Some interesting investment insights into Bill Gates

From eMail:
I found this hidden in the news somewhere on ADVFN….way hidden….explains why BP has soared recently ….these are large holdings in certain equities…..if there is a sell off goodby charlie…..but for now Yellen has pumped up the Credit Junkies with promises of more Credit Fixes via Quantitative Easing….just a double speak word of QE=Quick Extortion…..trillions being robbed from the American People….when these Financial Predatory Types are finished feeding and sucking on the vapid economic carcass of America’s once enormous wealth and potential what will remain will look like a Cow over milked and all skin and bones…..eventually weakened and anemic America will fall just as Rome, not to the so-called Barbarians but to those who have grown rich on the Extortion and Expatriation of America’s wealth…..then there will be compromises as are already showing their ugly forms which will not be anything compatible to the Vision of those who Founded this Nation, nor those who thru the decades have sacrificed for the ” American Dream” [ look up George Carlin ]……this is the inheritance we are giving to our Children, our Friends, fellow Citizens so that a few might become fabulously wealthy and powerful Bush’s [NWO ] … while the vast majority are reduced to poverty and enslaved compromises to the Elites …

so be it …

the course of History unlike many do not believe is not altered by a few Famous People, but by the vast ” unknown majority” who agrees to the dictates and influences of those who by Violence and Cunning Prey upon their Ignorances and Fears….profit from game grids full of unfairness and  injustice …. living above the many innocent and good hearts by having no Conscience regarding what they do to others.

so be it.

Good Health to all, may you prosper by Doing Good not Evil



Bird’s of a feather flock together……notice who is on the top of the list…..Buffet’s Company…..then wonder who it is that has been sponsoring against GMO labeling ….notice Coca Cola, MacDonalds…..China Mart oops I mean WalMart…..

All this shall, perhaps not in my lifetime, but eventually crushed by its own Injustices and Abuses.

only without a true, honest, sincere, intelligent , beatific vision and alternative with the collapse will come the end of Humanity as we know it … reduced and even possibly extinct … by its own folly …


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