The Internet Is Now Weaponized, And You Are The Target

Big Brother Is Watching YouZero Hedge

Tyler Durden

By now, thanks to Edward Snowden, it is common knowledge and not just conspiracy theory, that every bit of information sent out into the wired or wireless ether is scanned, probed, intercepted and ultimately recorded by the NSA and subsequently all such information is and can be used against any US citizen without a court of law (because the president’s pet secret NISA “court” is anything but). Sadly, in a country in which courtesy of peak social networking, exhibitionism has become an art form, the vast majority of Americans not only could not care less about Snowden’s sacrificial revelations, but in fact are delighted the at least someone, somewhere cares about that photo of last night’s dinner. However, it turns out that far from being a passive listener and recorder, the NSA is quite an active participant in using the internet. The weaponized internet.


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  1. It’s much worse than this, as Snowden has strongly suggested. If the American and other nation’s citizens knew, they’d string them up. Its not just the Internet. They’ve weaponized our air, just above us – space based with HAARP, Towers, all things wireless – think you have privacy? Sadly, think again antioligarch.

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