasonable to suggest that Levy & McRae `s sheer range of influence compromises  the concepts of freedom of the press, freedom of expression and the impartiality of the police and justice system in Scotland?

If Professor Watson, who, I understand, is a regular and loyal reader of this site, feels that my summary is in any way inaccurate or unfair, I shall be glad to publish his comments accordingly.

Finally, Rusty`s (Tim Rustige) trial in Aberdeen has been confirmed for 4th and 5th November. May
I ask for all possible support for Rusty, who deserves it for his unquenchable bravery and integrity?

Of course, following the debacle of the kangaroo court in Stonehaven in my case, it will not be Rusty who is really on trial, but the Scottish justice system. The world will be watching for any further attempts to cover up the Hollie Greig case by persecuting those brave enough to stand up for Scottish children and the disabled against the Scottish establishment which collaborates in protecting their tormentors.

Posted by Robert Green

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