Jeff Rothschild helps the U.S Military censor civilians

Jeff Rothschild was brought in by the CIA, to help Mark Zuckerberg maximize “high performance at a massive scale” for CIA funded Facebook. But the reality was that Jeff was brought on board and given a 600$ million share of Facebook, in order to maximize the efficiency of Palantir software (being used by the U.S Military in syncronization with Facebook censors to censor large publics).


Millions of people have witnessed themselves or others getting direct interference from a third party. And sometimes this would lead to hour long shut downs of parts of Facebook, because it bothered people. People came on Facebook and Youtube because they thought it wouldn’t be rigged, especially when posting anti-war and anti-statist content.

The worst part being, that these operations are done covertly, and regularly draft outside help from like minded hierarchist groups. These sorts of operations were conducted on Iraqis with Operation Earnest Voice, and the end result was over 2 million people dying, because George Bush had denied them medicine, hospitals (bombed), and food. So to use this military weapon against civilians, especially Americans is criminal.

Supposedly they do it to spread “pro-americanism”. But when you have over 50,000 Department of Homeland Security workers straight out of high school, who have never traveled outside the U.S spreading manufactured consent, it starts getting very nasty and war like. Especially while having people like Jeff Rothschild and Mark Zuckerberg pretending to be democratic figures who never give over information to their government. Which is a big fat lie. It’s supposed to be government for and by the people… not government against the majority of the people who are poor as well as voiceless.

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