Food Modified to Harm and Make You Infertile

baby Food alergyEver wondered where all these food allergies have come from?  25/30 years ago few people were allergic to anything.

Answer: Monsanto and GMOs – they destroy natural organisms in body.

“Monsanto PCBS – state Agent Orange and DDT safe, they are now in charge of GMO and say they are safe, the FDA (Fraud & Death Administration) no research”

– Anthony Galiahi, journalist

Read this report for more information on the destructive nature of GMOs.

“Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive”

– a quote from a senior GMO executive on Infertility caused by GMOs

“If this Shit causes infertility Awesome, the World is over populated, this is why GMO is actually saving the Planet. I am doing humanity a F—ing favor sincerely Ed”

– un-disclosed GMO producer

The Epicyte gene is injected into corn the gene has been patented by Monsanto and DuPont knowing it renders both men and women sterile, infertile and is now commercially available; all under the supervision of the FDA (Fraud & Death Administration), see how far the conspiracy goes?!

Monsanto has stated that it “wants to control 100% of the Worlds food supply”.  So now we have the Axis of Evil doing God’s work, evils including Monsanto, Bill Gates and Goldman Sachs.  Which God?  Satan.

“There are three classes of people in the World.

Those who see;

Those who see when they are shown

Those who do not see”

– Leonardo Da Vinci

Love and blessings

Source: Robin Hood Revival

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