BELINDA’s Battle News addressing National Adoption Week

Key Docs

For the normal non-believer, this is your induction:

Mainstream Media Overview – quite a lot of articles that didn’t make a difference

Portfolio of Nine Cases submitted to the Education Select Committee when it investigated child ‘protection’.

For the experienced cynic, this is your analysis:

Child snatching is one of Seven Deadly Syndromes and Seven Media Cover-Ups

For the person who can be convinced by Statistics:

From victims and their supporters who signed the online petition

Punishment without Crime

Dear All

The tide is definitely turning.

Chief prosecutor says not reporting abuse should be a criminal offence:

Top family judge says family court judges should obey the law:

Empowerment Mondays: Monday 4th November demo:  We’ll be at the Royal Courts today as usual and the ‘theme’ needs to continue to be Forced Adoption, for the reason that this coming week is National Adoption Week.

Last Monday 28th October despite the atrocious weather we were joined by supporters of Kellie Cottam who was due to appear before Mr Justice Moor on a Committal to Prison application brought by Flintshire Council for breaching gagging orders. Although the hearing was postponed (as was also Vittoria di Franco’s before HHJ Finnerty) Kellie & partner Jason travelled all the way down from Manchester to be at our demo. We all were and are indeed empowered and inspired by Kellie’s feistiness and determination not to be silenced, even if that means being sent down – as she put it “I will stand in my truth and stand on my ground. This court is trying to gag me and stop me speaking out that my children have been taken away from me which is wrong. I’m a mum, I love my children, am I to say silent? NO!”

Once again, If you haven’t yet listened to Kellie in full flow, I urge you to tune in to her 6-part video on YouTube published 20 October

Kellie is now focussed on getting her two children 5 & 3 taken from her 13 December 2012 Home for Christmas 2013. Thanks to all the mums and dads who have lost the most precious thing in life, their children, yet who refuse to give up the struggle to get them back or to stay quiet, this racket is going to be fully exposed to the British public and the public once roused from its slumbers will be in a fury. It is bound to happen and it is only a matter of time but once it kicks off, I guarantee it will change everything in our country and our world.

National Adoption Week 4th-10th November: As we know, the government has a policy to get more and more children into adoption & long-term foster-care according to what appears to be some kind of agenda purported to be ‘in the best interests of the child’. Please, if the horror of ‘forced adoption’ has happened to you and your family or you feel as strongly as I do it is wrong-on-wrong, get along to one of the countrywide events (‘cattle-markets for children’) listed on the National Adoption week website. Take along a placard saying NO! TO ADOPTION OF STOLEN CHILDREN or NO! TO FORCED ADOPTION. Let all the attendees hoping to adopt know they could be participating in a massive national collective crime so they MUST ask the questions needing asked as to why this baby or toddler they’ve picked out of the glossy agency catalogue (like choosing a new item of furniture for the home) is up for adoption? What’s really happened to his/her parents, do THEY agree to the adoption? Etc. Of course they won’t get answers as the lies will already have been processed by the court. The best we may be able to do at this stage is arouse unease that things may not be at all right…so let’s at least do that.

Scotland “an elite nation”, declares BBC:  Small population (some 5 million in 21st century) yet in proportion, how many scientists, inventors, artists etc. has Scotland produced! Such is the theme of a series of programmes on Scotland on BBC Radio 4 every morning this week, 9.45-10 am. And might Scotland have more paedophiles per head of population, dare we ask? Yes we might, since the new Chief Commissioner for Police Scotland Stephen House seems incapable of answering the question as to what constitutes a minimal investigation of child-rape in Scotland. Is child-rape investigated at all in Scotland? Does this account for why Scotland has one of the lowest rates of conviction overall for rape in Europe?

Unlawful sectioning in Scotland: Suffered by Anne Greig in 2000 and by the late Duke of Hamilton in 2009, to name but two. If a peer can be sectioned in Scotland for defending human or animals rights, what chance has Joe Bloggs? Please help change antiquated Scottish law by signing Lady Hamilton’s petition

Tim Rustige’s trial Aberdeen 4th & 5th November POSTPONED!  It was great to receive this email from Ren Rustige on Friday: “Now here’s a turn-up for the book. We have received a phone call from Tim’s Aberdeen-based solicitor at 4:30 this Friday afternoon – half an hour ago – informing us that the trial has been postponed as the assigned Sheriff Principal is purportedly ill and been admitted to hospital. [Is there only one sheriff in the whole of Scotland who can handle this case?!] So who’s backed down? Alex Salmond or the Crown Office or the main complainant Elish Angiolini – in a state of ‘fear and alarm’ over the prospect of having to take the stand in court and sworn in under oath to be subjected to a line of hostile cross examination from Tim’s Advocate? Tim’s solicitor relates the trial – if such now ever takes place after a stall of 600 days already – will be preceded by another ‘intermediate diet’ to arrange an actual trial date – which ‘will not’ occur until sometime in the New Year / 2014 – possibly when the aforesaid Sheriff is released from hospital and fit and well enough to bang his gavel on the bench once again.”

Sexual Violence Against Children and Vulnerable People, a new national group run by Home Office: Following pressure from his constituents Tim & Ren Rustige over the issue of non-investigation of paedophilia in Scotland, Graham Brady, Member for Altrincham & Sale West wrote to the Minister of State for Policing and Criminal Justice, Damien Green and received a letter back dated 23 October. Referring to the ongoing Operations Fernbridge and Fairbank the Minister states: “…as I and other Ministerial colleagues have made clear, if someone has suffered abuse or knows of any abuse that has taken place, then they should report it to the police so it can be properly investigated..people must have confidence that we are serious about getting to the truth…That is why the Prime Minister asked me to lead Ministers across government and form a new national group to urgently address the missed opportunities to protect children and vulnerable people…The Sexual Violence against Children and Vulnerable People national group is a panel of experts brought together by the Home Office to co-ordinate and and implement the learning from recent inquiries into historic sexual abuse and current sexual violence prevention issues…”

Of course we will be writing to this new Group forthwith concerning Hollie’s allegations. Could people in high places be feeling some kind of pressure by any chance?

Sid & Sam’s Walk / Parent’s Walk for Justice: As far as I know Sid & Sam set off from Aberdeen on their 530 mile trek to Downing Street London Ardjuna trailing them by car on Friday 1st November as planned, with a dilapidated but adequate caravan in tow to provide cover and overnight rest. However there are problems with its lighting system so they’ve had to stop off to get those fixed. At this point in time I haven’t heard the details but they will be carrying on after this delay. 

HOLLIE’S BIRTHDAY! Hollie’s birthday has come round again, she’ll be 34 on 23rd November and as always she’d love to receive a little shower of cards and to know people are thinking of her and remain supportive. As before please send to Hollie  c/o B.McKenzie  83 Priory Gardens London N6 5QU any time up to 21st November, many thanks!

Have a good week!


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