Agenda21 genocide & enslavement

Received by email:

The UNs version of where Australia sits in respect of Agenda 21.:

And the bond university course links are worth a look so see just how widely entrenched this stuff is:

The big problem we have is that the very understanding of what sustainable development is seems to vary widely, if you look at the bond university initial link we were sent by Russell : .

You will see a whole bunch of partner corporations and businesses in a list that would not have a clue about what Agenda 21 signs the world up for. The wholesale implementation of Agenda 21 will result in the total loss of both property rights and personal freedoms. I would not imagine that most of the partner corporations have thought beyond the warm fuzzy “Sustainability” bizz-word and do not realise the word has been hijacked and cloaks the black-art of a bottom-up UN bureaucratic pseudo communist takeover.

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